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I've never roleplayed much, but I really want to!! This will be a (medieval?) fantasy - cause I'm into that stuff :) Here's the prompt:
A group of warriors of different specialties is recruited to sea to hunt down the creature who'd stolen the ancient spellbook. This spellbook contains many dark and dangerous spells and the creature (a dragon) who had stolen it was believed to use it for evil. These warriors are tasked to hunt and kill this creature, so they set off to sea to fulfill their task.

I've haven't built a world for this, so I think that it'll be very open to whatever you want to add!
Character Template: (or post a link)
Origin: (Create/Use a country)
Warrior Type: (keep them simple) (Swordsmen/Archer/Healer… etc…)


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Name: Ryin
Origin: Damrakir (a civilized island off the main sea)
Warrior Type: Gunslinger
Age: 20
Gender: Male h/h
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Mousefolk
Appearance: Ryin is a mouse-like humanoid with paw-adjacent hands and feet. His body is covered with a short layer of coarse grey fur, lighter at the ears and short muzzle. His muzzle is shorter than many of the mousefolk, and his ears are slightly bigger. He has one blue eye (left) and one brown eye (right). Ryin’s form is fit, yet skinny, and he stands at about 5’8.” His clothes consist of various collared leather tunic vests and ragged undershirts, with a vast array of multicolored bandanas. He carries silver flintlock pistols on either side of his waist, multiple belts draping across.
Personality: Cunning, clever, curious, and charming. He loves resorting to logic and tactics during peril and holds an extremely sarcastic demeanor. People see him as a strategic swashbuckling rogue, mischievous yet endearing. He works his snarky charm on anyone he can, and loves fame. He can be insensitive at times, but also extremely sweet when he wants too. There are only a few people he keeps close, and currently all of those spots are open. Ryin is extremely slow to trust, and many find him devious.
Other: He’s an outlaw in many towns, and many people know him as “Deadeye,” instead of his actual name. He gave himself his own name (Ryin) and doesn’t tell anyone what his name was beforehand. (Unless another character gets close to him, he won’t let anyone know).

Let me know if his race/character works. I also drew him, so if you’re confused on his appearance, go here


I'm using a character of mine that already exists, except I'm altering him so he's a stand-alone character, among other things. Please notify me if anything needs to be changed.

Original Character Page
Name: Kip
Origin: Savathe, a small, sparsely populated country known for its dense forests, rolling mountains and not much else.
Warrior Type: Swordsman (although he's quite poor at his craft, and tends to rely on hand to hand in the heat of battle.)
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Race: Dragon shifter
Appearance: As a human, he has a tanned complexion with dark brown hair that has an almost iridescent sheen to it. His hair has been shaved short on the sides and left to grow everywhere else into a sort of messy mohawk. His eyes are a clear blue and he has no facial hair. His dragon form is colorful, primarily blue with streaks of orange and yellow all along his spine, thorny tail, underbelly, horns, and wings. He's about the same size in dragon form as human.
Personality: INFP
Other: He's lost many of his memories and sees every adventure as a way to either remember them or form new ones. He can also partially shift into dragon form, calling on his claws, tail, and horns in battle.

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Name: Ophira
Origin: Laiska, a small, populated country known for its abundance of precious metals.
Warrior Type: Swordswoman
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight? She's not sure herself.
Race: Human
Appearance: A pale woman who stands at about 5’11” and has a preference for wearing men’s clothing (her broad shoulders prevent her from looking good in most women’s clothing). Aside from her doe-eyed face and wild mane of naturally red hair, the rest of her appearance is quite plain. Her arms and legs are littered with scars from fights. It’s very rare to see her without a sword at her hip or with less than three earrings in.
Personality: Ophira is quickly moved to violence when confronted with something/someone she doesn’t like. She generally has a very loud and noticeable presence when conversing, but isn’t very fun to be around in an every-day setting. People close to her have noted that while she's accepting of physical contact, she will flinch and try to break away from it.
Other: Ophira prefers edgeless swords, which can be used to pierce armor, but carries with her a one-handed sword for convenience in an emergency. She is blessed with amazing speed, but her reflexes leave some to be desired.


