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(yeah… makes sense lmao! Just toss in someone random, say something totally out of the ordinary, or I could even have a new character strike up a conversation if you want)

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Lynn sighs and shakes his head. "Well, guess i'll just drink my problems away." They say, pulling out a capri sun

Angelo tossed his head, shifting back into his human form. "Si. vamos a darnos la mano." He smiles, holding out his hand.

Adam shakes Angelo's hand, then pulls him into a bear hug. "Family now, yeah?"

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Caleb just kind of appears, in the middle of yelling at someone; “-AND IF YOU DO IT AGAIN I SWEAR I’LL-” He pauses and looks around. “Yup. She did it again.” His eyes land on Gunslinger. “I remember you! You’re the one who- Oh, wait, never mind, that’s not you. That’s one of the other… yous.”
“How do you confuse me for someone else?” Gunslinger demands, part amused and part annoyed. “How many other seven-foot-tall girls with neon green hair do you know that walk around with giant guns?”
“Well, when you put it that way…” Caleb says with a grin, making some kind of salute towards her. “And don’t forget the bunnies! Multitudes of randomly spawning rabbits th-”
“As if I could forget them,” Gunslinger interrupts, gesturing to Kevin and the one Angelo’s holding.

(also, the sign Caleb made at Gunslinger is kind of like a salute? A finger gun pressed to the forhead, but the kind of finger gun with two fingers below, not one. It's kind of an inside joke, because it's literally a one-gun salute, which is a military terms for fart. [pretty sure])

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Angelo grins happily, squeezing Adam and picking him up slightly. "Yeah. we're familia now."

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"What does that mean?" Caleb asks, pointing between himself and Gunslinger. "Us? How? That's like saying an orca looks like a giraffe!"
"I don't look like a giraffe," Gunslinger says, twirling one of her many braids between her fingers.
"I never said you did," Caleb grins again. "But now that you mention it…."

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Angelo sniffed the air, grimacing slightly. ''No… you're right. But the new one smells fishy.''