forum Short Story Competition! #3 (7/10 CLOSED)
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@LittleBear group

Hey Y'all! I hosted a few of these competitions a few years ago and thought it would be great to bring back from the dead! If you are interested, find all the rules below! This post will be edited as the situation changes, so check back to this post whenever your see –> Rules Edited

This competition is OPEN!


  1. @Mosis_Has_Zoom_For_A_Day
  2. @Robert-EO-Speedwagon
  3. @cozylil_ladybug
  4. @The-Magician
  6. @AlexIsTiredOfTheWorldsSh*t
  7. @Mojack



  1. @LittleBear
  2. @Althalosian-will-make-you-Perish
  3. @Kefi

Word Count: 400-1000 words (If you go slightly over I won't hold it against you)

  • Deadline:
  • Results Ready By: TBD
  • Prompt: Your character comes across the line "Whatever you do, do not touch the water." It doesn't matter how they come across it: someone can say it to them, it could be written on the walls of an abandoned building, or it could be a mass alert pushed out by the government, etc.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Please copy and paste your work directly onto this thread, not via google docs
  • Use proper punctuation and grammar to the best of your ability.
  • Use literature format, not script etc.


  • Anyone who would like a free critique from me will get one! (I don't pull punches, but I try to be nice!)
  • You get to meet new people!
  • The gratification of having others see and read your work!
  • Kudos and bragging rights.

My Personal Rubric (This is what I will be judging on, not necessarily anyone who helps judge)

  • Proper punctuation and grammar to the best of your ability.
  • Originality
  • Dialogue

@Althalosian-will-make-you-Perish ’s Rubric

@Kefi ‘s Rubric (Ten Point Scale)

  • Punctuation/Grammar - 1 pt
  • Creativity - 2 pts
  • Story structure - 2 pts
  • Characters - 2 pts
  • In general sophistication and fluidity of the story - 2 pts
  • My personal enjoyment of it (: - 1 pt

I look forward to reading what everyone has to share :)

@LittleBear group

@AlexIsTiredOfTheWorldsSh*t great, I’ll add you to the list!
@Althalosian-will-make-you-Perish Great!

Also, side note to anyone wondering: I just moved to S. Korea so I’m like 15 hrs ahead (hence the weird reply times!)