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Shut up my brain go BRRRRRR

Fraser: builds farms and provides food for the others. Always rationing supplies and kills people if they use to many of their diamonds. Probably has that basic Siamese cat skin.

Herbert: does all the forging for Fraser. Farms Zombies for carrots. His biggest achievement was when he found a pumpkin patch and brought it home of Fraser. Has a clout-chaser Steve skin.

Gorden: has never played this game before. He doesn't completely understand what WASD means, he thinks it's an in game item. Doesn't know how to jump, dies to a skeleton immediately because he can't find it, and even if he did he wouldn't be able to kill it. Has a basic Steve skin.

Jude: resident miner. Finds all the ores and special blocks for the team. Hardly ever at the main house, always stuck in a mine shaft somewhere. Finds the strong hold by accident, he thought it was a spawner. Has a Naruto skin.

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Negative(builds a nether and ender portal in the first 20 minutes into survival): Challenge? None.

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Valorie: -has never played Minecraft before and asks Bailey for help-
Bailey: -acts like he's helping Valorie but in reality he's just making excuses so he can grief her-

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Felix: Immediately starts building an elaborate house, only getting the supplies necessary to do so, but dies of hunger halfway through building. Everyone but Em types L in the chat immediately after, resulting in Felix rage quitting for 15 minutes to go drink some vodka. He made his own skin, which looks like him.

Jarrod: Builds big farms and automates them with redstone, but still makes the circuitry look pretty. He goes on mining sprees only when he is in desperate need of supplies, often resorts to using stone pickaxes because he's busy farming. His skin is a clown skin because Felix changed it to that after complaining about the default skin, and he hasn't bothered to change it to anything else.

Mel: Mined for 12 hours straight, now does nothing but farm wither skeletons, and afterwards, wither bosses. She beat the enderdragon by herself after her mining season, defeating it in like 5 minutes after getting to the end. She's the only one with elytra. She has a minecraft gf skin.

Austin: Is a few thousand blocks away from everyone else, hasn't reset his spawn point, and he's in the nether. He has a bucket, a block of hay, an iron pick and a stone axe. He builds a nether portal wherever he is to get iron and food before disappearing back into the nether. The others think he has a home base somewhere with loads of diamonds and other loot that he got from nether fortresses. He has a reward for if someone kills him in his inventory at all times, but nobody has gotten it so far. He still has the default Steve skin.

Em: Spends her time breeding foxes, wolves and cats. Felix once hit a dog while joking and was killed 3 seconds later by her massive pack of dogs. Em did nothing to stop them from doing so. She has a dog skin.

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Time for some uhhh RARVAREROGYB but on a ✨hardcore✨ server

Luis: A farmer. Plants seeds and breeds animals, has an illegal leather farm that no one's allowed to ask about. Does under the table wool deals for melon seeds. has an elvis presley skin and will not change it.

Emilio: The miner. Doesn't believe in coal, uses reusable lava buckets. Refuses to use a blast furnace, no matter how many times you explain to him it's quicker. Also, doesn't share his resources. Has a tigger skin

Kenzo: Does nothing. Literally does jack shit. Just jumps around and build penises. Sometimes tries to help the others but loses interest so quick it's not funny. A leach, a looter, and all-around a slippery guy. Has Incineroar bread with Incineroar spread skin.

Elias: Dies immediately. Alastor beats him to death with his little blocky hands and he's kicked from the server, didn't even leave spawn. Had a pooh bear skin to match Emilio

Seth: Brought on to replace Elias. Everyone except Luis dislikes him. He does lots of building, only to have it burnt down by Emilio. Also has a pooh bear skin, which just adds fuel to the fire.

Alastor: Monster. Quite literally a terrorist. Does everything in his power to kill each and every member of the server. As far as he's concerned, it's last man standing. His skin's probably something edgey like murderer steve

Ethan: Housewife. Stays at home and looks after the pets. also a bit of a builder, he likes to build gardens and various simple redstone contraptions. Doesn't provide much, but keeps the area pretty. has a marty mcfly skin

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Ezra: Hoards everything, saying he 'might need it later', only to never use it. Tries to build a big mansion, but it always goes wrong somehow, either she gives up, gets distracted, or someone destroys it, has a bat skin

Birdie: Has a pack of baby slimes following her at any given moment, lives in a tent in a swamp with her slime children, has a slime skin

Fortune: Builds a library immediately, collects enchanted books and enchants people's stuff for free, has a king skin

Sylvie: Just- keeps dying, manages to build a little ocean base with some axolotls and doesn't really leave, has an axolotl skin

Daisy: Lives in a flower forest and builds cute cottages and farms, also has a minecart track to Sylvie's house so she can visit her, has a cute skin with a lot of flowers

Mycie: Does redstone in a Mushroom biome and vibes, maybe sometimes helps people with gathering resources and is always willing to let someone in their home, has a mushroom-themed skin

Puppet: Lives in the nether and blows things up, somehow has a bunch of Netherite gear from this even though they're probably the stupidest one, has a magma cube skin

Beetle: Tries to eat everything, dies, repeats, doesn't have a house and is constantly barraged by phantoms, doesn't bother changing his skin

Gloria: Finds a secluded dark oak forest and builds a mansion, then is never seen again, has a pretty goth-looking skin

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gonna do every single variation of griffin lmao

Press Start Griff (streamer)- jack of all trades, pretty much great at everything. except wither skeletons. screw the wither skeletons. Always makes ravine bases or stronghold bases.

