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Ladies and gentlemen I present the ✨dRaMaTiC✨ Insults, Power of the Chancla, Rats, Snek Assassins, Large Fonts, Limb Chopping, Duolingo Threats, Chicky Babies, and Cheesecake: The Saga of the Chicken, Part 3. (But with a title change, my friends.)

Now I know some of these aren’t ogs, but ya know. I do accept them. I think at least most of us can agree with who’s on here though.

If new people wish to enter this chat, you will be harshly judged. We reserve the right to keep you out of this chat. Thank you, and let the chaos commence. And also extra @-ing if I forgot some acceptable peeps.

@EldritchHorror-Davadio health_and_safety emoji_events

(Just a thought. there kinda needs to be a cut off point, or it just becomes about saying no to specific people because they're too annoying… which is a tad mean, know what I mean?)
(Or, if you go with tolerable… I guess that's just straight up on their ability to not be annoying. Obviously I'm not judging your ability to judge, just… asking questions, as usual ;)

@Morals-are-for-mortals language

(We already have some people who aren’t ogs but we all can agree are pretty chill and don’t cause problems, and for any other people past who we have right now we have a PM to decide whether they join or not)

@Morals-are-for-mortals language

(True, thanks for the ideas. But for now I think we’ll keep it like this- a lot of changes all at once and we’re just trying to avoid the whole situation from blowing up again. That being said, we don’t want this chat to be closed to all outsiders either. With all of us together I’m sure we can figure out something good.)