forum What would your characters be like in school/regular school if they went? (Or what sort of pupil are they if they already attend?)
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I'll start.


  • wouldn't be outright badly behaved, just wouldn't care about lessons. Would be doing homework in form class the morning it was due. Permanently bored. Completely shocked if ever gets a question right. Never gets past the halfway mark on a test. Complains a lot about the small injustices of school (like why they have to wear this stupid tie)


  • like the perfect student. extremely organised, brings about three different pencil cases to school and never loses anything. constantly putting her hand up in class and very annoyed/impatient at people disrupting class or not understanding the work. joins ALL the extracurricular clubs for extra stars/points etc, completely obsessed with being a great student, always doing jobs for the teachers


  • smart like Liv, but a lot less confident. never puts her hand up or joins class discussions. hates it when teachers or other students talk to her. least favourite subject is PE, gets anxious just thinking about the subject. quietly gets 75% or more on every test without drawing attention to it, hates it when teachers read out her work in class.


  • very scatterbrained. somehow manages to forget her tie at least once a week and almost never brings her kit in on PE days (even though she's really good at sports). member of the 'last minute homework' club with ivy, (while Liv looks on in silent disapproval). does a lot of 3am revision if she has an important test, manges to lose all the pens Alice lends her (Liv refuses)


  • does middlingly well in class, pays most attention in classes she likes and not a lot in ones she doesn't. teacher's favourite for some reason. stands up for Alice when other kids talk to her. texts under the desk/does her nails when bored.

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Despite only one of my characters being in school I've thought about this a lot for some reason.

Crispin: On the days where he actually decides to show up, he sits in the back of the class and doesn't pay attention. He's just scraping by in all of his classes. All the freshmen are afraid of him.

Kit: Super on top of all of his work, hands everything in on time. Gets really good grades, but not quite a straight A student. All the teachers really love him. Probably the president of student council.

Gerard: Stays up all night studying for tests. Cries in the bathroom when he gets a bad grade. Has probably been shoved into a locker on several occasions.

Ara: Straight A student. Probably wouldn't do it because he hates negative attention, but most likely to remind the teacher that they had homework. Spends all his spare time in the library. Takes AP everything.

Andor: Class clown. Switches names with his friends when there's a substitute teacher. Doesn't pay attention because he's too busy drawing all over his notes. The only class he has an A in is art.

Dallas: Quiet kid that keeps mostly to himself and his group of like 4 friends. Bit of a loner. Just wants to graduate and be done with high school even though he has no idea what's going to come next.

Jackie: Shows up to class 15 minutes late with Starbucks. Constantly texting in class. Low key wonders whether it would be worth it to drop out and try to make it as a model or something.

Milo: Would definitely be the one to cheat on most of his assignments and somehow never gets caught. Spreads rumours about both students and teachers that he doesn't like.

(I'll come back with more later if I remember).


Chester: The rebel kid (But he never really does anything bad, just talks back to the teacher and stuff)
Lincoln: The quiet kid (But also the smart kid)
Oscar: The one yelling at everyone to shut up (But also teacher's pet)
Landers: Class clown
Heir to the oblivion thrown: The one who needs to shut up
Harli: The teacher

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Laetus: Slacks off and naps in class all the time. Teachers call on him and he somehow answers correctly even when he looks asleep. Average grades, kind of loud during breaks. Plays basketball.
Pira: The prankster that never gets caught. Everyone has a crush on him (boys and girls hehe) and he's pretty popular. The teachers think he's a model student. Not in any extra curriculars, considering joining theater.
Heli: Very optimistic, usually the first one to raise his hand when the teacher asks a question. Tries his best and gets decent grades. Makes friends easily. In multiple clubs (choir, cooking, and video game), plays soccer.
Mito: Eye bags a mile deep, runs solely on caffeine and red bull at this point. Pulls all-nighters. Straight A student, his friends worry for his mental health. In the music club - plays piano and guitar.
Theo: In just about every extra curricular activity/sport. If you ask him for homework answers, he'll try to teach you the content instead. Teacher's pet, sometimes assistant.
Prince: Class president, kind of intimidating but a huge softie. Everyone listens to him if he tells them to do something. Generally does well in class. Plays soccer, also in the knitting club.
Wolf: Looks like a delinquent, rumored to have gotten into fights cause of random scratches and scars. Actually just owns a cat and constantly looks disheveled. In the book club.

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Alga: artsy kid, does alright in English and math and stuff but also couldn't care less about those subjects. I see her as either a theatre kid or a band kid. But she prefers to work behind the scenes. Has a small tight knit group of friends.
Tavi: He's like a cool stoner, acts like a social outcast but kinda does alright with people. He does not do well academically and probably gets in trouble quite a bit.
Rothos: definitely a band kid. Probably plays the trombone, excels in academics. He only takes honors classes. On track to be valedictorian unless he has some sort of mental break down which is very possible for him.
Nim: incognito rich kid. Dresses down even though his family could afford much better, has friends but never lets them come over. Probably on a low stakes sports team like swim or track and field.
Oakannah: bit of a burn out. She did great her freshmen year but stopped trying after that and got very depressed. She has one or two friends. Has no school spirit or interest in extra curriculars.
Terus: she's that emo kid who's surprisingly smart and well spoken. President of the GSA and one of the few gay kids you know.