Name: Tiergan
Origin: Wyke, a small but growing country known for its trading.
Warrior Type: Ranger (basically an archer with good tracking skills)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan
Race: half-dragon shifter, half-human
Appearance: In human form, he has sandy blond hair and a slightly tanned complexion. In his half-dragon form, he has a gray stone-like skin covering his bottom half and most of his back with ridges on his back, while his arms have some stone parts on the lower biceps and these sharp rock fins on his forearms. He gets dragon wings with a dark sea blue color on the not-bone part, and he's able to breathe a little fire. His hair takes on a dark tint and he gets dragon eyes.
Personality: He is slightly impulsive, but his training allows him to be cautious, careful, and observant. He works alone. In his dragon form, he has sharper reflexes and can often fight in hand to sword. However, his dragon form drains him and he can only use it for short increments.
Other: He has a longbow and several types of arrows, but also has saxe knives for melee combat or throwing.

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Name: Alannah Mae Belfir - but she goes by Mae
Origin: Sacrus, a large country known for its riches and mining
Warrior Type: Healer - but she can also use a sword pretty well
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Appearance: She has brown-almost-black hair cut to her shoulders unevenly. With her wild brown eyes and matching skin tone, the gold she adorns herself with stands out, but she would still blend into the common Sacrus crowd. She's small for a woman from Sacrus - she stands about 5'8" tall. She's not too skinny with her wide hips and thighs, but this is common around Sacrus. (The people have money and tend to eat a lot…)
Personality: She's known for being expressive and quirky, but also annoying. She's made many friends but doesn't have any that close to her. She's optimistic, bright and loud. She's carefree and clumsy- until it comes to her healing abilities or training. All of a sudden she's on task, doing whatever she needs to do to succeed.
Other: Despite her riches and positivity, she didn't have a great start in life. Her parents were angry and sometimes abusive - this fuels her motivation to heal and fight. (I haven't developed her enough yet, so I don't have much.)

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(sorry guys, i went on a quick trip but i'm going to start the rp, just jump in whenever!)

The short letter came to her early in the morning. Scrawled messily with blotched ink was a message from the war admiral, Heiko Reiker.
Alannah Mae Belfir, you have been selected to go on Mission Vene'ra. You shall meet Commander Alveraz at Port Dartmis where you will be escorted to your next location. Your next directions will be given to you then.
Mae's little brother jumped from his seat as Mae gasped loudly.
"What is that, Mae? Mae, let me see!"
Mae held the letter over her head, grinning.
"Slow down, Iar," she laughed. "I'm going on a mission." Iar tugged on her shirt.
"A real mission?"
"Yes, a real mission." Mae lowered the letter so that he could read it. After he finished, he grinned from ear to ear. But once he saw Mae's face, his smile disappeared. "What, Mae?"
Her face fell, but the corner of her mouth turned up in a sweet way. "I just have to figure out what to do with you."

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Ryin leaned on the crow’s nest rail, staring out at the wild sea. The greens and blues mixed together to create a beautiful shade of teal— something the mousefolk quite enjoyed.
He tipped his hat further over his face as to shield the sun. His fur ruffled in response, falling down slightly into his eyes. His ears flattened out, but he gave a wide grin. Today was nice. He had a good feeling.
Ryin had always loved the ports in Damrakir. The smell of wonderful saltwater and the loud sounds of people hauling goods to and fro ships.
A shout caught Ryin’s attention quickly, and his head snapped around, his multicolored eyes drifting down to an orc-looking woman. She gave a wave, calling up the mousefolk’s name.
“Ry,” she called, her voice rash. “The general wants to meet.”
Ryin cocked his head. “For what? I’m busy ‘ere.”
The orc lifted a hand to her hip. “No reason. Just come down.”
Ry rolled his eyes but did as he was told, leaning to all fours and leaping from the crow’s nest, sliding down one of the ropes and landing cinematically on the deck. He gave a cheesy tip-of-the-hat to the orcish woman, accompanied by a wink as he walked off.


