forum What would your character do if they were facing the person that hurt them most?
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Understand that this person will have no power to do harm during this, basically contained. No magic, no ability, no speaking. However, your character has full control over what happens to them.

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Simon: Simon is face to face with themself, actually. Most everyone else that has at any point hurt them has apologized and they've had time to work through that. They haven't ever had a chance to tackle this specific trauma, and unable to face the fact that they really don't like themself deep down, they turn away and ignore the circumstances.
CJ: Oh, this is fun. CJ sees the people that killed their brother. They take no time at all before screaming at them, about how Ian was just a kid and didn't deserve to died that young, about the years they spent away from their family worried about what would happen if they went home, and about the immense amount therapy they're going to need because some assholes just wanted to kill a metahuman to see if he would bleed. They then kill them.
Logan: Ignoring the fact that I don't think he'd be able to face Madeline at all, he'd also probably go into a screaming fit, but it'd have a bit of build-up; just cycling through everything she put him through and explaining the layers of trust he'd built up before she tore them all down in one fell swoop and patched them up with brainwashing. He might get close to killing her, but he couldn't bring himself to it.
Dean: His father's actually dead, so seeing a dead body isn't too interesting. He might angrily vent to it anyway. Thomas was a shitty father.

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(This oc has only a 5% of their backstory done, I do not have a lot of details but I can try it, these kind of activities help me develope all my ocs, so, thank you <3)

Kumi: The moment she saw them her whole body stopped, there was no movement, no thought, just fear. Kumi stanted there, not looking at them directly. She was scared to death, she was shaking, her eyes were glassy and soon filled with tears. Her mind was full of questions: ¨What's going on? Why are they here? I hurt someone right? Am I a bad person?¨. She started crying, not loudly, she know what happens when she bothers them.


Zara: staring at Phoenix What the HELL
Phoenix, also very shocked: This was not in my calculations
And then Zara proceeds to be completely confused as to why it would be Phoenix whereas Phoenix is just surprised that the spell thing counted Lyra.
Niara is looking at her parents. They probably don't recognise her.
Niara would introduce herself with her new name and leave.
Phoenix, looking at Antagonist: Wait a minute, I know you…
Phoenix: What did you do to me?

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Jody: stabs him in the eye (she has done this before and will do it again)

Bryan: Trapped himself underwater for years (he hurt himself the most)

Jack: Forgives him

Charlie: Doesn't recognize him


Curigion had the worst relationship with his dad. His dad was an alcoholic and would beat him and leave him chained in his basement for days. He killed his mom, the only person that loved him when he was 12.

All Curigion remembers was black, he was wandering were Jalisa was, she was the only person that really cared about him sense his mom was dead. " Where's Jalisa!" He demanded
A voice came from the darkness. " Oh, you mean that pretty girl that was with you?" Curigion soul almost left his body, he knew that voice, from sometime a long ago. "Let her go!"
Curigion shouted. "Or what." The shadow came out of it's hiding place. Then did Curigion relies, it was monster that killed his mom. His body that was tightly chained to a chair tensed
and he felt sweat down his face as memories started filling his mind. He was speechless. His dad picked up a whip with nails made on the end. " Let revenge begin." His dad said. " Dad, please you can do whatever you want with me but not Jalisa." He said.

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All of these responses are so good!!

Anyway XD

She can’t pinpoint one person that hurt her the most because it’s actually a collection of different instances that built in each other and now she doesn’t know who she’s angry at. All Lumi knows is that she is angry.

His father. Josef’s father is an infamous criminal that used to be a doctor but did something terrible. Josef doesn’t even want to acknowledge his existence but if he ever encountered his father again he would yell, he would cry and he would officially cut him away.

An unknown marksman took the life of someone that Leone cared deeply for. His impulses tell him that he needs to kill the marksman but truly he wouldn’t have the heart to go through with it.

Tbh these are all the angst characters I have lmaooo haha 😭


This characters are kinda new, so im still adjusting things here and there lol

Lucio: He stands there looking at the being that he once workshipped, he's tired of playing their games, of being their blade, he cant even look at them without having mixed feelings, his deity was supposed to protect him, and yet here it is trapped in its own church seeking his forgiveness, he can't give them that, he can't give them what he now has to earn form others after following them blindly.

Atlas: He can't kill them yet, the time isn't right and he can't make their death as public as he wishes to, this death can't be private, and it cannot only be his, it has to be for everyone, he must avenge everyone that has been a victim in this scheme, so he let's them go for now.

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June: would be her mother, who abandoned her as an infant. She would threaten the woman with her sword, but not hurt her knowing that it would upset her brother. She'd probably leave the woman chained up in a burning house.

Devon: he would expect it to be himself, but it'd be his mother. He would then probably just panic and shut down. He relies on June for support.

Carter Lee: would be himself, he has a lot of internalized probkems, he would start to freak out and then use his inhaler so he could breathe and then leave.

Albethore: no one, but he'd kill anyone that came up to him.


Aera: Does what she does best - runs.
Esta: She's probably forgotten about them, or never knew them at all. So she lets them go and walks away calmly.
Rin: It's someone she's actually kind of close with, and who never meant to hurt her. If she knew what it was meant to do, she would have a hard time explaining it to the person.
Lea: Could be one of two people, but she'd let them go. They don't get to be important to her anymore.