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It seems all fantasy is placed in some time long forgotten by humans. But I want one where Fantasy creatures live in secret among humans in the 21st century. This is partially to grow the novel I’m planning on writing on this very topic.

So basically those creatures that appear more human-ish or human like are able to blend in with the human population easily and often have normal jobs. (Aka, muses work as editors and secretaries to big companies, trolls drive buses, fairies and fae work as baristas giving people small shots of happiness and confidence in their coffees, vampires work graveyard shifts in Walmart, Dragons with human disguises work as pilots in planes or as bankers, etc.) But those creatures that can’t hide as easily such as hellhounds or centaurs or mermaids find alleyways or docks/oceans to hide in. It’s also partially why some people seem to disappear after entering an alleyway (because they’re captured or eaten by the bad creatures that hunt humans.

Some humans know about the existence of such magical creatures and are marked with a magic spell. That spell tells other mythicals that specific human knows they are around. (To the mythical creatures, the spell is a blue symbol hovering a few inches away from the human’s forehead.) The humans that know call the mythical and fantasy creatures ‘Majiks’. (Pronounced like magi-cks)

Anyone up?
I’ll be using my character, Victor Lynch. He’s human and actually dislikes the Majiks because he was hurt by one when he was just a little kid. His father runs a company that provides jobs for Majiks. He absolutely hates it but is actually the ‘heir’ to the company and will inherit it when his father passes.

Sorry it was so long.
If you want character profiles I will provide one for Victor.

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(Ahaha alright! I am too so let’s get this started!)

Victor ignored the talkative barista. He could tell she wasn’t human and thus he had no interest in her. He took his coffee from the counter and nearly slapped his money down. Exact change. Nothing more and nothing less.

That’s just how he was.

The street outside of the small cafe was crowded. People and Majiks alike hurried to their work places, chattering away on devices.

Victor ignored them too. Instead he wandered into the skyscraper just across the street, muttering a small hello to the fae-born Secretary at the desk. She informed him of a client waiting in his office.

With a low growl, he entered, nearly glaring at the person sitting in front of his desk. “Name and species please.”

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Yesim jumped a bit in surprise when she heard the man's voice. "Um, Yesim Seawood and I'm an elf," She quickly answered, glancing at the man.

(Sorry it's short)

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“Yesim… mm, what brings you here?” He asked, draping his coat over the chair he soon sat in. The coffee was set down by the computer.

The young man had to be no more more than twenty at the most. His black hair was short and trimmed neatly. Everything about him from the suit he wore to his gray eyes screamed tidy. And yet despite his dashing looks, he was far from gentlemanly as he glared over his desk at the elf.

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"Well, um, I kind of need a job," Yesim answered, nervously fiddling with her fingers. Her brown eyes looked around the room to try and see what type of guy he was.

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There wasn’t much to look at. Gray walls and tidy papers on the desk that was nearly as bland as the black coffee in his cup. The only decorations were large photography prints signed by none other than Victor himself. The photos themselves were beautiful in their own way; Towering skyscrapers against a night sky, a woman posing against a coffee shop in a red dress, and even Victor himself staring off into the distance, his black hair messier and his clothes more casual. Those three prints hung side by side in plain-looking frames. If one looked close enough, one would find his camera set on the window sill, the lens pointed out the window.

“What are you looking to go into?” He asked, sliding a small paper across the desk. It was a calendar. Scribbled handwriting explained important dates such as luncheons and even small home visits.

“This is our schedule. From this moment on, I’m in charge of getting to know you better, learning what you do best, and placing you into a suitable job considering not only how well you preform, but also if you’ll enjoy the job.” He drawled, eyeing the female with a slight interest. He would have thought her pretty if she were human.

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Yesim quickly turned around and glanced at the paper that the man had slid to her. She nodded along, letting her curly back hair cover her pointed ears. "Well, I was looking to get a job which involved plants. Does that make sense? Like a florist or something like that."

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“It does. I’ll put that down.” He murmured, scribbling something down on a note. His handwriting was messy. It was the one thing he couldn’t fix. “Are you in need of a place to live?”

The human scrunched up his nose as he sorted through papers.

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Yesim shook her head. "No, I live in an apartment." His room made him look like a neat freak, but his handwriting says otherwise…

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“Then; I am in need of an address, Miss Yesim.” He leaned across his desk and tapped a paper, flashing a half-hearted - yet rather charming - smile. “Place that here. Are you alright with home visits or would you prefer to speak over coffee?”