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my kiddos are in magic college, so i'll do what they were like in high school (also i accidentally went way overboard with this)

frog: quite literally is the stoner kid, so is either intensely ahead of the curve or has no clue what's going on. member of the gsa but doesn't do much with them. decent enough grades but has no idea how they got them: mid-to-low Bs with a couple of Cs and maybe one A in an extracurricular. does best in math but if you asked them for help, they couldn't give it to you.

dick: theatre kid to the max. actually good grades, high Bs and mid-to-low As, because someone he manages to keep track of classes on top of fall play, spring musical, and maybe even an outside production. if this boy isn't holding a travel mug of coffee, that's when you should be concerned. definitely a choir/theatre kid and kicks ass in english when they talk about shakespeare. parents are also convinced that he's going into med school. he doesn't have the same plan.

juniper: quiet kiddo! excessively ahead of the curve, but you wouldn't guess by looking at him. participation grades are his downfall but he's always on top of everything else, grades being mid-to-high As. he's been an artist for years but is only just now taking an art class. does best in his extracurriculars, as well as science, especially biology and chemistry. actually at least a little bit interested in med school, but most likely won't pursue it.

shiloh: similar boat to frog, but without the weed. perpetually tired, but tends to drink weird caffeine concoctions that she makes with frog (coffee, monster, bang, you name it, it's in it) instead of just straight coffee. alright grades but the parents are super strict about them and therefore what most people think is decent is failing in her household; she's getting mid-Bs with a few higher Bs and low As but the parents are pushing for mid-to-high As. does best in english but that's just because she's great at bullshitting.

vanessa: she's the scary kid in your class that knows absolutely everything and never fails or misses an answer ever. well, that's not realistic, but she's the terrifyingly smart kid. no one knows why, especially since she hangs out with a delinquent, but she's doing alright for herself: high As all around. also scarily strong and is the only of my kiddos who would participate in sports. she's a basketball kid and also would probably manage one of the male teams.

alex: the delinquent that vanessa hangs out with! oh boy, this dude. part of the gsa but he doesn't come to meetings often. same-ish grades as frog: mid-to-low Bs and a couple of Cs. he doesn't care about school one bit and is just counting the days until graduation when he can peace out and live on his own. best at history, which tends to shock most of his classes, but he's a bit of a cher from clueless type where he explains things in his own words that definitely aren't what the teacher was looking for but they still make perfect sense and are usually easier to understand.

@squiddicus language

my kiddos are in magic college, so i'll do what they were like in high school (also i accidentally went way overboard with this)

Mine are in a sort of magic school too, and I'm constantly wondering about what they'd be like/what they used to be like in mainstream school. And I like lots of detail!

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conner is one of the quieter kids, who doesn't really speak unless spoken to even though he almost always knows the answer. he gets passing grades on all of his subjects and only really gives it his all if it's orchestra. the comfortably average kid. he stands out because of the way he dresses, given the moniker "that hippie kid" which ends up sticking all through his high school years. a lot of people think he's a pot dealer. he sits in the back of the room, cracking quiet jokes at whoever he sits with, and gets away remarkably easily with being on his phone. he has a somewhat famous supposed "magic touch" at the vending machines: they usually reject your bills, but rumour has it if you ask conner to put your money in for you it'll work on the first try every time.

faith is notorious among the faculty for her dyslexia. teachers often get frustrated with her because of her inability to read/write at grade level and label her things like “lazy” or “a behavior problem”. she changes classes a lot during the school year and most often ends up with those intervention teachers that deal with bullies. she comes in late often, asks a lot of questions during class; her classmates hate getting her as a lab partner because she has the attention span of a house fly. clumsy as all hell; she'll trip over her own feet in the hallway and knock down five other people while she's at it. overall she's a chaotic mess of a student and she tends to be given a wide berth by anyone who isn't friends with her.

tori is practically invisible. she sits in the back in every class by request, even though her one blind eye gives her the privilege to sit up front. she keeps entirely to herself and never raises her hand. doodles on her classwork, takes dutiful and well-organized notes. she works alone for every group project. sits at the end of the lunch table so it doesn't appear at first glance that she's alone, but once you look you can tell no one else cares that she's there. she's not bullied per se, just unnoticeable.

haley is a walking, talking meme. her surprisingly loud and deep voice is instantly recognizeable to anyone in their year. she interrupts class with "that's what she said" jokes and puts deep fried memes in her powerpoint presentations. she's most famous for her instagram account @r_slash_folsomhigh where she posts memes about the school and videos/photos of school drama or dirt on the teachers sent to her via dm's from students. no one actually knows who runs the account aside from her friend group.

