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Sooo what if we all picked a character that’s about high school age and we put them all in one high school together? I’m new to this, this is most likely a horrible idea but if not, I’d enjoy RPing.


Character form:

Appearance (can use pictures):
Disabilities/Accommodations (do they have a service dog, insulin pump, etc):
Clothing style:
Important NPCs:

Have fun!


Name: Zelda H
Age: 17
Personality: sweet but can be slightly standoffish. Loves researching both native fauna/flora and technology. Always seen trying to figure out how some mechanical thing works. Enjoys kids but finds them kind of loud. Gets extremely pissed if you mention Autism $peaks (that part totally isn’t projection). A bit scared of her father.
Appearance: blonde hair with a braided crown hairstyle, green eyes. 5’9.
Disabilities/Accommodations: Autistic. She has permission to listen to music in class. Ear defenders, chewelry, and a service dog. Name ideas for the doggo welcome!
Clothing Style: likes cool colors. Cute but only can wear certain fabrics because of the way they feel/sound when they rub up against themselves. (That last bit totally wasn’t projection either!)
Grade: 12th grade
Important NPCs: Link, her queer platonic partner (she/her). Purah and Impa, her equally nerdy best friends (both she/her).