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I'm working on my own fantsy story, the plot and characters are mostly sorted out but I have hit the bain of my existence: coming up with magic powers.
So here's the gist: everyone in this world has their own unique magical power, just one, there are some that are more common and some that are more rare (Powers I have: Fire, Shapeshifting, Mind Control, Making Plants Grow)
If anyone has ideas I would greatly appreciate it
(I have never posted in this forum so if something is amiss please tell me)

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I think that Andrew's universe will have a lot of magic powers to choose from ^-^

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If healing powers are a thing in this universe then I feel like it would be interesting to see someone that can heal people, but only if they draw energy from something or someone else. Like a plant or something. Basically it's killing one thing to save another, and I think that'd open up a few interesting opportunities.