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(Why is that important to the rp? XD Anyways, dramatic start time! :D)

It was an average summer night. The sky was clear, stars shining brightly with nothing to cover them. The atmosphere was calm and welcoming as the night continued. It was mostly quiet, though the silence was occasionally broken . At first, it was barely noticeable, unclear what it was, but upon further inspection, it almost seemed to be the sound of someone crying.

It was just that. Someone was crying, sitting on the grass and staring up at the night sky. It was unclear what was wrong, as it was such a calm, happy night, aside from the one person alone and crying. They'd occasionally look at the sky, almost as if it calmed them, but then they'd return to crying.

"She left me…" they muttered. "And now I'm alone…"

(As, honestly, it's oddly entertaining to start these with a plot like this. It creates drama. Now time for Shuichi to interact with Kaito)


Kaito heard the comment, immediately recognizing the voice as Shuichi's. He immediately calmed himself as he realized that his best friend was nearby. Back when they were in high school, he was known to be really energetic and optimistic, and he wanted to keep that front up, so he immediately put on a smile.

"Oh, hey, Shuichi!" he said after a moment, trying to sound cheerful, though it was obvious that he had been crying.


Kaito shook his head in response to the comment. "Shuichi, I'm honestly fine," he attempted to assure the other, putting more effort into sounding okay to no avail. "Just stargazing like I always do."


"I mean…the stargazing part is the truth…" Kaito sighed softly. "I just… How would you feel if you knew that I'm not always optimistic and cheerful…?"


"Never…?" Kaito asked, wanting confirmation. "The person I love just left me… Well…she left me a few days ago, but who cares…? I've been a mess since…"