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@Larcenist-Arsonist groupswimming with sharks

I've been told repeatedly that my brain is an unsettling thing to look into, which is why I created this thread. To share the chaos >:}

Basically, I'll try to ask a question every day and to the best of your ability, answer it. Kind of like a journal, I guess?? Except instead of prompts like "what inspires you" it's more like "why does tax evasion sound like so much fun?"

anyways, yes.

@Larcenist-Arsonist groupswimming with sharks

potential tw for murder????

Nov. 2nd:

If you could be murdered by one celebrity, who would it be and why? (also how would they kill you)


My Answer:
Alton Brown. All the freakin way. There's no better way to go than by the hand of a crazy culinary host that forces chefs to cook pineapple upside down cake standing upside down with pineapples as mixing bowls. I would want him to light me on fire in a corn field.


Jack Black. If he was able to send the Devil back to Hell with a sick guitar solo, then by God, that's how I want to go, too!

@Larcenist-Arsonist groupswimming with sharks

Nov. 3rd:

Are you a possum, bat or kangaroo rat. Yes, those are your only options, if you say you're something out of those three I with steal your mattress.


I am a bat. I will not elaborate but I am a batman. minus the cool gadgets.

@squiddicus languageriding dragons

My Answer:
A possum, as I have a non-aggressive nature, occasionally communicate via screeching, and you may need to call a professional to remove me from your roof if I am on it

@Larcenist-Arsonist groupswimming with sharks

Nov. 4th:

Is Dangerbuff Sullivan Noodle (shortened to Danger S. Noodle) a good name for a snake? What's another good snake name for the snake that I'm going to steal from Pet Smart?