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(Let's just have Kokichi show up to school drunk for some reason- He would-)

Rantaro sighed softly as he sat in class, waiting for Kokichi to arrive. He had something that he wanted to ask the other, although he wondered about how the other would respond. Regardless, he was going to ask him whenever he saw him. At the time, though, it seemed like he wouldn't be showing up at all since the school day was only a couple of minutes away from beginning and he had yet to arrive. Usually he was there by that point and causing some sort of chaos if they weren't chatting with each other.

Eventually, he decided that he would give Kokichi until the school day started to ask him about where he was at the time. Hopefully he would show up in the next few minutes, as he wanted to talk to him. Besides, he considered the other to be one of his closest friends, so he enjoyed hanging out with the other. While he didn't admit it, he did worry about the other at times, and this was one of them. He secretly really hoped that the other was okay.


The sight was rather concerning to Rantaro, although he kept himself calm as he approached the other. His behavior itself was strange since he arrived later than usual, but the fact that he stumbled in suddenly with fresh bruises was only more concerning. Of course, he had no idea what was going on, but he was determined to figure out. His original plans could wait when there was clearly something wrong.

"Kichi, what happened?" he asked softly as he gently placed his hand on the other's shoulder. "Seriously, whatever it is, you can tell me. Just be honest, alright?"


Rantaro sighed as he heard the response. A feeling of anger went through him as he heard that Miu decided to fight with Kokichi, although it was quickly replaced by concern when he heard that Kokichi had been drinking. With how he was behaving, he certainly had more than just one drink. While he was usually pretty calm and chill, and he would have done the same in the past, he was different now. After a few bad experiences, he decided to stop, and it bothered him to see someone he cared about going down the same path that he did for a while.

"Okay, one, I'll talk to Miu later. Two, you definitely had more than just one drink; I can tell from your behavior and speech…" he stated. "I'll deal with the fact that you shouldn't be drinking later. Right now, I'm just going to take you home…"


Rantaro shook his head. There was no way that he would let his best friend go to school when he was definitely drunk. He cared a lot about the other, so he didn't want anything bad to happen to him. Even if he had to carry him out of class, he would do whatever it would take to fix the current issue at hand. From his own bad experiences, he truly did hate to see that this was happening.

"No, you're not going to school when you're drunk," he responded. "I'm taking you home. We'll just spend the day together, and I'm not going to leave your side. One, I can't have you doing anything stupid, and two, I care about you. I would like to know the truth about your drinking, but it's fine. I'm helping you either way. You're still my best friend, and you always will be."


Rantaro led Kokichi out of class and back to his dorm, although the walk there was almost completely silent. There wasn't much for either of them to say to each other. The main thing on Rantaro's mind was just making sure that Kokichi was going to be alright, that nothing bad was going to happen to him and that he didn't cause any issues. He cared a lot about his best friend.

Once they arrived at the dorm, Rantaro sighed softly. He wasn't sure what the other was going to be like, but he was prepared for anything. As long as he could help his best friend, he was going to. Everyone found him easy to talk to, so he was typically determined to help. He was there for anyone, but especially his best friend. No matter what was going on, he was going to help Kokichi.

"Alright, now that we're home, I do need you to explain something, alright?" he asked softly as he sat down on the bed. "Please tell me what made you do this. I doubt it was just the fight with Miu. What's going on in your life, Kichi? You know you can tell me… I just want to help."


The comment was certainly a lot for Rantaro to process. He had no idea why anyone was trying to plot Kokichi's death, or why they would choose that method precisely. It didn't even make sense. As for the situation with Kaito, he had no idea that Kokichi was even dating him to begin with, let alone that he had cheated. That was certainly out of nowhere.

"Okay, one, who is planning your death and why?" he asked after a moment. "And you were dating Kaito? He never said anything about the relationship, and you never said anything, either…" he sighed softly. "Look, just tell me who's planning your death so I can talk to them. I'll probably talk to Kaito as well, see what happened between you two. It's gonna be alright, though."


“ no one knew because I haven't come out yet!” kokichi said and started to pace “and I don't know who it is! I keep getting letters under my dorm door and I'm scared taro! I don't wanna die!”


Rantaro nodded in response to the comment before he stood up and wrapped Kokichi in a tight hug. It was obvious that the other was scared of dying, although it remained unclear who was trying to kill him in the first place. Whatever was going on, it was definitely a cause for concern. Sure, Kokichi could be chaotic and annoying, but why would anyone go as far as threatening to kill him? That was just wrong.

"Well. that makes sense, but again, I'm gonna talk to him. Maybe he knows something about the notes," he responded. "Seeing as one of Kaito's friends absolutely despises you, it's very possible that he knows. If not, I'll ask Shuichi for help. He's the Ultimate Detective, so if anyone can solve this, it's him. I'm sure that it'll be alright, though. I'm gonna protect you."


Rantaro shook his head. There was absolutely no reason for the other to be apologizing. Nothing that was going on was his fault, and he had done absolutely nothing wrong, or at least in his mind. There was nothing that the other needed to apologize for. Nothing that happened was his fault, and he didn't deserve any of it at all. On top of that, he wasn't bothering Rantaro, so he didn't find it necessary to apologize for that, either.

"Hey, don't be sorry…" he said softly as he began to run his fingers through Kokichi's hair. "You did nothing wrong, alright? Whatever you're apologizing for, it's not your fault. I'm going to figure this out, alright? I'll figure out what happened, with Shuichi's help if needed, and it's going to get better. No need to worry. You are going to be alright, I promise."


Rantaro sighed softly and laid Kokichi down on the bed. He was going to make sure that the other fell asleep, and then he was going to find Kaito and talk to him about everything from the cheating to the notes with death threats. He just wanted to find some answers and protect Kokichi from everything that was going on, no matter what would happen.

"Alright, just sleep, okay?" he requested softly. "I'll handle the rest. Just sleep, okay?"


Rantaro nodded in response to the question and laid down next to Kokichi. Then he wrapped his arms around the other and held him close. As long as the other was comfortable and calming down, then things would be fine. All he wanted to do was make sure that the other was calm and okay. Then he could focus on other things.

"Of course. I wasn't sure if you were okay with that, but since you are, of course I'll cuddle with you," he whispered softly. "Just try to sleep, alright? I'm here…"


Rantaro continued to hold the other close to him while occasionally whispering reassurances to him. All he wanted was for the other to get some sleep. Then he would work everything else out. He was determined to put an end to death threats and get Kokichi to be happy again. No matter how difficult it would be, he was going to do so. He would do anything for his best friend if it meant that he wouldn't suffer.


Once Kaito came inside, Rantaro got up. He didn't want to have a conversation about everything in the same room just in case it turned into an argument. He didn't want to disturb Kokichi's sleep when he clearly needed it. All he hoped was that things could be easily resolved. It was already strange that Kaito stopped by to begin with, so they needed to talk.

"Let's take this into the hallway," he sighed softly before walking out into the hall with Kaito. "Alright, what are you doing? Kokichi said that you cheated on him. You seem to be a very loyal person, so what happened?"