forum Your characters playing a soccer game..... in hell, heaven, wherever. just not a soccer field. or a field.
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@thenetherlands language

Envy - "THE GAME'S NOT OVER UNTIL I WIN, MORTALS!" "WAit- we're NOT supposed to try to kill the other players? Why?"
Thaddeus - rules the game. period.
Crimson - calmly smites the ball
Ashvin - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too into it
Corrin - Why is the ball ROUND? Are balls not squares that roll in tune with the multiverse?

@squiddicus language

Blaze: It's a competitive sport, so she's determined to give it everything she's got. Probably decently good, but ends up crashing into a lot of people in her pursuit of the ball. (If that person's Riyah, she'll apologise profusely. If not, well…) She'd be a striker and definitely the person yelling at her team, telling them where to go. Will run up and down that not-field single-handedly if she thinks she needs to for the sake of the team.
Riyah: Desperately trying to avoid being trampled by marauding teammates. Ended up on the same team as Blaze because Blaze insisted that she needed to look after Riyah. She's fit and she can run, but she doesn't actively go for the ball or try very hard because she's pretty worried about being tackled. After a disaster first half, probably ends up in goal (her Force-sensitivity is definitely a bonus here, and she does pretty well).
Qili: Did not ask to be dragged into some stupid game by 'that idiot Blaze Antilles'. Probably bagsies the other goalie position so she can stand around for 90 minutes thinking of invention ideas, instead of 'having to run around in the cold like a maniac'. When it comes to it, she can save decently. The least invested anyone could possibly be. Genuinely does not give a damn if they win or lose.
Ceryn: Defender. Not the best at sport by any means, but going for it all the same. At first, she's not too interested but gets very invested as time goes on. Absolutely the team's motivator and giving everyone pep talks/positive feedback, much to Qili's amusement/annoyance.
Nova: Her enthusiasm and energy rivals Blaze's. She and her would either be an unstoppable duo on the same team or absolute enemies on opposite sides. (They'd probably incur everyone else's wrath by incessantly flirting.) If she scores, the amount of high pitched screaming would actually be worrying. However, definitely the one to trip over the ball in excitement or attempt some crazy trick shot and fail.
Evaryx: Also did not ask to be dragged into some weird sport. There are precisely 1,132 things she would rather be doing. Spends the entire game muttering about the 'health risks' of playing football in this rain - 'there's a 93%' chance of somebody slipping in the mud in the next sixty seconds, you know'.

I am very sorry. I did not intend to write this much! Oh well - it was a fun scenario to imagine, so thanks!


Anubis (in hell)
boasts about how good he is, but probably just hides in the locker room.

Alexandria Jane (also in hell)
goals: 0
score: 0-0
people with nosebleeds after she kicked the ball at them: 8

came down from heaven to cheer on A.J. and basically be her mother.
"you have to eat the Veggie Straws, they'll help you run faster!"
"losing builds character. I'm so proud of you!"

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Ava: Faked an injury to get benched
Charlie: Pretty good at soccer, helped his team score a win
Lucas: He believed and he tried but he ultimately failed
Jax: An average player, he hardly scores until halfway in
Matthew: Ball hop, will sweep the ball from under your legs with a gentle grin on his face

@bleh eco

Mia: Gets cleated in the face and cheers on her team from the bench
Katrina: Goalie, and very good at it
Natalie: Came to fix Mia's face and then cheer on Katrina

@Mojack group

Lio is most likely confused at the idea of soccer, having no knowledge of it. They will likely understand the concept of soccer quickly. They wouldn’t necessarily be good at getting the goals in soccer…but they’d be a good goalie. Or good if you want to spike the ball into the air or off the playing area. Would probably get sent away for partially shifting into his Mimic form.

, not having the best depth perception, probably gets hit in the face by the ball or at least just hit by the ball. Does not excel at soccer. Probably eats someone after the game. Or during it.

Vojin tries to get his guards/servants/whoever works under him to play the game for him. If that’s not an option, he stands around. Dodging the ball when needed. But he just stands there, doing almost nothing for the team. On occasion, he might try to take control - and give out orders - surprisingly, he’s a good tactician. Of course, that only goes if he even understands soccer (as it does not exist in his world).

Eindra understands soccer and plays it quite well…and normally. Of course, that’s only if she’s on a team with people who work well with her/understand her, and she understands them - and that’s a very short list.

@klueekillz group

(I don't know anything about soccer so I just say random stuff and hope I don't say anything weird..)

Maxine: Puts her whole life in the game, she's really competitive, she plays really well, is the leader
Kumi: Stands there.. just looking, sometimes she moves so other players can get the ball, doesn't know anything about soccer, she got hit with the ball multiple times she says that she's fine and they shouldn't worrie about her.. while she's bleeding and on the ground..