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These words
They rip me apart
and give me
They kill me, strike
me down, pooling blood
like water overflowing
a stream.
I float in that stream
Lazy river at the
It calms me to
float in that
red river
The setting sun
my ever-beating
The pain these
beautiful words
cause me remind me
that I'm not a husk of a person
that I am still


Waterfall of
the poetic words
that tumble
inside my mind
Of beautiful
black roses
I taste
the words as
I walk
down the hallway
of seventh
grade, bumping into
The people
whose names I
know and
they know mine
but toss
it aside like
a broken
glass. But then
I see
a boy whose
midnight hair
glints under the
harsh glow
of the artificial
lights. He
is new. He
on the
paper of
my life
vibrance beyond
anything I’ve
ever seen
notes on a
I reach
Out to touch
His arm,
His shoulder as
We pass
Each other and
My feet
Go thip-thip-
Thip on
The speckled tile
Of the
Hallway, but I’m
Afraid that
He will explode.
So instead
I pull away
And instantly
Regret it.
When my wavering
Voice finally
Brushes his hand
And my
Shaking words caress
His face,
He does not
Explode, he
Simply ripples, as
If a
Stone were dropped
Into the
Calm waters of
His demeanor
Behind the beautiful,
Lovely, handsome
Mask, he
Too roils with
The poetic
Words that he
Cannot descrive
So instead he
Sets his
Bow to his
Violin and
Transforms his poem
Into music
One day in
The hall
Our eyes meet
For a
Single, perfect, harmonic
Second. His
Are melty, luxurious
Liquid, enveloping
Me and pulling
Me down
Into their depths.
My eyes
Are probably filled
with pain
They too reach
Out to
Take him and
Pull him
Closer to me
My eyes
Are deep wells
Holding all
Of my sorrow
Deep within
The contact breaks
And we


(I thought I got rid of all my black clothes) (Lol I write so many poems, these are my 2 most recent, the 2nd is actually a song I guess)


In the end, the jokes and laughter
They don't matter
In the end, they turn to tears
Right now I am serious

They wanted to breathe, to live a life
Even so, they were deprived
Of the thing they made so much fun of
Right now I am serious
Their lives were full of hope, not fear
Caught their hair on a silver cloud, oh dear
Now you can't chuckle about it
Right now I am serious

This is an early warning, dearest friend
You're smiling at the deadest end
I'm not ever ever giggling again
Right now I am serious
It's time to wake up! Get off that bed
Those teeth aren't white, those lips aren't red
Welcome to Earth, you've just fallen down
Right now I am serious

Do you see it now, oh darling
The show of life is now starring
Not you
Right now you are serious


She'll copy you
She'll copy you
But she can never really
Be you

Hey, come stare at this freak
Hey, come get a load of this weirdo
She doesn't communicate, barely speaks
She's like an ugly radio

Where has she gone?


And when it's dark she sits and wonders
Why she's here and still awake
And when she sleeps she dreams and ponders
All her tiny mass mistakes


She has that classic fear of mirrors
She looks away and counts to one
Her greatest, quietest, cruelest terror
Is that someday she'll die alone


So please, do not stress out about her
Lie in peace, don't starve an animal
Her sudden decline is walking nearer
The saying's true, looks can and will


Has she gone away?
Look through
Has she gone away?
Tracing in bed
Has she gone away?
Has she gone away?



These are great! I'll go ahead and share the latest one I've been working on:

This rose is fake
Because if it were real it’d die
Imaginary friends I make
They care if I cry

This light is faded
Because it would blind me
I’m just jaded
It’s too dark to see

This bird has faltered
Afraid it will fall
The truth may be paltered
There is sorrow in its call

@TeamMezzo group

What is tomorrow?
It’s the concept of hope.
Of time passing.
Of something that we can’t really see.
But we worship it anyway.
But what if there is no tomorrow?
What if today is it?
Why hope for things to get better
If it’s going to happen “tomorrow”?
Can anybody see tomorrow?
No, only while it’s today.
So is there hope for tomorrow
When you’ll never really see it
Except for as today?
There’s no point in hoping for tomorrow.
Just live life like it’s your last day.


Do believe that
Have fallen in
Love with a
It is my
Best friend,
The smartest teacher,
Someone who understands me
One day,
Will write
A book
About a book
About a book
And others will
It too


Hope is built on the
Thoughts of the desperate

Hope makes the desperate
Less despairing

But if hope is built out of despair
Then why does it make us bright and joyful?

Is hope just a false hope?
Or does the fact that it is made
Out of nothing, out of endeavor make it
All the more powerful?

Hope is built on a lie:
Things will get better

Our history and our future are built on hope
Things will get better

Leaning on an invisible crutch
only improves your balance
Believing in a hope that isn’t there
Lightens your load

Makes the world less dark
Tells you someone will be there for you.

Hope is the foundation of society
We have survived on hope
War is the thought that thing will get better
Peace is the thought that things are better

Humans are very easily deceived, aren’t they?


O lonely child
Lost in the wild
Of your own mind
One of a kind
O lovely sleeper
Innocent dreamer
You can't come home
Now you're alone

You're Sleeping Beauty
Or a slumbering dragon
So be careful when waking

I thought I saw you move today
I don't think you're that far away
Your hands will twitch, a breath you'll take
You're never actually awake
I want to shake you, make you see
That you're not who you want to be!
You aren't alive, so you can't die
While in your head, you try to fly


When you lie
Your face gets hot
You say goodbye
To your conscience
You want to cry
Because you just committed a crime
When you lied.

When you argue
You want to leave
But you feel your tongue
Pinning you to
That single stuffy room
You know what it wants you to do
When you argue.

When you get upset
When you don't get what you wanted
And you just don't get
Why they won't give in
And finally let
You do the the thing
That will make you forget
Why you got so upset.


Things I wish my teachers knew

I wish my teachers knew
that when I don't raise my hand,
it's not that I'm not
participating. It's that
drawing all attention
to myself
Maybe their version of
needs redefining.

I wish my teachers knew
that when I ask to move seats,
it's not that I want to sit with my friends
(although that would
be nice). It's that
sitting in the middle
of any room
sends me
spiraling into

I wish my teachers knew
that when group projects are assigned,
I'm always the one
that ends up doing all the work
just because
I'm the "smart one".
I always have been.
I always will.

I wish my teachers knew
exactly how stressful doing all the work
is. I have other things I need
to do and it's about fucking itme
that everyone cut me some slack.
Because I have
a life

I wish my teachers (and everyone else) knew
that no, I am not
sad or
mad or
This is my neutral face.
Get fucking used to

I wish my teachers knew
—or rather, understood—
that when I forget to
do the homework or I
can't find the time
for it, it is
I am human.
I am not

I wish my teachers knew
that I'm allowed
to make