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Her lips remained curled back, fangs showing. Did he just call her 'rude'? Those icy blue eyes glared coldly at the fae. The whiskers swirled, a sudden pulse of energy seemingly emitting from her great body, flattening the grass around her. She was opening her muzzle to respond to the little insect when the sudden surge of other power brought her attention. Ears swiveled forward, the soft voice of the human followed by the show of his own power.
Instinctively, the dragonelle leapt upwards, body swiftly twisting into the sky. Her long form swirled upwards, rising higher into the sky. Her eyes closed as the show of lightning flashed in a dazzling show beneath. Honestly, the beast had no interest in fighting, unless she was forced to; for example, being backed in a corner with no escape except attacking whomever had her trapped. Besides, it would just be a waste of energy, something she didn't feel the need for right then.
All she had wanted was to get out and enjoy herself for a bit, explore a bit. So much for that…The most she got out of leaving her territory was a whiny insect, and a bloody-thirsty human. She hadn't asked for any of that. So, she would instead take her leave, and head back to the village that saw her as their guardian deity, the one whom brought rain to the farmers and their crops. The one who fought back the darkness, keeping evil at bay to protect the ones she deemed worthy.
She didn't have to put up with any of that…

"Well aren't you all cute."
A voice seemingly came from the branches of a nearby tree. Lounging upon a branch, was what appeared to be a young looking male. However, upon his back were a pair of black wings, feet ending in powerful talons like that of an eagle. Black hair swayed ever so slightly as the breeze blew past from the departing dragonelle, as well as the sudden onslaught by the human's power.
The stranger remained leaning back in the boughs of the tree. Red eyes landed upon the human, "I can tell you're a hit at parties. Is that how all humans make friends? Walk up to a stranger and randomly punch them in the face, then just like that, best buds? Such strange customs."
His gaze then shifted to the small fae who appeared to be crying at the loss of something, "You are either brave, stupid…or perhaps both. Challenging a dragon? She could've squashed you, either on purpose or on complete accident."


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Adohira had been too busy sulking over his lost choker that he wasn't paying no attention to anyone else. So when the human made his move, he raised his head, tears still in his eyes, just in time to see the dragonelle taking off into the air, raising a small wave of dust as she pushed herself off the ground. With the creature gone, the fairy took a moment to realize what was going on around him, before redirecting his attention to the now abandoned choker on the ground. He quickly got up and dashed towards it, grabbing it mid flight and quickly putting a bit of distance between himself and the other two, as the fight was inevitable.

Hiding behind a tree he weighed his options while trying to tie together the red strings of his choker, his hands lightly shaking from the adrenaline. These two were really going to fight after all, weren't they? Adohira was partially excited to see how things would turn out.

The new voice coming from above him made him turn his head to look at the young man sitting on a tree branch. "A tengu?" he wondered, looking up at the newcomer with curious eyes. He had only heard about such creatures from stories, the only source of information about the outside world available to a fairy. His purple eyes hungrily studied the young man, admiring his large black wings and the long nosed red tengu mask tied to his belt. Their gazes met, making the fairy swallow a knot formed in his throat.
"Squashed me? What do you mean?"

The tengu's words seemed very similar to what the king had once told him. 'One part courage, three part fool.' Those were the words he used to describe him. Poor Adohira was usually considered to be a pretty smart fairy by others, given that he managed to sneak over the border without anyone noticing for a very long time, but sometimes, his brain seemed to fall asleep in the weirdest moments, and this was apparently one of them


"Well, you think a mere dragon could do much harm to me? Pfft, Seriously? Has everyone forgotten the power of cultivators?" Ouyang Shou said with a chuckle.
I may have gone out of my way,
He started to walk away, his footsteps resounding into the silenced and utter broken forest. His swords flying gently in their sheath's as the other two contiued to blabber about.
"You should then go ask why all her bretheren attack farms and raze them to the ground, and my enemity is only there because of my mother's death."
I'm still to weak though…
Ouyang Shou let out a breath as he let the heavenly qi in the area heal him and restore him into peak condition.

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He chuckled, remaining in his lounging position, "That I am indeed little butterfly. A Tengu of the noble Tianyan Clan."
His wings flared outwards a bit from his back, but then returned to their folded positions. The male's gaze shifted to the older human. He couldn't help but roll his eyes suddenly calling over, "You know old man, you're talking about those dragons from the Western lands right? Must've spent your childhood pretty much indoors if you couldn't even tell. The Dragon Clans of these lands are quite benevolent beasts."
He brushed his hand in a sweeping motion, as if brushing away something from his wing, "Less of course you are a follower of the Kitsune. Heh, if you didn't know, there's currently a war going upon a Higher Dragon and Kitsune Clan. Kinda amusing watching them fight though. Though course these smaller spats will more than likely turn into a full blown war between dragon and kitsune. Oh well, not our problem now is it?"
He faked a gasp at the fairy's question. The male pushed himself upwards, claws gripping the branch. Though he soon let himself drop, wings flaring outwards, slowing his descent down to the ground. As his feet touched the ground, the sly smile once again crossed his features as he looked towards the small fae.
"Have you ever taken in account of your size little butterfly? Those delicate wings, petite stature, and overall small form, why any dragon could walk upon the very ground, and not even feel you as you are crushed between those paws. Or even batted aside by a simple movement of the body and flick of the tail."


Adohira took a step back, making way for the tengu to stretch his wings next to him.

"Little butterfly? No one's ever called me that…." He turned around a little to look at his wings before returning to face the young man with a confused frown. "My wings aren't that weak… Sure, they're not as big as yours but still…" As a fairy, he was quite proud of his wings, all 8 of them, even though only 4 were actually used for flight. Having someone call them delicate with the implication of frail tickled his pride.

