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Sophie: Helps her mother cook and taking care of her little cousins who come over, rather apathetic about the holiday and is just waiting for Christmas
Micheal: He's just happy he has a week off, he'd help his mom clean, He's kind of happy he's old enough to sit at the grown-up table and the same time embarrassed when adults remark on he's grown and how the kids tease him for being so short
Stephe: Kinda have to multitask here, It's kind of awkward with the in-laws with the whole Duke being dead thing, Made food like pumpkin pie, turkey, rice stuffing, pani popo hawaiian rolls with coconut milk.

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oooh I think my girl Selene would be helping with cooking and mentally preparing herself for all the family asking her questions about her life. She would honestly probably hide in her room for most of the night. She would come eat, talk to her aunts, and then help clean up when the night is over. She would also be drawing with her cousin Olivia.

Simon (her brother) would be watching football the whole time with his cousin Zeke and probably get into political arguments with his family, although they all lean towards similar opinions so it wouldn't get that heated.

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Well since Thanksgiving in japan is literally about thanking the workforce around them so Asumi would make cards for the police force and Minato and a begrudging Kage would help pass them out, while Hikari would cook for the workforce, Eri would probably be happy just to receive a card from Asumi. Collin would take the day to relax since that is encouraged for individual people. Mikoto would go give thanks to her superior and the other workers. Hanaki would invite the other to his house for green beans, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin bread. Emiko is unfortunately homeless but appreciates what she has Hanaki might invite her in. Unzari would probably be helping people out on their jobs


Khari: He would sit silently, eyeing the chair next to his father and wondering if he will finally be beckoned to sit beside him. He would keep his eyes level, to create an illusion that he is engaged and keeping his head held high, but really he is looking at everyone's foreheads because eye contact creates connections with people, connections he can not afford or manage, to create. In this loud room filled with people yearning for the favor of both he and his father, Khari hears nothing but the sounds of his utensils brushing his plate, so quiet yet so utterly deafening. He would eat slowly to avoid getting nauseated, as he usually did during events like this, the eternal stone in his stomach widening and sharpening, cutting him every time he glances at the clock.


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catori and her brother and dad go to thanksgiving at her best friend's house! they can't go home this year because they can't afford to travel, but their family understands. nicky and jo bicker the whole time while jo's mom(the one who can cook) gets them to help with various things in the kitchen. catori isn't allowed to handle anything but the knives, so she just helps with chopping for prep. catori's dad talks about his ghost hunts with jo's other mom(the one who cannot cook as well) and she just kind of nods along. dinner is an amalgamation of various dishes, including korean dishes that jo bugs them to make, and fresh caught fish from catori's family. no turkey, no one can stand it. jo's moms each have a couple different family members over, but it's generally a smaller thanksgiving

cisco and his mom and sister start thanksgiving together alone. they try to make a turkey and sofi somehow screws it up, so they end up making enchilladas and rice and showing up to kas' thanksgiving. they're always welcome as it happens pretty much every year, and kas' family is huge so three more people is absolutely no issue. and they very much welcome more food. it's loud and boisterous and there's usually a fistfight between two cousins at some point

vivienne does thanksgiving with her dad and extended family. nowhere near as many people as kas', but a decent amount. it's stuffy and full of passive aggressive comments, and this year she texts catori to bitch about it. catori relays the information to jo's moms, who gladly invite her over, and viv happily ditches her own thanksgiving.

they also all do a friendsgiving the week before, at the diner in town. all of their classmates are invited, and they pack in the diner with their own home made food and order food. the owner doesn't mind at all, as long as they're polite. they're perfectly happy allowing other customers to join them, and the diner owner's kids join in as well

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Aster, Sain, and Sora: These three are close as family. They work together to make a meal. It's not a very large meal, simply composed of maybe a turkey or chicken and some sort of fruit salad. They're not very traditionalist when it comes to holidays unless it's Halloween. They'll probably watch the stars once night falls or watch a movie and fall asleep piled on Aster's couch. During the preparations, Sora would be in charge of the food. Sain and Aster would likely be attempting to decorate, probably getting leaves from outside to make a sort of garland. If it rained, they wouldn't do that because wet leaves suck, but dry leaves work. Aster would probably spend quite a bit of time holed up in the arboretum, only to be dragged out by one of her friends.
Star and Luné: These two probably wouldn't do anything for the holiday. Maybe they'd go on a walk in the woods, but nothing more than that. Star lives alone and Luné doesn't have her own physical body, so they can't exactly separate. They also don't really care, since both of them are pretty laid back.
Sapphire: She would at least try to bond with her twin sister, since they don't normally see each other or interact much.

