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I'll go first:

I am not allowed to listen to Don't You Want Me by The Human League in public because it almost killed me one time.

I was coming home from a 12 hour NYE night shift that had been exhausting. I did 7 rounds of glassware in the dishwashers and polished about 150 glasses myself, a dog pooed on one of the rugs (guess who got to clean that up), a woman's dead body was found in the alleyway behind the building, i had to call an ambulance for a girl so drunk her friends were holding her over the drain in the bathroom floor in case she vomited because she didn't have enough strength to hang on to the toilet, a rando kissed me on the ear instead of on the cheek (I am autistic and don't want to be kissed by a stranger period, let alone on the EAR), and a client caught me having a cry because of how awful this shift had been (I have never wanted the ability to Thanos-style disintegrate myself more in my entire life than at that moment). So I'm walking to the train station to go home, listening to 80s music to cheer myself up, and decide to get a coffee from the place across the street because I'll fall asleep on the train if I don't. The song playing is Don't You Want Me by The Human League and I am vibing HARD. So hard that I don't check for traffic when crossing said street and almost get hit by a taxi because of how hard I was vibing with this song. Not even like he just kinda missed me 'almost got hit by a taxi', I'm talking my hands were on the bumper of his car kind of 'almost got hit by a taxi'.

Safe to say, I am only allowed to listen to that song from the safety of my apartment now.


I am slightly scared of fairy light's

Once, when I was around ten, I bought some fairy lights for my room, planning to hang it above my bed so that way I would have more light at night (I loved having lots of nightlights I'm my room, and I still do)
We bought them from cotton-on, and when we got home we put everything we bought away and took out batteries to put in my fairy light's.
We put in the batteries and I BEGGED my mum to turn them on before we hung them up, because I wanted to see what they looked like, and she eventually caved and we turned them on, switching of the main light in my room so we could see it better. As we looked at it we priced a strange smell, and next thing I know the fairy lights were overheating and about to catch fire. My mum immediately swooped in and turned them off, taking out the batteries even though they were boiling hot so that they had no chance of catching fire.
We ended up getting a refund for them, but its still scary to think that if my mum said no and we had hung them up above my bed without checking that I might of caught fire that night….
I do have fairy lights in my room for decoration, but we made sure to buy proper ones from Bunnings this time

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when i was little i would dance w the fridge if that makes any sense and then the fridge moved and hit me in the face and now i have a scar above my lip from it. I also have a dent in my forehead

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Heh. Sooooo-

In my health and wellness class, we were talking about old people or whatever. And I hate old people. Like I’m sorry but get your half dead hands off of me you raisin-

But anyways. I decided to share a very dark opinion. I went, “You know…I don’t understand why we make these people who are dying or are very sick with no cure or in hospice live out their death and let them just suffer. If they’re not gonna be cured or live then why not put them down like we do dogs?”

shocked faces everywhere.

Then I mentioned that they’re basically a waste of space and to just let them die peacefully and a guy chimed in and went, “Well aren’t we all a waste of space?” To throw me off. But instead I went,

“Yeah that’s why I think humans shouldn’t exist.” That got him very pissy. And I then went on to tell the class, “I don’t think we should exist. We’re destroying the planet, we only cause war and we’re the reason for the world’s problems. So I think we should just wipe ourselves out.”

Then the class optimist looked at me with a shocked face and went, “Do you find any joy in life being like that?”

“No! :D” i looked her dead in the eye once the teacher left and went, “Why do you think I’m suicidal? Just cause?”

So anyways-

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Omg i did stm similar. I was at a parade (cus free candy and i had to be a good gf and all that) and near then end of the parade. There a bunch of old ladies and i think "oh thats nice i wonder what group theyre in". I hear the music they playing. It was a pro-life group (im pro-choice cus people should be able to make whatever decision abt their body they want). I ask the old lady in the parade whos closest to me if theyre a pro-life group. She says yes and i just shake my head.

She look at me and smiles like a gameshow host "Arent you glad your mom had you?"

I look this lady dead in the eye and say no. I then go off about how i wish i were abored, how ive tried to kms, and how i wish my dad k-ed his s so i wouldnt exsist.

I have never seen an old lady look so mortified.

my only regret is not asking why she hates women so much that she thinks that the govmt should be able to force them to give birth and take away bodily atonmy.


When I was being born my mum had trouble popping me out. Turns out the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and every time she tried to push me out it would basically choke me.
The doctors had to use some for of vacuum thing to get me out, and I have a hug dent in my skull because of it (by huge I mean like I 1cm dip) but It doesnt hurt or anything
Its a cool story to tell though

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When I was little I would chew on wires because I liked the taste. Specifically the colored ones for whatever reason

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Oh I’d take the dollar store Barbie dolls that come apart easily and Frankenstein them, then take them back apart and tournament them by putting their limbs in ain’t beds or on a dead bug or chew on them. Then I’d shove their head into the water and waterlog them-

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The feeling when your spider senses are tingling and you can feel a couple breaking up and ur rlly close w both of them and have also had a crush on both of them. And they come abd rant to you about the other person.

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I just want to fight someone. Physically. I want to know what getting punched in the face feels like, to have broken bones and black eyes. I want to see how much pain I can cause someone else. I want to know if I can win, and if I can earn it the hard way.

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When someone you used to think was an ok guy starts being a general ass, so you want to push him off when he's being an ass but he's six feet tall and ur only 5'5".

And he knows a few martial arts. so you won't be able to hit him without him getting you back worse.

And you have anger issues so the only thing to do is either walk away (ufhghhg) or try and fail to get him back (fughguhguhgghu)

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on the subject of eating weird shit, I was like four when I took a stick of butter, tried to bite it cause why the hell not? and it was cold butter so I could only scrape my teeth across it.

it was blamed on the dog.