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(They fell asleep and woke up in a strange new place!?!? Woaaahhhh never before seen all new concept!!!!!)

Bright light. That was the first thing Artemis noticed as they woke up, simply curling on themselves and draping one of their wings over their body to block out the light. They grumbled a bit to themselves, it really wasn’t fair that they were still so sensitive to light, even though they couldn’t see anything else.

But that wasn’t the biggest issue, they realized, as they noticed that instead of their mattress, they were lying in the grass. When did that happen? They moved their hand up to cover their eyes, sitting up and feeling around with the other hand. Just grass. They tensed up quickly; this wasn’t home. It felt too unfamiliar. Too… wrong. But clearly, they weren’t back in Apathy, which they guessed was a good thing.

“Mmmmmhhh… Hello?” Artemis called out, a bit quieter than they intended. They fluttered their wings slightly, hoping they at least weren’t alone.


Helios anxiously watched the small figure that he had assumed to be Artemis, still blinking the blurriness away from his vision. It was strange, not too long ago he was sound asleep and now he was… far away from home, surely. He quickly stood up and shook his head, walking towards Artemis.

Artemis hadn’t given much of a response to Helios approaching, which he assumed was partially due to the light bothering them. He attempted to reach for the spare blindfold he normally had in his pocket, but then remembered he didn’t have access to that pocket at the moment. Normally, waking up in a brand new place isn’t something you plan for before sleeping. Helios sighed, and simply knelt down next to Artemis instead.

Just as he was about to say something, Helios heard footsteps rapidly approaching the two from behind. He turned around to see what it was, only to see Atlas running towards them, looking quite frazzled. Helios narrowed his eyes slightly. If they were going to end up in some unknown location, it would have at least been nice to earn a break from Atlas for a little while.

Atlas stopped a foot or two away from Helios and Artemis, clutching his trident in one hand, presumably as a sort of comfort. “Uh, guys? Where the fuck are we?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Helios said, before turning back to Artemis. “Atlas, you wouldn’t happen to have a spare blindfold for Artemis, would you? The light’s bothering them.”

Atlas blinked. “We’re all trapped in this place that’s most certainly not our home, and you’re worried about Artemis being upset by the sunlight?” He asked, a hint of annoyance in his tone.

“May I remind you that you’re the one who blinded them,” Helios deadpanned. He gave Atlas a pointed look, then looked around a bit more. They seemed to be in a park, with a few trees scattered here and there.

What really intrigued Helios was that there were three other people, all beneath one of the trees, not too far away from Artemis, Helios, and Atlas. Helios didn’t remember any other people being in the Headspace. But now wasn’t the time to worry about that, maybe those people could be helpful.

Meanwhile, Artemis had resorted to wrapping their wings around themselves, hoping to block the light in any way. Thankfully, it worked a little, but Artemis still felt overwhelmed. They reached in the direction they had heard Helios’s voice, and was grateful to feel Helios place a hand on their back in a comforting gesture.

“Atlas, could you go talk to those people over there?” Helios asked, jerking his head in the direction of the unfamiliar trio. “They might be helpful.”

Atlas glared at Helios. “Why can’t you do it?”

Helios glared back at Atlas. ”I’m a little busy. For the love of Harmonia, just stop being difficult this one time.”

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Heart sighed as she leaned against the hard tree trunk. It was a Maple, if she remembered correctly. The leaves were beautiful and green, and so was the rest of the park. It was something she’d never get to see again. Regardless it was nice to spend some quality time with Mind and Soul, even though Mind did have his complaints about sitting on the grass. That was an easy fix though, they all just opted to bring a blanket along to sit on. She didn’t really understand his problem with a little dirt, but she figured it was better not to ask.

The conversation the three of them were in had fizzled out a short while ago, and they’d simply been enjoying the natural sounds of the park from Whole’s hometown. Heart was starting to get a little bored, though. She figured that maybe she could work on a new dream to pass the time. Summoning the glowing strings with little effort, she began weaving them between her fingers. It was almost therapeutic, in a way.

Next to Heart, Mind tilted his head down to watch her. He was sitting between her and Soul, and he’d been still for quite some time now since Soul had decided to use his shoulder as a headrest to nap on. “What’s the story for this one?” Mind’s synthetic voice crackled at the start of his sentence, leading Soul to wake up abruptly and glare at him. Mind decided to ignore it.