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Shin and Midori would be sitting at the kid's table since everyone else can't be bothered with their shenanigans.

Saiki, being the anxious bean that he is, would stay in his room until the guests left so he doesn't have to socialize.

Levi would prepare the food and put up the decorations. He's a neat freak, so he prefers doing stuff for the others so everything will be neat and look nice, and the same goes for the food. Him being a perfectionist, he'll follow recipes EXACTLY how they're supposed to be followed, down to the T.

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Freya and Mizu would help Jacquelyn prepare the food and put up the decorations since they're v good bois

Jocelyn would be taking care of the kids at the kid's table since she's pretty much always acting like a mom, even when she doesn't have to. She treats everyone like kids anyway so-

Maki would be waiting patiently at the main table for her food, then when she gets her food she scarfs it down like a wolf.

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Colby: She will drink all of the tequila while everyone else does things because no one trusts her to finish something properly. Usually it gets ruined. Of course, she isn't offended by this and actually quite enjoys spectating and drinking profusely.
Duxe: Chatting with everyone, enjoying all of the company and the bustling activity. He loves social events and talking so he is totally in his element. Watches Tyler as he cooks all of the food and cleans up the messes behind him. Tries to keep the kitchen stress and mess free.
Tyler: Prepares all of the food. Doesn't trust anyone with anything and makes sure that he is the only one cooking. He stays in the kitchen until everything is done, along with personalized desserts for everyone. After he's done, he eats a bunch, along with some expensive wine he splurged on, then goes into a food coma while everyone else does the dishes.
Catiline: Goes around decorating everything and making sure that things are color-coordinated and symmetrical. Snacks on various crackers while sipping on the wine Tyler bought. When the food is finished, she eats everything. The majority of the food goes into Catiline's mouth before anyone can blink. She also goes into a food coma.
Hunter: Bumbling about searching for something to do that would make him useful. Mainly fetches ingredients that Tyler needs for the meal, and occasionally assists Catiline with decorations. And of course, he brought his family's traditional homemade rolls that everyone loves. (The only other thing that Tyler didn't make)
Kandy: Makes sure that some seasonal music is playing along with keeping everyone happy. She brought various gifts for everyone (mostly handmade socks and hats) along with some apple cider for the underaged children who still can't drink alcohol.

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Ava: Spending the day on the couch eating dressing and cranberry sauce in PJs while watching TV before having shut that down and act all prim and proper in front of her aunt's guest

Bonita: Having a normal Thanksgiving with her family with food like yam, macaroni and cheese, rice, and dressing. spend all her google play money on Cooking mama packs

Valerie: Has all the ingredient fresh off the farm, has to take care of her cousins as her mom cooks apple pie, chicken, ham, pumpkin pie, and corn


There is a hell of a lot of food.  This is partly because Kieron tends to eat like a bear preparing to hibernate under normal circumstances, and partly because leftovers are convenient if someone can't get out of work the following day.

Brandee and CJ did most of the work on dinner, did a lot of collaborating and planning ahead of time, and added some wacky fusion twists to the classics.  For example: if Brandee suggests ube pie instead of the traditional sweet potato, CJ is immediately all over the idea.  Five spice rub on the turkey? Let's make this harmonize! And how well might pineapple work in the cranberry sauce?

Naomi does most of the shopping, brings hot cider fixings and something to spike it with, and otherwise just kind of looks for ways to help out wherever she can.

Kieron gets dragooned into helping shop for food (mostly to carry things, but also to give input), gets talked into taste-testing all of Brandee's and CJ's experiments (and making sure they don't go to waste; again: absurd caloric intake; the boy lifts, if that gives you an idea), and basically follows Naomi's lead otherwise.