forum Quotes from the List of Completely Weird and Random Things We’ve Overheard… (About 15 quotes will be posted daily, and feel completely free to add your own!)
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This is a growing list of random stuff Nightmare, Midnight, I, and a few of our other friends have been compiling. I’ll just put the first page for now, but if you guys like it, I’ll put more…
Just thought it would be something y’all would enjoy!



“Not now, sweetie, mommy’s cyber-bullying the mayor.”
“Cool! I’ve always wanted a penguin that eats children!”
“The ducks, the ducks! Drowning all the humans.”
“If you get an Octobass and another Octobass together, they’ll have a baby harmonica.”
“Once I threw a giant snowball at the invader and it turned out it was an Amazon guy.”
“I’m a yeet.” “Do you even know what yeet means?” “Um… that I’m gay…?”
“We were talking about the word four today and some kid said, “Four, like my dad has four girlfriends?”
“You’re feeling racist today? Cool! Me too!”
“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me the floor was brown.”
“Ex-GAY-use ME?”
“I can’t go today. I have to take my ex-girlfriend to get her first tattoo.”
“Does anybody here want to be a doctor?” Taylor raises her hand “OK! Can you help Jason deliver his balloon child?” slowly puts hand down
“The five spirits have collided! The barrier is broken! BE FREEEEEE!”
“LiStEn. If the clock is a banana and the floor is a banana, are you a banana?”


I think I’ll just post a new 15 quotes everyday, even if no one wants it, because wHy nOt

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I was talking to a friend- and they said their friend ran from the cops. Then brought up they vape. And i went, “Ok running from the cops is fine but VAPING?!

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Dumb Sheet I've said mainly to myself while writing or planning bc I'm dumb. :)


"…and then he FRICKIN dies."


Sounds fun, are we allowed to add random stuff we’ve heard as well?

Yes, ofc!


“I locked every door and window and told the guy to leave and it turns out it was my dad.”
“I want to lick this wall. Ok?”
“Shoes are noun. Sunday shoes are also noun.”
“OH! It’s actually an R.”
“Tokyo’s in France.”
“People are getting sick and dying in CHINAAA…. People are getting sick and dying in TOKYOOO… COVID hits America People are getting sick and dying in AMERICA…”
“I THINK it is…that’s my best guess. It’s a noun, it’s a verb… etc.”
“Mah DAUGHTER just shot her first deer today… and together, we’re driving my poor wife crazy…” “Sam, what’s that song from?” “Oh, I made it up!” “Wait. That actually sounds like actual music…”
“First, you cut the squirrel open. Then you stuff things inside it. Now, it’s a squallet!”
“dAdDy, DADDY, DAD!!!!! Ugh, move your hand boi…”
“Mrs. English Teacher and Shrek met at a bounce house and became boy and girl friends… then Shrek divorced her.” “Uh, they weren’t even married yet so how could they get divorced?” “DON’T QUESTION MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”
“Jason, you’re the sushi kid.” “I’M THE SUSHI KID?!?!” “That’s what I refer to you as because on the first day of school, I said I disliked sushi and you shouted at me, “That’s the difference between you and I; I like sushi, and you don’t.’” “Fine. I get to come up with a nickname for you then, Mrs. English Teacher.” “Yes…?” “YOU’RE MRS. FIONAAAAAAAAAAA!”
“You see…Fiona’s a rather ugly swamp ogre…” “Well, before she was an ogre, she was a beautiful princess!”