Heart was a little surprised herself at the question. “Oh- uh. . I’m not sure yet. But I hope it turns out okay.”

Mind tilted his head. He knew that working with dreams was usually erratic, but Heart was alright at it. “Most likely. I wouldn’t worry about it so-“

Soul interrupted Mind before he could finish, leaning forward to look past Mind and at Heart. “You only have to worry about it if Mind doesn’t do his fuckin job, ya know. Good thing you two are getting along again, because having to deal with a fever dream is wild.”

“I think we should be insulted by that,” Mind jabbed back at Soul.

“Yeah, whatever- wait, what the fuck. . ?” Soul trailed off. He was looking ahead now, completely confused. Mind shifted his gaze to the same place as Soul’s, and he quickly understood why Soul had such a sudden change in demeanor. There were three, unfamiliar people that had just appeared out of nowhere. Mind’s eyes narrowed as he looked at them. Who were they?

Heart quickly noticed the change between Mind and Soul. The threads she was weaving between her fingers slowly faded and disappeared. And of course, she couldn’t see, so she had to ask what was happening. “What is it?”

“Visitors,” Soul whispered. He strained to hear what they were saying, and he could have sworn he heard “Atlas and Artemis” thrown around in there. So either these new people were talking about the three of them, or those were their names, which was a whole lot more confusing.

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Atlas glanced over at the trio under the tree, tilting his head. He hadn’t really planned on talking to any random people, and especially not in a situation like this, but he would be stupid to assume anything would go as planned. So, he rolled his eyes and, reluctantly, walked towards the trio.

Helios watched Atlas as he left, letting out a soft huff that sounded more like harsh static. Artemis flinched slightly, and Helios mumbled an apology as he absentmindedly combed through Artemis’s hair with his fingers, noting that it was a lot healthier. At least they were taking care of themselves. He glanced up at the sky and shifted his position, sitting in a way that would block the sun from Artemis.


The only response Helios got was a very quiet noise, that Helios assumed meant ‘yes.’ He nodded slightly, despite Artemis’s inability to see it, and just sat cross-legged in that spot, switching between watching Atlas and checking on Artemis.

Meanwhile Atlas, trident still in hand, was still headed towards the other three. As soon as he was sure he’d be heard by the three random people, he cleared his throat slightly and called out towards them.

“Hey! You three!” He paused for a moment, his grip tightening on his trident. He really didn’t want to be here. Wherever here was… He sighed, then continued. “Do you have any idea where the fuck we are?” He gestured vaguely, looking around a bit. “Because me and my siblings just… randomly showed up here. And I don’t know how.”

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Soul stood up when he realized that one of the new people was coming towards them, and holding a trident no less. The fuck? “Stay here. Unless this person attacks me, then uh. You know.” Soul stuck his arm out, summoning his own trident. It materialized sleek and bronze, resting easily in his hand. He then glanced at Mind, who gave him only a small nod. That was all he needed to see before he walked up to the approaching person.

“Of course I know where the fuck we are. And I know you three aren’t a part of here either. . .” Soul stared at the other person curiously. He had the same darker half that Soul himself did sometimes, and of course his own trident. It was like a shitty cosplay, Soul thought. “Who are you?”

Behind Soul, Mind was more focused on the two who stayed behind. The other one said siblings—and it made sense, they all looked similar enough and seemed like they knew each other well.

Though he had to wonder, why were they here? They aren’t a part of any memories that Mind had seen, and they didn’t belong in this one. Of course, neither did Heart, Soul, or himself in reality. Curious.

Heart tapped Mind’s shoulder a couple times. “What’s happening?” She was nervous, what did Soul mean by any of that? And the unfamiliar voice didn’t help either.

Mind responded quickly, not bothering to take his eyes off of the newcomers. “Three new people are here. Soul is talking to one of them now.”

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Atlas placed his free hand on his hip, almost leaning on his trident. He seemed to be glaring at the person in front of him, and he may or may not have meant to do that. He was also just tired. Which wasn’t new, but it still wasn’t pleasant. He narrowed his eyes.

