forum America may be collapsing but...
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hi I’m here to make a new forum game.

It’s a game in which we Notebookians, acknowledge America (or whatever country) is crumbling before we know it, but then add something positive that’s happened in your life.

For example:

America is falling, but I got my sick Unus Annus merch today

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the conservatives may be complete hypocrites but ovxx is doing a dj set for 88rising and i couldn't be prouder!!!!
happy to be part of this new 88rising project,, i would like to thank my family and friends especially bingus for helping me get to where i am today amen also love you all (except some of u 🙄🤠) mwa mwa
he just doesn't miss!

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America may be going up in absolute flames, but

Woodkid, my favorite artist EVER released a new album a few months ago and I’m still in love. Also, it’s really great to be politically inclined right now because you can tell who is stupid, and not allowed to be in your life, and who actually has a brain :)


America may be collapsing, BUT

A good friend is coming over on Saturday and I'll be able to talk things out with her and while I'm absolutely terrified and nervous about it, I think it's going to help some.

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America may be collapsing but
I moved back to college and don't have to deal with my conservative family for a while. And I'm also getting mental and medical health for some things that are going on and I'm doing what is imo a very good job of advocating for myself.

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Also America may be collapsing but…


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AMBC but I'm actually understanding what my teacher is saying.


America may be devolving into a garbage scow fire of monumental scale, but…I have a new gaming desktop and have decided to get myself certified as a computer tech.