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@darling-velocipede group

i've been seeing a lot of quite cool and well written ~uquizzes~ around recently. this is a really wild medium, but people seem to be using it quite interestingly, and so i'm gonna paste some links of my favorites here for y'all to enjoy perhaps! feel free to add your own that you find or make :D

anyway those are just a few hope y'all enjoy and add your own!

@AloeVera groupMentallyImInACottage

i took the -core aesthetic quiz and got cottagecore uwu
and i took the how would audience perceive me and got Lesbians love me!

Can either of y'all believe i STILL think I'm straight (i haven't come out to myself yet)
those were very fun and i might make some of my own UWU

@larcenistarsonist group

I got a mooncore aesthetic (seriously they're not wrong) and a loneliness born of anger (seriously also not wrong) and I got the edgy step on me for how would the audience perceive me. these quizzes are in my head

@spacebluelily language

I took the "Which Soup Emoji are you" and got ? Soup

sniff I feel cared by the creator of the quiz.

And for the aesthetic one, I got Halloweencore.

And for if I was a character one, I got ):

Sounds about right.

Deleted user

In the quiet town one, I got the Mayor's Lover and for the -core one I got cryptidcore!

@spacebluelily language

For the how long have you been tired one I got love-gone.
For what type of lonely are you I got loneliness of the mask.
For the lonely town one I got secetary.

I gotta admit, 2/3 is pretty much me.

@sock group

Goth vibe: Nerdy (yes)
Aesthetic color: Dusty rose (sort of)
Fanfiction writer: All the AUs (true)
Random images: Clarinet Sasuke (?)
Queer aesthetic: Doesn't give a damn (meh…)

These were pretty fun!

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Goth Vibe: Nerdy(Not wrong)
Aesthetic Color: Dusty rose(I mean okay)
Fanfiction Writer: Angst Master(Hell yescheck out my ao3 for some modern AUs and angsty oneshots)

Queer Aesthetic: Casual queer


Goth vibe: Cryptid (yes)
Aesthetic color: lavender (not what i expected but i kinda see it)
Fanfiction writer: Fanfiction as a stepping stone (I haven't written fanfiction since middle school but i see how it fits)
Random image: Can't believe this comic invented comedy
Queer aesthetic: Doesn't give a damn
Lonely town: Mayor's lover
Core aesthetic: goblincore
Type of lonely: loneliness of the mask

@spacebluelily language

Goth Vibe: Elegant (I can see how)
Aesthetic color: Dusty Rose
Fanfiction writer: Fluffy Romance Devotee (Accuarte af)
Random Image: Statistics from tiktok
Queer aesthetic: Doesn't give a damn