He noticed the other’s trident, and held his own closer to him in an almost defensive manner. His one brown eye now glowed a dull red as he watched the stranger warily, not really seeming to understand that he had basically provoked him first. Harmonia, he wished he had Darrell right now.

“…I’m Atlas. Who are you?

Helios stared at Atlas, shaking his head about how aggressive the other third was being. He almost wished he had gone instead of Atlas, but immediately pushed that thought away. That would mean leaving Artemis, with Atlas, and he wasn’t sure if he could ever do that again.

Artemis slowly moved their wings aside, taking a while to let themselves adjust to the light. They turned in Helios’s general direction, furrowing their brows in confusion.

“Sun..? Where are we?”

Helios glanced at Artemis, blinking in confusion before answering. “I’m… not sure. That’s what Atlas is trying to find out now.”

Artemis simply muttered something in acknowledgment, then shifted a bit closer to Helios, hugging their knees to their chest and resting their chin on their knees. They fluttered their wings and let out a soft trill, moving one of their wings to block the light again.

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Mind glared at Atlas. It seemed that Soul provoked him in some way judging by his shift in demeanor. Mind was prepared to settle a dispute if needed, but he’d much rather not get in the way of two tridents being thrown around. And Heart, dare he say it, would be better at that anyway.

I’m Atl-“ Soul paused abruptly. This Atlas was a little aggressive for his taste right now. “You know what, nevermind. Just call me Soul. The two behind me are Heart and Mind. And before you start attacking, I’m not looking for a fight. I’m just being cautious is all.” He even pointed his own trident away from Atlas to prove his point. Hell, if anyone should be acting defensive right now, it should be Soul. This is his home, after all.

Heart shifted forward in her spot, her pointed ears turning to try and hear the conversations better. She could clearly hear Soul and Atlas talking, and she was relieved that Soul was taking this calmly. But she was more interested in hearing the other two talking, since they were much further away. She even considered going up to them and talking to them herself.

“I wonder why he’s called Atlas. . .”

Mind looked at Heart for a second. “Because that’s his name. It’s just a coincidence, unless the other two share our names.”

Heart tilted her head. “I have a feeling we’ll find out soon. But I’m concerned- what would that mean for Whole? He’s gone through enough.”

“Hopefully nothing.”

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Atlas narrowed his eyes at Soul, then glanced behind him at Heart and Mind. He found it a bit unsettling that they all shared those common names, despite being completely different in every other way. “That’s weird,” he mumbled, before shrugging and gesturing towards Artemis and Helios with his trident, ignoring the glare it earned him from Helios.

“Well, those two are my siblings, Artemis and Helios.” He paused. “Like I said, we’re lost as fuck, and we have no clue what to do to get back to our Headspace. But at this point, I have a feeling your guess might be as good as mine.”

Helios looked up and noticed Atlas gesturing towards him and Artemis, only giving a small nod in response before looking back towards Artemis, who was now relatively well adjusted to the light and had their wings folded on their back again, continuing to ask Helios questions as he listened and answered carefully.

@Morals-are-for-mortals language

Soul looked between Atlas, to Helios and Artemis in the background. “Uh, yeah. Probably. Headspaces. . .” Soul just assumed that meant their version of the memories and home. But that didn’t make sense, how did they get into this one?

“Well questions aside, you’re here now. So. . . welcome?” Soul rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. He wasn’t very sure what to do now, and in the back of his mind he was mostly concerned about the Whole in all this. Hopefully this wouldn’t have much of an effect, and the new arrivals would leave on their own soon enough. But right now the best he and the others could do is make them feel welcome. Oh, that was the other problem. Heart and Mind—mostly Mind—actually being nice. Ugh.

To Heart, it sounded like everything was pretty calm now. Her curiosity was taking over as well, so she figured this would be a good time to meet the newcomers herself. She stood up with a little help from the tree to stabilize herself, and then started walking towards Soul’s voice. Mind stood up himself when he realized what she was doing, but hesitated to follow. He wasn’t nearly as eager to meet these people as her.

Heart squinted as she left the shade of the tree, the brightness of the sun completely illuminating her vision. She did her best to shield her eyes, even though she couldn’t see anything more than blobs of color with her vision. It was a little annoying, but she was used to it.

Soul could hear Heart’s footsteps from behind him. He turned to look at her and raised his eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. He thought he had told the two of them to stay where they were.