forum Can someone critique my currency?
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As @Stroylia-Knight said, they’re pretty cool. There are, however, a few things that I’d like to critique.

  • How do they stack together? Gems aren’t flat, and even the slightest angle in a cut gem’s surface could leave an entire stack lopsided.
  • Your writing seems like that which would be in bullet points, yet there aren’t any. I’d suggest fixing the punctuation or putting it in bullet points like I said, your choice.
  • Since this is presumably a fantasy world, why not add your own type of metal? Brilstone or Ikscar or something like that.
  • How do the coin pouches work? Do these even fit into stacks, or do your characters have some other way of sorting them?

Other than that, they’re great! I really like the concept, and your sense of history with Kingsley’s redesign of them and all is really neat. The cracked gem is also a cool addition to the lore. :)

@Purple-Cat location_cityThe Worldbuilder

@Tidermelon thanks for the advice :)
I do want the coins to stack, I’m thinking of making the gems cut flat in the coins. My worlds inhabitants have worked with gems for a very long time, so I think they would have created some kind of technology that allows them to cut gems precisely flat. That way I could make the crack detail some sort of holographic detail inside the gem as a kind of anti counterfeit thing.

Thanks for the idea of creating my own metal! That just opened up so many new possibility's!

I imagine the coin pouches would work as a normal coin purse, where the coins would just sit in there and you’d have to dig a little to get the ones you’re looking for. When they’re not in pouches though I imagined they’d be kept in trays that have special slots for each coin type (think like the kind of trays you find in biscuit packages where they’re all lined up).