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Samuel: occasionally volunteers at his church
Cameron: pizzeria clerk
Jalen: CEO of Ortiz Industries
Alice: Magic Shop owner
Ellianna: student, unemployed
Floyd: retired

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D'artagnan: I honestly have the hardest time picking a full-time career for him, but I'm thinking either therapist or paramedic. In the meantime, he works as a chef at a seafood restaurant and is very good.
Kineta: She's part of a lawn-care business. Later she becomes a personal trainer and teaches self-defense.
Dean: She either works at a junky old record shop or does low-level jobs at an animal shelter??? Idk, in most of the story she's too young to legally work.
Melanie: Helps out at the local library.
Roland: Runs a small bakery with a little coffee shop attached. His wife Janet handles the coffee, he does the baking.