forum Sphaera(OPEN!!)
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Oh! Might need a Character Sheet or whatever its called

Sphaera Type (Keep realistic to age range <3):
Simple Description:
Magus/Elementus Type (Single, Duality, Half, Full):
Element/Magic Type:
Weaponry (If any. (And remember, Renessiance/Early Industrial based, most advanced are Muskets, Flintlocks, ETC):

Any other Details:


(I don't have any starting point in mind but. If you have any ideas, go ahead and start yourself off. Plus filling out that character sheet may be handy.)


((Depends on age for kind and Single, one magic type, Duality, Two, Half, Half the choices, Full is all choices)


Name: Daemon Knight
Age: 75 but outer appearance, is about 20 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sphaera Type: White
Simple Description: Red eyes, Black hair, Cloak, Black shirt and black trousers.
Magus/Elementus Type: Full
Element/Magic Type: (if possible all)
Weaponry (If any. (And remember, Renaissance/Early Industrial based, most advanced are Muskets, Flintlocks, ETC): Twin Swords as well as a flintlock.
( Is it alright, if it isn't I'll change it.)