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I'm curious because I like assigning unofficial theme songs to my characters. I always try to be as accurate as possible to them and their story. Sometimes I base my characters off songs. I also kinda just wanna listen to some new music

Here's some of mine (and by some I mean a lot)

Louise: Salt by Eivør - (original) / (english version)
Kado: The Otherside by Wolf Colony -
Ahmik: Bad Blood by Welshly Arms -
Mara: Invincible by All Good Things -
Thana: Soothsayer by Zack Hemsey -
Idana: This Is a Call by Les Friction -
Reign: Home by Amarante -
Orien: Kings by Tribe Society -
Eryx: Flesh and Bone by Black Math -
Kane: Danse Macabre by Delain -
Toril: Battlefield by SVRCINA -
Yara: The Longing by Patty Gurdy -
Keiran: We Have It All by Pim Stones -
Balaza: Snake Eyes by Mumford & Sons -
Miksa: Black Magic by Digital Daggers -
Eligius: Exile Vilify by The National -
Asik: Blood On My Name by The Brothers Bright -


I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS! (Also, I'm not going to link my characters sorrryyyyyy. That's work.)

  • Shanya Merl: The World is Not Enough- Garbage
  • Imari Merl: Silver + Gold- Elliot Moss
  • Holiday Iniss: Black Velvet- Alannah Myles
  • Odelia Raol: Material Girl- Madonna
  • Sawyer Iniss: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid- have no idea
  • Teo Merl: Keep your Head Up- Andy Grammar
  • Beryn Kvoski: Smoke and Mirrors- Imagine Dragons

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One day I'll get around to listening to all of these

But, if you like rock music I highly recommend checking out All Good Things. Everything they do is awesome. The name does not lie

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i have entire playlists for some of these sdfghgfds
Sandy: Malevolence of Morality - Monstrosity
Sherry: Cradles - Sub Urban
Emily: 'Cause I'm a Liar - Mcki Robyns-P
Alex: Waiting For The World To End - Mother Mother


My girl Gigia has a few:
Unfortunate Soul (Kailee Morgue)
Oh My My (Summer Kennedy)
To Noise Making (Sing) (Hozier)
Ballerina (Raffaella)
And then Ryder:
Dirty Imbecile (The Happy Fits)
It's Alright (Mother Mother)
Under My Skin (Jukebox the Ghost)


My characters usually have a few, one fro just them, one for them and another character and so on.
(Here are the ones that are simply their songs)
Harli: King of Carrot Flowers by Neutral Milk Hotel
Lincoln: I'm gonna win by Rob Cantor
The prince: A sadness runs through him by The Hoosiers
Bowen: NERDS by Bo Burnham (Swear warning)
Jace: Body by Jordan Suaste (He's singing it to himself. Jace is kinda messed up)
This is just a few.

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I got crazy characters and crazy music taste so buckle up.

Crefus: ジグソーパズル (Jigsaw Puzzle) by Mafumafu (Fantastic Youth's Cover; its not on youtube)
Hecate: Ribs by The Crane Wives
Wanda: Dreamland by Glass Animals
Knight/ Mage: Fly Me to the Moon by Elton John (Joytastic Sarah Cover)–B2MJbUv-o
Nate: Like Real People Do/ In the Woods Somewhere/ Movement all by Hozier (look it up I aint putting all those links here)
Vincent: Church by Fall Out Boy
Spector: Your Love (Deja Vu) by Glass Animals / Beneath the Mask by the Persona 5 Soundtrack (I could only find the ten hour version lol)
Great Knight: River by Bishop Briggs
Aleza: Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay
Cerin: Wires by The Neighborhood
Lucille: Heart Heart Head by Meg Myers (volume warning; she screams)
Elizabeth: Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez (yikes but it fits; no link fam)
Jessebelle: No Reason by Sum 41(another volume warning; just keep it low when it starts)
Sam: Believer by Imagine Dragons
Hel: Gangplank Galleon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate mix

I wasted, SO MUCH TIME on this. I had to think SO HARD which songs for which characters. I'm supposed to be working. I did it so now you gotta look at it GOOD NIGHT

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Kenna Amaris: Daisy by Ashnikko
Eira Decesare: The Mystic by Adam Jensen
Dimitri Apex: Used to the Darkness by Des Rocs
Tanith Blight: Devil Devil by MILCK
Orlaith Tytrian: Roots by Imagine Dragons
Acyn Kennash: Pluto by Sleeping at Last
Nadia Abano: What The Water Gave Me by Folrence and the Machine
Adeline Winterbourne: Monster by Imagine Dragons
Verena Winterbourne: Madness by Ruelle
Will Decesare: Get Lonley With Me by George Ezra
Nakoa Sunniva: Blood On My Name by The Brothers Bright
Caspian Shor: Black Flies
Gaia Whitewood: Speechless by Naomi Scott
Keres Bloodworth: Lilith by Elise
Saskia Czar-Amaris: When Its All Over by RAIGN
Joash Czar-Amaris: Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift
Ilaria Cantrell: Wake Me Up by Avicii
Ares Amaris: Paint It Black by Hidden Citizens
Anahid Verbeck: Run For Your Life by K. Flay

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Vincent Criss: Eight by Sleeping At Last

Carter Macon: In The Morning by Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards

Nuela: Vienna by Billy Joel

Anabelle: Fences by Destroy Boys

Vivian "Rocky" Short: So Alright, Cool, Whatever by The Happy Fits

Fengari: I Wanna Fall Into the Floor by Kennedy Walsh

Eliana: Sunday Best by Surfaces


Some of my characters that do have theme songs:
Rose-Goodbye to a world (Porter Robinson)/Little pistol (Mother Mother)
Garth-Lovely (Billie Eilish)/Bang! (AJR)
Jeremy-My time (bo en)/A sadness runs through him (The Hoosiers)
Vigo-Bird song (Florence+The Machine)/The Phoenix (Fall Out Boy)
Clover-Poor George (James Supercave)
Rory-Arrow (Half Alive)/Carmen (Stormae)
Domino-Mama's gun (Glass Animals)
Rune-Dear God (XTC)/Oh Klahoma (Jack Stauber)
Azure-It's alright (Jack Stauber)
Tim-The other side of paradise (Glass Animals)
Brook-Ride (TOP)/ES (Crying)
Taylor-EPOCH (The Living Tombstone)
Jesse-Bad bad things (AJJ)/Loved (FEiN)
Reagan-Tucson (Autoheart)
Annie-Viva la gloria/Little girl (Green Day)
Olivia-Lone digger (Caravan Palace)