Which one sounds cooler

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The Forsaken Hunter
The Obsidian Dawn Serpent
The Stormcloud Phantom Leviathan
The Skeletal Deviation
The Lone Cave Gargoyle
The Chaotic Razorback Monster
The Crimson Phantom Leviathan


"The Forsaken Hunter" sounds p cool to me
that's just imo tho dbhdj


I agree - "The Forsaken Hunter" sounds really cool and might hint at some possible backstory ideas :)


The Forsaken Hunter sounds really cool, and the two leviathans sound like twin bosses! Voting these three for sure lol


@4lagoon4 I never thought about it that way. Now you give me something to do with The Stormcloud Phantom Leviathan and The Crimson Phantom Leviathan


I feel like the second option could work, but it would be better as β€œthe Serpent of Obsidian Dawn.”