forum The Roodeness Shenanigans
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If you know then, you know.

Pretty self explanatory. Here you are allow to be rude to anything and/or anyone you want.


My first and most important rule is that the rudeness stays in this chat. Work out your shit here and then go back into the forums as children free of your nasty unwanted feelings. If I hear that you are continuing the rudeness elsewhere I will come after you.

Second Rule: If you are unsure that you are able to be rude about something, you MUST ask me.

Third Rule: No big letters. They're annoying.

Fourth Rule: Maturity Act is in place. This chat is now 15+ only.

Fifth Rule: Don't bring up pointless arguments/comments from pages before. Most of us are already over it.

minions Mods that handle shit in my absence: Moxie, Lee, Red, & Zach.

The End.


@Mojack group

gonna be honest, I don’t notice a load time difference
not that it’s slow, it’s actually pretty fast lol but both chats were around this speed for me

anyways popping in to follow and whatnot, welcome to the world Don’t Be Suspicious 2

Deleted user

I’d like to be rude to the idea of even deleting the old one

@kirky group

I’d like to be rude to the idea of even deleting the old one

Let it lie in the graveyard of the forgotten and unused chats

@Anemone eco

F in chat for the purging of our old bullshit guys.

Let it die and remain in the depths.


That's chill though. When do you plan on deleting it?


it's an animated children's movie released by disney/pixar in the year 2009 about an elderly widower named Carl Fredricksen and an earnest boy named Russell as they fly away to Niagara Falls on a house suspended in the air by millions of colorful helium balloons.