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"In a world where the son of man shares the land with various other magical creatures of all shapes and sizes, Fairies have chosen to remain separated from the rest. Humans shall not cross into their territory nor are Fairies allowed to interfere with humans either. Why? No one knows.
Despite this rule, one particular Fairy likes to sneak into the human world to play around and it is this young god's duty to catch the Fairy and bring him back.
Why is this Fairy different from the rest? What is the truth behind the separation of the realms? What mysteries hide in the shadows?"

Hi, it's the first time i start an rp here o/ I've been in a few rps before but sadly they all died prematurely so i really hope this one lives long enough to actually get somewhere :">
So, for the actual info. The story is set in a fantasy world, but it's not your typical medieval/Tolkien type of fantasy. We're talking chinese/japanese type of fantasy here, we're gonna go places hahaha. In this world fairies rarely leave their territory and almost never interact with the outer world; the rule has existed for a very long time but the reason behind it was lost to time (or was it?). But when a series of mysterious events that require investigation appear, things start to change.

The main characters are, as you guessed a fairy and a god. The fairy is male, but the god can be anything.
There's also room for other characters, such as:

  1. The king of Fairies - (the hidden villain of the story) a seemingly good and understanding fellow, yet in reality he is insanely strong with complete control over what's happening within the realm boundaries; he's the one who installed the rule preventing outside interaction, bcz * insert reason here * (most likely some nasty past event that filled him with resentment and made him go mad)
  2. Fellow god/fairy characters (up to, idk maybe 5 on either side)

I would recommend listening to this song by Joe Hisaishi, to understand the general feel of the story i'm going for:


  1. No OP characters. Please.
  2. Proper grammar and punctuation. I understand if english is not your first language, but it has to be decent enough so i can understand you, otherwise it's going to be a pain
  3. Detailed-ish responses. I know it may sound hard, but it's to keep things going. Think 3 or more sentences
  4. Please be on pretty often. I understand real life may get in the way, but let's try keep this rp alive for a while
  5. Have fun! This is the most important part of all

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Yay thanks! That’s perfectly okay. I have a good God boi I’d like to use, too. He’s a bit complicated tho lol.


It's okay :"D
Do you need the template for the character or do you have them written somewhere else? (i kinda want to have the characters saved up somewhere so i dont forget info)

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I don’t but I can use a template. Also is the romance between the God and fairy?


Yep. I would personally go for a really slow burn romance, since i dont really like insta love stories, but only if it's okay with you
Here's the template

Nicknames(if applicable):
Usual clothing:
Favorite Food/Drink:
Magic(if applicable):

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Name: Metaphorical Whembrooke

Nicknames(if applicable): Met

Age: Over seven-thousand

Gender: Male

Appearance: About 165, held in his shoulders and chest. Hunches down a lot into himself. 6'5, longer legs than his torso. Coal Black with small streaks of gray and white near his scalp. All over the place, long. If straightened out it is down past his shoulders and curly. He can attempt to cut it but it will always grow back over his face and eyes, which he doesn't seem to mind. His eyes are icy blue and always piercing. Pale white skin with patches of wrinkled, new skin over scars, has a crooked nose and a lot of tattoos of butterflies, flowers, and birds from his Human-years.

Usual clothing: Usually dressed like a fancy Workman. He wears a white dress shirt that’s unbuttoned from the neck to the collarbone, and somewhat wrinkled pants and no shoes and shirts. He always looks comfortable, sometimes he likes to wear a light golden robe.

Personality: He likes to try and stay out of the way. He’s a new God and quite unconfident. But he enjoys interacting with people under him and having a strong hand in other people’s lives. (Sorry it’s short, I don’t usually put a lot in personality).

Favorite Food/Drink: Cake//Sweet coffee

Skills: He’s good at manipulation (because he’s a Mind Reader), and talking people into doing things for others and himself.

Fears: He’s always afraid he’s not good enough. He tries to stay with other Gods and those who he can trust to lean on in case something bad happens.

Magic: He’s the God of Mind Readers and he can read and get rid of other thoughts. That’s mostly all he can do.

Background: He used to be a Human and has been a God for about five hundred years, which isn’t a lot. He doesn’t remember anything from when he was a Human and quite frankly, he wouldn’t want to (trust me).

Other: Hope he’s okay.