jonas is that kid. you know, the one who raises their hand every millisecond and smart-asses the rest of the class? who does the above-and-beyond for their presentations? you know. yep, that's him. he's reluctantly assisted many a student in cheating and is constantly asked to share his notes because he's one of the only ones who pays attention.

ben is the other version of that kid. the one that every teacher is convinced is going to grow up to be a drug dealer, who pays zero attention during class, who's just skating by in every subject but gym. girls throw themselves on him, and he hates it. he does the maximum number of school sports allowed at the same time during one season, but his best is basketball. he was a bully in middle school, but as he got older he began to internalize and become quieter and more brooding. freshmen are terrified of him.

tristan, one of two seniors, is known to the whole school as the openly gay guy. he started and runs the gsa and is kind of like a dad to all the younger queer kids. teachers won't touch him. he takes in lost, scared freshmen like fledglings, making friends with them and helping them find their way around. does tricks with his prosthetic leg. everyone pressures him to run for class president but he always refuses.

jamie, the other senior, is distant. like ben, they're just barely scraping by in classes. they get stares every day because of their tattoos and their impossible height (6'5 to the best of my knowledge). "why isn't he doing basketball?" they all wonder. they come in late but usually without being noticed, most often with a can of monster or redbull and the last bits of whatever measly thing they had for breakfast. longboards from class to class.

sorry this ended up being so long, i just love gushing about the little things about my characters. i would go on, because i have more of em, but you didn't start this thread to get full length novels so i'll leave it at that unless you actually want more lmao

@squiddicus language

sorry this ended up being so long, i just love gushing about the little things about my characters. i would go on, because i have more of em, but you didn't start this thread to get full length novels so i'll leave it at that unless you actually want more lmao

Don't be sorry! I really enjoyed reading this! It's great you know and love your characters like this. All of them seem so cool honestly. And I love gushing about the little things too :D

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selene: quiet genius. she sits towards the middle back of the class and just stays silent, but is always willing to help people who ask. she's not the best in math or science, but she gets all As for the most part. thought she's an artist, not an academic, at heart. her teachers regularly use her work as examples and it makes her beyond uncomfortable but for extra credit? that's fine then. her participation grades should probably be really low but she's just so respectful to anyone who talks to her (as long as they're not being weird) that her teachers usually give her close to top marks

simon: loud, goofs around in class (or, as much as he can. he goes to top-ranking private school, grâce á his rich parents) but also passes with decent grades. his sister Selene, was always a more effortless academic than he was and he has to work a little harder to pass his classes like English. he's an athlete anyway, and he puts most of his drive into doing well in his thousands of sports and getting a football scholarship, or at least an acceptance letter to a good school. he knows everybody everywhere, from every school and function and party and study group. walks through the halls and just waves at everyone. it's very charming.

raj: the man's balancing like 90 things at once. he works two jobs (is looking for a third) and takes mostly A.P. classes. he's late a lot and usually that would get him penalized but his teachers know he works hard, and he's new to the district, so he manages to blame it on getting lost. he probably comes off as a bit of a bad boy (that's what got Darra to notice him, anyway) cause he wears a beanie and black shirts and just seems distant. but he's just quiet, shy, busy. he just manages to float by. Selene will insist on doing his work for him, and it gets him into trouble, because unlike Selene he doesn't have a 'good kid' reputation yet.

darra: artsy, theatre kid hoe. I love her, but it's true. she loves doing the play every year and doing really elaborate notes in her notebooks and taking on way too many projects. doesn't focus too much on school but does well because she has smart friends and a way of skating around deadlines. goes over the top with her projects and makes everyone laugh and fall in love with her and then she breaks their hearts in the same breath. she's also the president of the GSA (she's bi) and makes it everyone's business.

felicity: business casual, every day. she's that girl who wears a dress to school every day but she's so pretty and smart that she pulls it off. she's not exactly an academic, but she's very confident and knows how to get what she wants. she wants to be a ~woman in stem~ and crush all those male-dominated fields and she scares the crap out of all the guys in her classes and she loves it, so she gets good grades and wears high heels and overall just is awesome and terrifying but also really nice and easily vulnerable. she just pretends not to be. her teachers generally don't like her, she's not the most respectful to them, but they never mess with her grades because of it.

Eli: i… don't have much to say about him. he's just ~average~, dancing through life with his girlfriend and his upper B grades and his solid position as a pitcher on his baseball team. He's done a good job at making himself a person who goes unnoticed, but when he's not there, his absence leaves a room awkwardly empty.


Naomi: Girl Scout. Stands up to bullies. Brings her own bag lunches.
CJ: The one boy on the cheer squad. Cheerfully (cwhutididthar?) brushes off all guff that other kids give him for it.
Brandee: Auto shop kid. Almost always has pocket money, but often hints vaguely at a troubled home life.
Kieron: Big, fat, slightly bashful kid who's on the football team out of self-preservation.