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I just realized my supervillain needed a day job to sustain himself and his equipment, so he now sells butterflies on the internet. He was breeding butterflies as a hobby before so it made some amount of sense.

What do your characters do?

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Out of my characters that actually have jobs:

Caleb: Chimney Sweep
Gerard: Healer
Milo: Blacksmith
Garzlan: Carpenter
Andor: Illustrator/ Barista/ Bartender
Ara: Trauma surgeon (although recently I've been considering just making him a med student) Med student
Solque: Circus performer (aerialist)
Jaire: Circus performer (aerialist)
Lu: Circus performer (trick rider)


Gainfully employed at the start of the story:
Yamatsu: Weaponsmith
Sharla: General Surgeon
Galahad: Tailor

Unemployed but they used to have jobs:
Guinevere: Huntress
Gawain: Miner/Safecracker (family was mafia, Earthbending made him invaluable for heists)
Aqua: Sailor/Fishmonger


My characters tend to be younger, so the only character I have that has a job is Gavin and he's a shoe store employee (kind of lame, but whatever).


The only character of mine who has a real job is my girl, Holly. She works as a part-time paid apprentice to a local warlock. Most of the time she does simple things for him like run errands, make candles, housekeeping, etc. But every once in a while he invites her to help him in his real work, which is practicing dark magic and developing spells.

The other main characters in Holly's story don't really have jobs, as they are still attending school and/or stuck at home doing chores.

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Let’s see…
Endergirl: Emperor of the Three Dimensions
Foxchild: Assassin for hire
Sashay Rune: Dragonkin trainer and breeder
Lorreth Krio: Leader of the Sharpgem Clan, after it was destroyed she competed in many different competitions, using prize money to survive.


Martin: Nurse
Lonan: Unemployed
Valarie: Unemployed
Chase: Unemployed
Bertram: Unemployed
Vivian: Unemployed
Alexander: Unemployed
Dawson: Unemployed
Eren: Unemployed
Kathrin: Unemployed
Xavier: Doctor, Lawyer, singer, dancer, editor, breeder, smith, reporter, taxi driver, teacher, chief, leader, weatherman, mailman, shop/hotel owner.

(Basically, everyone lives off the MCs dad because he's like 16 parents in one person)


Kelly - server at a bar & grill
Wyatt - tattoo designer
Cicero - animal rescuer
Dorian - coffee shop part-timer
Sivik - library part-timer
Noah - guitar instructor at a record shop
Elijah - lights & sound crew at a nightclub
Kace - bartender at a bar & grill
Roman - bakery owner
Mason - coroner


Mason: "As coroner, I must aver. I've thoroughly examined her, and she's not only really dead, she's really, most sincerely dead!" (to the tune of that one Munchkin song in Wizard of Oz)


Mason: "As coroner, I must aver. I've thoroughly examined her, and she's not only really dead, she's really, most sincerely dead!" (to the tune of that one Munchkin song in Wizard of Oz)

Lmaoo basically! But he can talk to the dead and conjure them, so he kind of always knows how they died. It's just a matter of finding the evidence, and, of course, how motivated he's feeling at the time.

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One of my characters, Sinistra has to make a living somehow. She's mostly a Bounty Hunter but spends a good amount of her time collecting and studying insects. It's a bit strange, for the latter, considering how she (or it) is actually a monster that destroys entire dimensions. I don't think you'd expect something like that to mix.


Elizia is a mechanist, which is kinda a culture and a job at the same time. In essence, she fixes mechanical/electrical anything for people, from the tiniest microchip all the way to repairing entire starship parts (sci-fi, as you can see). The difference between her and a mechanic is that mechanics are human and much, much more narrow in their expertise. She's Lovuthan (one of about 2500 Mechanists outside of the Lovestar system), and good at just about everything (she's still young). The Lovuthan Theocracy (who despise the godless tinkerers who work on the technology of other races) naturally want her and the rest of the Mechanists dead.


One of my characters is selected to fill the role of a (ahem) "Diplomatic Advisor (DA)." He advises his diplomat on things like, culture, food, etiquette, threat assessment, evacuation points, force multipliers, areas of egress… I think you get the idea.


Probably, but I always thought of an evac point as an area where you are actually leaving (like a boat dock or airstrip), while an area of egress is moving away from a dangerous zone, like an open field leading directly to the forest. I could be wrong though.

@Young-Dusty-the-Monarch-of-Dusteria group

My characters are a large family of broke teens with no parents, so most of them have to have jobs at least part-time (especially since they're not technically human and need more food than most just to survive….. rip X'D).
D'artagnan: Is a cook at a seafood restaurant
Vinyan: Is a very popular waiter at a bar
Branimir: Has a paid internship in a company focused on sustainable energy
Lella: Works at a daycare
Leif: Lied about his age Works as a fortune-teller's assistant, is in fact the one with all the talent
Greyson: Is too young to work, but some friends of the family pay him for helping out in their bakery
Enni: Too young
Mia: Too young but is already on the waitlist for a job at a nature reserve
Adriel: Is three. Sometimes he goes with Lella to the daycare lol
Vali: A special case. His species isn't affected by toxic substances like paint fumes and lead, so he works at a factory where they have to deal with very nasty chemicals. He works really long shifts by choice, partly so that no humans have to risk their health by doing the job themselves ^^
Then there's the family's three main friends:
Kineta: Is part of a lawn care crew and drives a huge lawnmower
Dean: Technically too young but volunteers both at a veterinary clinic and at the local humane society
Melanie: I haven't decided her age yet, but if she's old enough then she'll be a low-level employee at the library.