Favorite log type: Spruce logs, Dark Oak planks
Favorite mob: Parrots or Bees
Favorite biome (overworld): Jungle
Favorite biome (nether): Crimson forest
Favorite structure: Bastion (Treasure room or Housing Unit)
Most active world name: "Feet Juices" (It was a sub goal)
Skin: E-boy with a yellow sweatshirt and grey sweats

Lockdown Griff- combat, combat, and more combat. he often forgets to… eat… (IN MC)

Favorite log type: Oak
Favorite mob: Magma Cube
Favorite biome (overworld): Dark Oak Forest
Favorite biome (nether): Soul Sand Valley (ik, hes crazy)
Favorite structure: stronghold
Most active world name: "New World" (never bothers to change it)
Skin: Steve

Brutal Griff- lots of building and farming

Favorite log type: Spruce
Favorite mob: Bees or Mooshrooms
Favorite biome (overworld): flower fields
Favorite biome (nether): nether wastes
Favorite structure: Haunted mansion
Most active world name: C O C A I N E! (Was probably high at the time)
Skin: Usually a meme, but it changes a lot

Burn The House Down Griff- Redstone, Building, Trolling, and Becoming OP are his main priorities

Favorite log type: Jungle
Favorite mob: Cows (Tommy always names them)
Favorite biome (overworld): Dark Oak Forest
Favorite biome (nether): doesnt have a favorite, loves them all
Favorite structure: End cities or bastions
Most active world name: SEASON 2 [BETTER THAN PHIL!] (He and phil have been competing for "longest alive in hardcore" for years. Griff won, but still flexes lmao)
Skin: Typically a aesthetic e-boy skin, but sometimes changes to textures for trolling

whew! there we go! the big 4 griffins!


Byleth: would absolutely live in the Nether. When playing with other people, he’d be the kind of jerk to dump lava on everyone’s stuff and trap AFK players then be like, “wasn’t me lol.”

Azhael: would build a huge quartz castle in the sky, then spend the rest of his time flying around with an elytra and exploring or observing other players.


Aqi would spend days making this pixel perfect max render distance palace of all the "good" blocks, quartz, diamond, gold and glowstone. Fill all the rooms with double chests of food and diamond gear and invite hundreds of people to the server, then it would crash from the net load.

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Daralin: resides in the End and spends all his time trying to find out how to tame the Dragon. Is fully kitted out with all the goods (netherite, enchantments, massive farms).
Enid: has a 5x6 oak plank house that she is immensely proud of. Spends her days dyeing sheep and running around in dyed leather armor because she can't get over the fact that she has a special looking hat.
Kirae: lives in a village, built a wall around the village trying to protect the villagers, spawns in a ton of iron golems and causes lag
Charvor: the redstone genius. Will build a massive blackstone tower to prove his dominance and then set up a complex circuit to TNT everyone else's stuff
Quarien: is the one that sets off Charvor's TNT and dies in the process like an idiot lmao
Landor: lives in a roofed forest all by himself 4000 blocks away from spawn with his six cats, all different breeds.

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this is long but oh well

Adalynn: Base Master. Runs the base and keeps resource inventory. Always has food on her, at all times. Scared to go to the Nether and doesn't normally fight monsters but if one is near her farm all hell will break loose. Very protective of her rainbow sheep flock.

Seth: The team's Designated Monster Hunter. He's really good at it and loves it a lil too much, according to Adalynn. Almost never at home base but eeeevery once in a while he'll randomly spawn back in and scare Ivy. He usually spams the chat when he dies. Has supply stashes literally all over with redstone traps (curtesy of Andrew) so Sandra can't steal his stuff.

Sandra: Sniper. She's great with a bow and constantly yells at the skeletons. Also consistently tries to troll Seth by ambushing him or stealing his stuff. Usually backfires, once she logged in to find all her gear replaced with wool to look like the troll face. Nether Expert.

Owen: Lives in the village near the team base. Rich af from trade, but is always willing to share in his ✨ W E A L T H ✨. Loves helping Adalynn and Ivy around the base. Surprisingly good at combat, would probably make the killing blow in the Ender Dragon fight.

