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A school with creature like people and humans granted magic? All are welcomed at this school!

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Appearance: (detail)
Style: (day-to-day clothing)

@Shadow_Knight group

Name: Nykidia
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Appearance: Medium length wavy red hair, emerald green eyes, pale skin, freckles
Style: Mostly black clothing but like blues, purples and greens as well, like to sometimes wear men's clothing, loves hats.
Personality: giggly, hyper, kind, slightly insane
Likes: Night, people, hugs
Dislikes: Being alone, being away from Night,
Background: (Will develop)
Other: Has no magic of her own but when fused with Night can control shadows.

Name: Night
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Appearance: Looks like a shadow, irises are deep purple and the whites of her eyes are black, her skin is pure black, her hair floats, has no legs but a wisp she wraps around Nykidia
Style: Has no need for clothing.
Personality: curious, has a temper, protective
Likes: Nykidia
Dislikes: People, being away from Nykidia
Background: (Will develop)
Other: Has no magic of her own but when fused with Nykidia can control shadows

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Name: Mizu Aasu
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Appearance: black half buzzed brown hair
Style: black tights with an MCR hoodie
Personality: Emotionless
Likes: Darkness
Dislikes: Loud things
Background:(will learn later on)
Other: Time and space magic

@The Ghost in the Corner

Name: Shay
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black hair, Hazel eyes, Pale skin
Style: Black, black, everything BLACK
Personality: Introverted, likes to read
Likes: Most Animals
Dislikes: most people
Background: Accidentally killed parents because she's a Ware-wolf and loses control every times there's a full moon


Name: Ashely Diane Snyder
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: (detail) Long, sun blonde hair, color changing eyes (blue, green, gold, range), 5' 6", attractive, a light spray of freckles across her nose, inquisitive air about her, a constantly curious look on her face, eyes go stormy grey when angry.
Style: (day-to-day clothing) No dresses, mostly leggings or jeans, t-shirts, vests, or hoodies are preferred. Normally wears leather boots and is never without her knife on her side.
Personality: Friendly and inquisitive, highly loyal, and is insanely protective of her friends. Smiles often, but gets anxious incredibly easily and doesn't handle stress well. Is prone to anxiety attacks when triggered by things from her past (witnessed her parents murdered when she was 9). Is not a fearless person, but still has courage.
Likes: Reading, Painting, and Archery.
Dislikes: Being called a liar, seafood, cliches.
Background: Ashley is half-elf, her father was human and her mother was an elf. But because of an old score to be settled with an enemy of her fathers, both her parents were murdered in front of her when they refused to give away the location of a map to something unknown. (TBD tbh,) Has lived with an aunt on her father's side, but has been sent to this magic school.
Other: Owns a magical ring that glows when near a magical essence.

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Mizu sits in the back by a window ignoring the world and everything around her