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Ok, so I haven't been practising as much as I would like to, so every day I plan on posting here with 100+ word short stories to practice my writing lmao. My inspiration could be anything from dreams to songs I like

1. The Perfect Ballerina

I am doll, stitched together by bits of faded dreams and lost promises, made up of empty lies and false hope.
I will forever be a young girl, cured into inhabiting the body of a broken, living ballerina, an animatronic for entertainment.
My arms move and my body twists, a repeating pattern. The metal inside me squeaks and groans, yet I still dance.

Many people came and visited my room, to laugh and take pictures, to clap at my misery, not knowing the full truth of what they are seeing. I was jealous of them, being able to roam about freely while I was trapped inside this doll.
While I couldn't do much from my spot in the middle of the room, I was able to see when the real, alive and human ballerinas walked by, their pristine pink tutus making my ripped and dirty one seem ragged and dirty.

They people who worked at my exhibition would never know how my dirty clothes got changed into the clean ones the ballerinas wore, nor why they would only change when a ballerina disappears, my new dresses and tutus identical to the ones they were last seen wearing.

They also couldn't explain why my hands were constantly stained a red coppery colour.

You see, the thing they didn't understand is that only i could be the perfect ballerina…. And I will kill to ensure that title is forever mine


2. A Pure Sacrifice

“You were chosen”

They said;

“Not to die, but to be re-born anew, as a vessel for the higher entities”

"its an honour, to be chosen by them"

Now, laying on the altar, I could feel myself being drained - not of life, but of what made me, me.

First my hair, the curly black locks I took such pride in fading away into straight, milky white strands.

The chants my village yelled out were hypnotic, but fading at an alarming rate, there was nothing for me to focus on to keep me tethers to earth, or the 'Mortal Realm', as the spiritual leaders called it.

I tried to scream, but my mouth wouldn’t open. There was a thick black goo buildimg up inside me that I was sure would come flying out if I succeed in opening my mouth.

The edges of my vision slowly went into a deep, endless black as I fell into the abyss of my mind, to be trapped the for potentially the end if time.

I knew it was magic - and it was terrifying


(guys this may be a more crappy one because its almost 3am and I have no motivation, sorry!!!)
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3. Be Careful Dear, They bite

"Make sure you stick close to the middle of the path, avoid touching the plants"

I warned, a slight edge to my voice as I stuck to the middle of the path, the overgrown plants that had creeped its way to the footpath slightly shrinking back as I approached.


I walked at a fairly fast pace, occasionally looking back at the gentleman I brought with me, watching him stomp over the flowers and vines that had grown onto the path. I narrowed my eyes, stopping and facing him

"didn't I just say to avoid touching the flowers?"

I hissed through gritted teeth, watching as he rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his chest

"calm down woman, their just some shitty flowers, why are you so worked up?"

He said with a scoff, kicking at another flower that had overgrown onto the path. That was the final straw for me.

I pushed him, knocking him into the bed of flowers and watched with a satisfied smirk as I watched him sink into the ground, the flowers curling around him and biting into his skin. He looked up at me with horror, trying to grab by suit jacket as a way to stay grounded. I just laughed and swatted his hand away

"ah ah ah, I would help but, the thing is, these 'shitty flowers' do need to be fed"

I said mockingly as the flowers finally snaked over him, no trace of him left aside from the red splatters on the flowers


me rembering that I made this thread

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Holy fuck ive been procrastinating this. Anyway, now that I am running on random 4am energy and an unhealthy amount, may I present to you…

4. What The Rain Knowns

Every night, for as long as I can remember, it has rained. No matter the time of day, no matter the season, no matter the severity, it has rained. It used to be soothing, falling down in a strange, pattern like motion,

I used to spend nights with my eyes closed, trying to remember what the rain used to feel like on my skin, or what anything on the outside felt like.

Mummy said we couldn't go back outside though, it was too dangerous outside - that's why only she could leave, she was stronger, and we needed the food.

But just in case something went wrong, she sat down with me one afternoon, and taught me Morse code. If something ever happened to her, she would send the signal for me to prepare.

I caught on pretty quick, but I could never listen to the rain the same way again, because every time I listened, I swear I could hear it tapping out the same sentence over and over again.

"Run From Her"
'.-. ..- -. / ..-. .-. — – / …. . .-.'