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(May I ask what this is for before I join?)

@Avhira-The-Eldritch-Horror group

Name: Vespidae
Age: 17
Personality: at first comes of as mean and standoffish (like Maud from acception) but is really sweet, and very protective
Appearance (can use pictures): I don't have a photo right now, but she's kinda chubby and short, with wings and a stinger. She's a wasp hybrid. Her eyes are black with very slightly lighter pupils. Her hair is yellow with two black streaks, and her skin is a dark tan. No feet, just legs. She does have hands though. And antennae.
Disabilities/Accommodations (do they have a service dog, insulin pump, etc): she has cocler implants (a type of hearing aid, I can't spell)
Clothing style: likes large sweaters and hoodies, with shorts.
Grade: junior, so… 11th grade
Important NPCs: Stellalune- a moth hybrid, and Sylvya- a spider hybrid, her friends.

@V01DtheFae group

Name: Avery Lauren’s
Age: 19
Personality: withdrawn and shy. She doesn’t like people very much but when she is working she has energy. She really connects to teens and younger children. She usually isn’t very talkative but she loves to sing and dance.
Appearance (can use pictures):

  • Facial features - smooth nose with a strong jaw and freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks. Wide set eyes with thick lashes, well kept eyebrows, full Cupid’s bow lips.
  • Eye color - quicksilver with bits of slate grey
  • Hair - raven black
  • Tattoos and body mods - they had surgery to make their ears pointed, elongated canines, three piercings on their lower ear, their helix, tragus, daith, and forward helix pierced, split tongue with both sides pierced, snake bites and a bull ring, her belly button is pierced too. She has tattoos as well. Some of them are from fandoms she really likes.
    Disabilities/Accommodations (do they have a service dog, insulin pump, etc): emotional support cat for her social anxiety. Dogs are too loud for her but she still thinks they are cute. The cat is named Skrunkly
    Clothing style: anything comfy. Usually a form fitting longsleeve with arm warmers and a cardigan along with a mask, cargo pants and some doc martens. Either that or overall shorts on top of a hellfire club shirt and either leggings or fishnets with a beanie and some doc martens or converse plus stacked bracelets.
    Grade: College Freshman (tutors as the local high school)
    Important NPCs: n/a

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

(What noooo, I'm not doing a witch vamp character again. Noooooo wayyyyy. Def not a Mary Sue. Nahhh. No wayyyy)

Name: Desdemona (des)
Age: 16
Gender/pronouns: Female. She/her fae/fir
Personality: looks a bit off putting and scary but is very bubbly and silly!!
Appearance (can use pictures): pale skin and jet black hair, they look like they were ment to be a vampire. She's quite tall and makes herself taller with big goth platform boots. She has brown eyes but wears red contacts. ( (sorry it's a picrew I suck at drawing)

Disabilities/Accommodations (do they have a service dog, insulin pump, etc): I don't know if this counts but they have a cat familiar to help her find stuff to drink (rats and other small critters)
Clothing style: Scene bordering on goth. She loves big shoes and bigger hair. Clunky jewelry. She also wears a vial of blood around her neck. (Fae says it's real but it's just prop blood).
Grade: 10th
Important NPCs: Salem, their cat familiar. Beth, her best friend. Jess, her current girlfriend.