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Eighteen years prior:
King Delvin was frustrated. He had yet to father any offspring, let alone male, and he was getting desperate. His Queen wanted to wait a little longer, but he decided to send for five Demon brides to bear his children, because Demons always do. It took two years of searching, since the volunteers were always too ugly or eerily enchanting, too excited or too uninvolved, too bold or too nervous. But eventually, five were found, and five children were soon born.
The Queen, however, had been right: They would only have had to wait, and they would have a fullblooded heir. But once she found out she was pregnant, it was too late; the King planned to simply remove the child from the world for fear of creating competition and hatred among the half-princes. The Queen, furious with her husband, took one of the half-princes on the night her child was born and switched him with her own. Now she could could do what she wanted with the unroyal child, including remove him, as the King had planned to, and now her son would have a chance at getting back at King Delvin. And no one would know.

Trouble soon arose again. It had started the day the children had been born, but now it was so terrible that King Delvin was getting desperate once more. His sons constantly fought amongst each other, stole anything they wanted, ate too much, spent too much, drank too much, et cetera. They wreaked havoc on cities and rebelled against anything and anyone. Their greed, lust, anger, bitterness, and bloodlust grew to the point where most were miserable. King Delvin barely held control. One day, Hades received word that his offspring were becoming a threat in the living world. He immediately went to the King and held a long meeting. As soon as he left, King Delvin called his sons for a meeting. It was time to prove themselves, he said. Time to start acting like heirs. He was tired of them, so tired he was beginning to wonder if they were worth everything. So he would hold a trial against them: They must find a bride, take over one of his subkingdoms, and end all threats to their power(excluding the King), within half a year. Their reward would be free reign over the kingdom they had taken, divided rule over his whole kingdom, and whatever was inside the boxes Hades had given him. In the meantime, the King would rally his army to hinder them in their quest, travel to another country to send five brides back to his own for the sons to try to win over, and prepare his palace for the most powerful son's coronation. Once it was all over and the crown had been whisked from his head, he would turn to reside in the Underworld, with Hades' protection. King Delvin outlined the requirements once more: Win over one of the brides he had sent over, take over one of his subkingdoms, and end all threats to their power(excluding him. Within half a year.
They would leave his palace tomorrow.

You can play as a bride or a prince(half or real).
If you're playing as a bride, you can choose whether or not she knows about who the prince is and why she's there.
If you're playing as a prince, remember that he's half Demon so he has powers and a dark side.

Keep cursing to a minimum
Violence and gore is unnecessary
No OP characters, please!
Grammar is relaxed, write as few or many sentences as you want
I know you have a life but try to post at least daily so you don't fall behind!

Anyone can join!!
We might start with less than five princes and brides if no one else joins, but anyone can jump in at any time!




If someone else asks, you'll probably have to change to having one character, but so far I think it's fine to try both. If someone else wants to be the pureblood prince you can choose whether to keep or give him. And 'the price that the queen switched?' meant the half-blood she replaced with the real one, right?

Yes! Yay!


Name: Catori Hallowe
Gender: female
Powers: she’s a witch with strong ties to the element of fire
Appearance: dark skin and hair, usually braided back. Her eyes are an amber color that almost seems to spark. Has tribal flames and symbols tattooed on her back, arms, and rib-area. There are curious scars on her body, including ones on her wrist like she was tied down
Clothing: mens trousers and shirts cut and hemmed(badly) to fit her short stature, the sleeves cut, and short boots. She has a belt that is not unlike a tool belt, except it is covered in pouches that she keeps herbs and things in.
Personality: fairly laid back and fun, but has a temper. She has an angry smile, and it looks like the last thing you see before dying
Likes: fire, reading about magics, music and dancing, and flirting with any vaguely humanoid being.
Dislikes: stuffy people, small spaces, and jerks
Talents: staying awake for inhuman lengths of time, getting people to like her, magic, and memorizing inconsequential facts
Other: gets so excited or absorbed in things she forgets to eat. she never sleeps because of nightmares. Was held captive for a year by a man who wanted to use her as a magic generator basically, and she hasnt had a full nights sleep since
this one, right?


Name: Alexia Frost
Gender: Female
Powers: Ice, water, snow, anything like that. She's pretty powerful and there are a few rumors about her being able to control a person because of the water in their body (But they aren't true…or are they? :3)
Appearance: She has very pale skin and electric blue eyes along with long straight hair that is pure white. Her nose is long and thin and her lips are a soft pink. She is 5'7" and very lean with long fingers and limbs.
Clothing: but a little lighter colored
Personality: She can be loud when she wants easily commanding a room full of people when she wants. She is clever and is not the most kind of people. Her feelings are usually hidden and if she likes someone she'll usually say something along the lines of 'You're an idiot'. her temper is short and she can easily get frustrated. More TBD
Likes: Singing, riding her horse Snowball, the winter, snowball fights, sledding, sleeping
Dislikes: Hot weather, people who lie constantly, fire,
Talents: Surprisingly she's good at juggling, and is a decent cook when she wants to be. She's excellent with daggers and small knives and if she's in a fight they are her weapon of choice.
Other: Her father is quite a cruel man and Alexia hates him, her mother was originally a captive from another country and she was forced to marry him though she hates every day of it. She has one brother that is a general in the King's army and his coronation is in a few years.
Reason for coming to Auselian: Her mother offered it to her and she gladly accepted, she doesn't know the prince
(Will she work?)