Andrew: Jack-of-all-trades, except he is scared to death of Endermen. Also literally the only team member who can do anything with redstone. Pretty much just does his own thing, but God help the poor monster who crosses Adalynn because they will die i m m e d i a t e l y

Ivy: Loves to go exploring but dies every time in the most mundane ways. She has gotten used to "L in the chat". Eventually she learned and now rarely leaves the base. Has like 4 cats and a dog. LOVES her farm animals. Spends her time making the base ✨ aesthetic ✨

Rose: Team Miner. Literally lives in the caves, her section of the base leads down into her mine that no-one else can even hope to navigate. Hates gold with a passion but gets it anyway because of how many golden apples Seth uses. She added a room for a Nether portal and mines there too. Has the best gear and is rarely seen by the rest except for group projects and when she needs food.

Lester: played once, died immediately, did not play again.

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Nicholas: He would have a mansion he built by himself at 3AM with a lot of complex and unnecessary redstone contraptions. Absolutely terrified of cave noises so he would procrastinate mining until he's dry out of materials. His mc skin is probably some anime character that he is obsessed with.

Aldwyn: Likes to explore a lot, so he has multiple tiny bases all over the world. Is pretty wealthy in materials from all of his adventures, only shares his goods w/ the people he actually trusts. He never bothered to change out of the steve skin

Desmond: Has an big underground base with multiple exits and entrances. They all lead somewhere near other peoples base, so he can troll and grief them (no one has found them yet). Has tamed every cat he found and he is sworn to protect them all. His mc skin would be a rainbow creeper.

Delilah: Loves to build the most ✨aesthetic✨ buildings but hates the part where you have to get everything so she uses a bunch of cheats. Also has a big collection of dyed leather armour that she is really proud of. She would change her mc skin every week

Robyn: Has a fortress build on the top of a mountain so no one could come and bother hem. They are really into enchanting items and brewing potions. They are also the gang's nether expert. Their skin is probably one of the freebies in a skinpack.

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I missed this website :(
anyway, this thread is one of my favourites-

Rose- Grew up playing Roblox, has no clue what's going on. Has the highest dead count on the server, definitely jumps in lava a bit too often. Found diamonds once and immediately lost them in the fiery pits of y12. His worst enemy is skeletons, he just never sees them coming. Has a Roblox Noob skin for the sole purpose of pissing off Zack.

Fraser- A humble farmer. Simply provides for her friends, (mainly berries because she thinks they're cute). Builder as well; loves the old Minecraft style of builds, when wool was the only colourful blocks. If you see a brightly coloured animal made of wool, it was definitely hers. The least problematic- has 0 drama. Has a Strawberry Girl skin.

Zackery- Minecraft kid through and through. Grew up with the game and holds it above everyone's head. Has an unnecessary vendetta against Netherite, hates it more than anything in the game, thinks diamonds are the better option and will not take criticism. Fucks with Rose non-stop, always making little traps for him to fall into. Refuses to call them "Poppies", they're Roses. Has a Dapper Walter skin.

Isla- Animal Lover. Has 18 pets and they all have names, and if you get one wrong you'll never regain your levels. Actually suprisingly really good at PvP, has wiped the floors with Zack more than he's willing to admit. Cottagecore bulids, old abandoned houses and overgrown gardens type. Has a strange obession with Tuxdeo cats, has like 5. Overall well rounded player. Has one of those 2016 Tumblr girl skins.

Michael- local yassifyer. You have a shitty bulid? He'll make it spiffy in no time. Known for his art of manipulating banners and blocks to look like certain real life objects, built a bike outside Frasers ice cream shop and she hasnt shut up about it yet. Prefers interior decoration, but is known to dabble in building exteriors as well. Very talented builder, goes out of his way to help his friends. Has a Cotton Candy Frog skin.

Lila- A miner, only because no one else is. Would much rather be exploring the world, but is left with the task of actually providing resources for the group. Even when she goes out on an adventure, she's always bringing stuff back of the others. Not a moment alone, forever working to please the ever hungry mouth of the other server members. Doesnt get paid. Has a Lilac skin.

Beth- The redstone wiz. Makes elevators and shit, made a working clock once but it broke. Sets up most of the farms aswell, but its mostly her fixing whatever mess Sam made trying to do it himself. Has an affinty for the colour red in general, has two mushrooms that live in her barn (they are lesbian lovers.) Shit at PvP, but can hang with the best of them. Has a redstone guy skin and thinks its hilarious.

Will- self proclaimed "theorist". Hes like one of those guys from the history channel, hes hellbent on figuring out the secrets of the game. Has a normal, unsuspecting house then a weird conspiracy cave hidden behind a bookcase door. Literally counting pixels looking for answers, has watched way to many matpad videos. Has one of those dumbass amazon explorers as a skin.

Sam- Sneaky little guy. Gets wears from villagers and sells them double the price. Definitely sells Isla rabbit stew by gaslighting her into thinking its mushroom stew. Believes he is the funniest person on the server, and he may be correct. Has started to build many farms before reliseing he has no idea what hes doing and ditching the site no soon than he arrived, leaving a massive eyesore that the others have to clean Lives in a little hole like a little goblin. Has a Samoyed skin.