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Evening friends. This time last year I made a post about a fictional Kennel Club I wanted to start with people here. This year, I've come back more determined than ever, to get this club up and running. However, now we have collections ! which makes my life a whole lot easier, so here's the drill:

I have an easy to follow template that can help you create a fictional dog breed with some beefy structure. I have about 4-5 dogs I've made using this template, and I also have one filled in of a real dog. Im gonna link the templates, and other websites I used, the collection and my discord (though you're more than welcome to message me on here if you'd like, I might be faster on discord though) if you have any questions.

You can jump right in if you want, but don't feel rushed, for now, all I'm really interested in is an expression of interest
(Also, let me know if messaging people I know on here and asking them if they want to join is too much, I'm autistic and I don't know)

love you !!
Seebs xx

Discord: Seeba#1981

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Waving hi to @Seeba.

Just wanted to say that I’ve finally been inspired and I’m working on a wolf right now. I’m using the template linked to your old Kennel Club thread, since I’m not sure if you’ve made any others, but I’ll eventually make a character page for it as well. I’m actually really happy with it, though it’s still a definite work-in-progress. Thank you for the template and inspiration, deep bow of gratitude.

Edit: Out of curiosity, is there a maximum number to the INKC rating?