forum Has anyone ever collaberated on a writing project?
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I tried this a few years ago, my neighbor and I were going to write a book, except it didn't really work out, probably because I sucked at the actual writing part. anyways, has anyone actually done this sucesfully? and would anyone be open to looking at doing a shorter something (ten pages ish)?

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I write a lot of short stories, typically with one to three characters. I was thinking maybe come up with a short plot or something interesting and have two characters, each narrated by a different person.

@RaspberryTea group

In a shorter something, I really enjoy writing various dystopian and supernatural types of fantasy/sci fi. like right now I'm woking on a story about a tower that is a prison for immortal humans. It's surrounded by a large, black, misty desert. I don't write humor much, just a lot of unfortunate situations with, most importantly, a mysterious setting.

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I’m a little late on this, but my friend (Ame) and I actually have a writing project/universe we’ve collaborated on writing before. It tends to work fairly well for us, of course when we both have motivation. So I would say we have done this successfully, and I am hoping to continue the project and turn it into a written work soon. And as Davadio said, many rps on this site are long enough to be considered co-writing projects.

Seeing as most of your stories have just a few characters, you could create an rp and wait for someone to join. The amount of people depends on you, but I tend to see that OxO rps do better and last longer than group rps. I should know, since I’m mostly in group rps myself. 😅

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I’m working on a webcomic with my friend Luna, and also the project mentioned above with Echo :) It’s been really fun, and I’m excited to see where these and my solo projects go from here! I wish you good luck, though I can’t be of much help seeing as I have several major and minor projects myself