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Rantaro was waiting for Kiibo, as he wanted to talk to his boyfriend before class. He sighed softly as he checked his phone, noticing that the other was running late, which was an unusual occurrence for him.

"Where is he?" he asked softly. "He should be here by now… I'll text him."

Hey, where are you?


I'll be there in a few.

After he sent the text, he rushed towards the lab. Once he saw Kiibo, he waved, hoping that the other would remember him.

"Remember me now?" he asked softly.


"You…don't, huh…?" Rantaro sighed. "I guess it's easy to forget a huge thing about you, though… Well, if you wanna chat, I'll reintroduce myself. I'm Rantaro Amami."


"Your name is Kiibo… I'm not sure who reset you…but I'm not happy with them…" Rantaro sighed. "You're my boyfriend. We've been dating for two years… Something has to ring a bell…"

(Something needs to set Kiibo into violent mode)


(I'm not sure yet, either. Maybe it wasn't added to his system yet but it will activate once he remembers Rantaro? Like, there will be the momentary relief of Kiibo remembering him, and then Kiibo's just mad at him for no reason?)

"You…have to remember something then!" Rantaro stated, coming to a realization. "I'll show you everything I have of us, give you our story. If that works…then I'll have my boyfriend back before school starts!"


Rantaro immediately started showing Kiibo all of the pictures they had taken together, explaining each of those memories from the day they met to the current day, hoping that it'd somehow bring back the other's memories.