Tiergan read through his letter. The mission seemed official, and the royal seal was definitely real, so he got up from his seat and grabbed his pack. He made sure he had his knives and his bow, plus his arrow, and walked outside. The text had told him to head to the port of Dartmis, and that was only a few miles north. Tiergan's apprentice stood outside from his place chopping wood. "Tiergan. What's going on?"

"A mission. I'll be back in a week or two. Fly to the baron's castle and get your orders from there." He nodded, and the apprentice nodded back. "See you in a few weeks."

With that, Tiergan started hiking, heading down a nearby path through the forest. In only an hour, he had reached a cliff, and now he transformed, growing wings and taking a running leap off the edge of the cliff. The wind caught his wings and glided him gracefully north.

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Mae left her home, heavy with guilt and a large pack weighing her down. She didn't know what this mission would bring, but she didn't worry about that. As long as she could be back at home soon, it didn't matter. The port wasn't far, but she couldn't take a horse with a pack. It would take about a day's walk to reach the port, and the sky was threatening to rain. Oh, well. She told herself. You're a warrior now; a little rain can't hurt you. So she bounded off with extra robes above her head and mud on her feet.

But Mae wouldn't stop worrying about Iar, and every sound of thunder, every lightning strike, she couldn't help but shiver at the thought of him cowering under the covers. He was afraid of storms, and he didn't have anyone to hold him. She started to regret ever leaving, now soaked with water and slick with mud. But the excited boy would be disappointed if she didn't go on this mission. "For Iar," Mae whispered. She was grateful that the terrain was on her side - going south, the hills went down. Despite her advantage, she had made it only a couple of hours from Dartmis when she ran into trouble.

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Considering Ophira wasn't much known for being trustworthy, the letter she'd received detailing some very official mission was a shock. The mission wasn't what had interested her-it was the fact that she was to head to a port in someplace she'd not been before. Given, it wasn't a long journey-a few hours at most-but it was an excuse to do something other than help her mother look after her 3 younger siblings.

Packing had been a short ordeal; five nearly identical pairs of clothes, her favorite pair of boots (black in color and great for moving around), three swords of varying types, and some other essential items. The only real issue was when her mother asked where she was going.

"Uhm, out. I'm going out."

"People don't just 'go out', 'Ira."

"Right. I'm headed on an adventure of sorts, I guess? I won't be back for a while."

"How convenient, seeing as I just hired some extra help."

"Ahah, yea."

After their brief conversation, she'd practically been kicked off her family's property and thus began her (uncomfortable) adventure on horseback.

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“Dartmis?” Ryin muttered, walking back from the general’s tent. “Why Dartmis? He didn’t even give me a reason. And why me?”
The orcish woman from before looked extremely tired, her green skin slightly paler than it should have been. She got fed up with Ryin extremely easily.
“Because you’re the best gunslinger we have,” she muttered. “Unfortunately.”
Ry gave a grin, his nose twitching slightly. “Aw, you really think so?”
The orc narrowed her eyes, continuing to walk.
The two finally arrived at a ship, all packed already with the crewmen taking hold of the ropes. Ryin knew the captain, so it was possible he could hitch a ride.
The orc stood with her hands behind her back, her posture confident like that of a lieutenant. For all Ryin knew, she might have been.
Ry gave a loose salute, boarding the ship set for Dartmis.
“I’ll be back in a couple weeks,” he said with that same stupid grin. “Au revoir!”
The orc rolled her eyes as the ship parted, headed into the beautiful teal waters of morning.