His attention shifted to the other words of the tengu. 'Smal size'. "But… I'm not that much smaller than you…" he said, sizing up the young man in front of him. In his mind, being 6.1ft was an acceptable size if he was going to disguise himself as a human.

"A war you said? With kitsune?" Haring about fox spirits had perked up his interest.


Ouyang Shou stopped before walking back and put his hand out in front of the fae.
"Why are you here Tengu?"
he narrowed his eyes sharply while coldly letting out an aura.
"And perhaps you're right, but think why the attacks happened, The dragons invited those western lizards into the eastern kingdom to do what? wreak havoc?"


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Without any hesitation, the male suddenly reached over, lightly patting the fae on his head, chuckling, "You truly are cute little butterfly."
Those red eyes once again shifted to the man. He once again rolled his eyes before replying, "Does man always have a habit of holding onto old grudges?"
The tengu turned to fully face the human behind them. His wings seemed to start flaring outwards. The sound of cawing in the distance seemed to pick up as a sudden conspiracy of ravens flocked overhead, black wings seemingly blotting out the very sun. The sudden growing of the wind caused by wings shifted the male's clothes as red eyes stared directly towards the human. However, the eyes held no malice, no anger or hatred. More so, his gaze seemed more something of pity, as if he pitied the man…
"Humans broke my sister's wing, crippled my father, and also set fire to our original village which in turned killed a portion of my people, some of which were close friends," the tengu's voice was blunt, "I have all reason to hate mankind…yet you don't see me blindly attacking every human I come across, including you. No, instead I can't help but feel pity for your kind. You have a hard time understanding the unknown, which in turn leads to an irrational fear. This fear in turn controls your actions, leading to the destruction of what life has offered you. The Gods and Goddesses have their reasons for who, what, and how they introduce things into the world. Each has their reason for putting into being, and causing the flow of life and it's course of action. You can't live on bitterness and hatred alone…"

His gaze looked back to the fae. The once serious face was replaced with a soft smile. The wings upon his back once again returned to their folded positions, the conspiracy of ravens having now disappeared. Where the sudden group of birds had gone, well, it was likely only one individual would know where they went.
"Afraid so little butterfly. The Kitsune and Dragons have had a very tense relationship for centuries now. Why this is, no one is sure. Though there are rumors that a very long time ago, when dragon and kitsune first roamed these lands, a dragon and kitsune made a bet. This bet caused a great loss to the dragons, which included a portion of a large grove of cherry blossom trees. The trees of course, were highly prized, and the dragons believe that the kitsune cheated the bet, in order to win the grove. If there is any truth to this, no one knows."


"eh…?" The boy was momentarily dumbfounded by the unexpected head pat from the tengu. This guy was treating him like a child, calling him 'cute butterfly' and everything else. Well, on the other hand truth was that Adohira wasn't exactly a fully grown adult yet, but no one else back home treated him this way in a long time, aside from the king probably - that fairy had all the right to do so, given the long time he had been on this earth.
He stared at the young man in silence as he spoke to the human, his eyes filled with admiration for this creature he had just met. Even when the tengu summoned a strong gust of wind around him, making everyone's hair and clothes float around. The strong wind gave Adohia a few chills, given he wasn't exactly wearing anything, yet he held his ground, watching in awe the flock of crows gathered above them. This display of power was impressive, so much more than what he thought was possible. The outside world really was amazing.

He snapped out of his day dreaming once the tengu turned around and answered his question.
"Oh… i see…" he murmured, turning his gaze towards the ground as he bit his lips. "Kitsune… aren't they like, uum, these trickster spirits that like to mess around with humans? Put that way, i think i understand why dragons would doubt the kitsune won without any tricks. They already had a reputation…" His voice faded with the last words, his gaze still on the ground; he shivered a little bit from the cold wind from earlier, his wings twitching involuntarily from the chill that made him shiver

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"Yes, we humans, have a problem with grudges, that is also one of the reasons why I am not on a higher cultivation level. I still held mortal grudges. But that wasn't the only thing that made me want to kill that dragonelle. It was also the fact that being a cultivator, especially in the higher ranks of cultivation, ingredients for alchemy and money, can get very scare…" Ouyang Shou sighed.
"I admit, that you are right about us living on bitterness and hatred alone. But still, there is nothing I can do about it until I give up my mortal weaknesses." He started speaking again.
He then, started walking again, back into the forest. But before he left, he turned back.
"Tell me, Tengu have you felt true love, not family love but true love?"
Ouyang Shou then moved the qi into his feet before moving away into the sky, his last surface location, was covered in cracks before finally erupting in an explosion of dust,dirt and rocks.

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The tengu held his soft smile as he spoke to the fae, "That you are correct butterfly. The Kitsune are often known for their tricks, but are also known to be quite loyal to ones who earn their trust, or if they are indebt to an individual."
He paused for a moment to look towards the man who paused to face him again. Red eyes narrowed, wings twitching ever so slightly upon his shoulders. A several caws sounded in the distance. A raven suddenly landed, coming to rest on the tengu's shoulder, yet his gaze never left the human.
"I have not found a suitable mate. So I cannot say I have felt this certain 'love' you speak of, or have really had any urge for one."

His red eyes shifted back to the fae as the man soon dispersed to wherever. He glanced towards the raven on his shoulder, lifting a pale hand, lightly using a finger to pet the bird's head. The tengu's gaze remained on the bird as he spoke.
"Old man's stubbornness and bitter hatred is going to get him killed. There are worse beasts to fear than a few dragons…"

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