@Dragoncita group

I may be interested, as it has peaked my interest
Though, if I may ask, reading through your info, are the characters you have planned for this RP only narrowed to gods and fae, or are other creatures of the Japanese/Chinese folklore allowed?



@The-Moral-Ambiguity-of-Metaphorsinator ye, he's good (not quite asian looking, but i'll take him regardless :D)
And yes, you two may join, this rp is still open
And yes, other creatures are allowed, of course. Whatever you got, throw it in the pot, there's no limits here :'>

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(I was thinking about that and I tried to fix it with clothes). Thanks! My name’s Emi btw just call me that.


Ayo, here's da boyo, srry it took so long to post, i had trouble finding a name :'>
Name: Adohira

Nicknames(if applicable): none

Age: 500 human years, he's considered a young adult. His appearance puts him at around 19 to 21 yrs of age.

Gender: male

Appearance: A young man, with a fair complexion, standing about 6.1ft tall, with delicate skin with graceful markings on his shoulders and hips, shoulders not too wide nor too thick, with a slim waist, smooth long thin legs. He has butt length raven black hair, usually tied in a simple pony tail or left loose. He has 2 pairs of semi transparent iridescent wings on his back, something between dragonfly and butterfly wings. He also has 2 more pairs or pseudo wings on his hips, but these wings aren't fit for flight, they're just decorative (these pseudo wings also have thin long tails, starting at the base of the hip wing). Even though he's a male, his face is somewhat effeminate, with big warm purple-ish blue eyes and a big bright smile on his face present almost all the time.

Usual clothing: He doesn't usually wear clothes since he's a Fairy; instead he only has what can only be described as a dark reddish bug-like wing structures covering his private area (not in a disgusting kind of way, just think a butterfly wing but made of wire and wrapped around, i might draw it later). Attached to the wing-thingies are usually semi transparent veils, like the backside of a dress. At rare times he wears a light green robe, with wing holes.

Personality:A sweet bean, with a big warm heart, very social and positive. He's very curious by default, so he constantly tries to sneak over to the human realm to play or take a look around. Completely oblivious to flirting and can sometimes wander off into the land of 1 iq

Favorite Food/Drink: He likes cherry cake and plum jam. Also a big fan of wild berry tea

Skills: Mild shape shifting skills, that are mainly used when he tries to sneak in the human realm. Others include moderate control over plant life and healing

Fears: Scared shitless of dogs

Magic(if applicable): Quite weak when it comes to magic, outside of the things mentioned above, he can't do much - quite the curious case for a Fairy

Background: He became an orphan at a very early age, though he doesn't really remember what happened. He was raised by his grandparents, and lived a pretty quiet peaceful life. As he grew older, he developed an interest for the outer world and even though Fairies are forbidden to cross the border, he still managed to sneak over and take a peek. He finds the world outside the Fairy realm to be fascinating and fun; sadly, he always gets caught in the end by the god assigned to keep an eye on the border.

Other: Even though the legends say that pouring salt or sugar before a fairy will force it to stop and count all the grains, Adohira is not affected by it. Also, don't feed him lemons or limes, it makes him very sick

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WoaH wait I thought it was GxB? I’m not opposed to BxB but like.,.


I did specify in the description that the fairy is male, i assumed you read it :'>
I would have gone GxB too but then i said "screw it, whatev happens i'll go with it" so i left the god up for interpretation

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oh I’m sorry 0O0 I didn’t see. Or I didn’t read close enough but that’s great! I hope you don’t mind BxB


I think I'm going to back out. I just realized how many other RPs I'm in and how busy I'll be soon. I don't want to give short responses infrequently. Have fun!


Take your time @Dragoncita , no one is rushing you
You have plenty of time

Also, Emi, are you ready to start or do u wanna wait a little more?
I might stick around for 5 to 10 minutes, but after that i'll most likely go to sleep (ungodly hour over here) :'>


(okay! no problem! I'll do the starter if that's ok)

"Aw, you caught me again! Hahaha~ But was the tying up really necessary?"

Adohira shifted around trying to find a more comfortable position on the stone slab he was sitting on, as much as the hands tied above his head would allow him. Despite being in trouble once again, he still smiled brightly and laughed, not even one bit bothered by the god towering over him. He glanced up, as if measuring the ribbon that tied him up to the tree branch above him, then shifted his gaze back to the man in front of him.

"Were you afraid i was going to run off again the moment you turned your back on me? You know i'd never do that haha~"