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(This is my first time making my own thread, so sorry if I’m doing something wrong!)

I’ve always been interested in the symbolism of tarot cards and such and thought this would be a fun idea for a thread. Basically what the name says: what tarot card would you associate your character with? I did all major arcana, but you could pick any of them. I’ll start us off!

Quill, my main character, would absolutely be the Fool. The card represents innocence, beginnings, and freedom, which is perfect as the story begins with her just starting college. But, as the name suggests, she’s also naive and sometimes reckless, putting herself in danger without realizing.
Cyrus: Strength. She’s a courageous and charismatic character, but also riddled with doubt and has a hard time controlling her emotions.
Anthony: Probably the Hanged Man. When the story begins he feels sort of stuck in his life, but he also can’t bring himself to change anything.
Dally: The Sun, probably for obvious reasons. He’s a warm and positive character, but he can also take his optimism too far and refuse to see bad situations, and can be childish at times.
Jack: Death. For the obvious reasons, if you’ve ever looked at his profile, but also because his first appearance is sort of the herald to the story. It marks the beginning of the rising action and the first really big change in the protagonists’ lives. He could also be The Tower for similar reasons.

You don’t need to explain your choices as much as I did (or at all), but you’re welcome to!


I wanted to place my characters in unique arcana so these might not fit perfectly

0 Fool-Quinn
I Magician-Lyra
II High Priestess-Katana
III Empress-Bristol
IV Emperor-Dante
V Hierophant-AJ
VI Lovers-Nolan
VII Chariot-Abraham
VIII Strength-Rolan
IX Hermit-Reef
X Wheel of Fortune-Izzy
XI Justice-Cecilia
XII Hanged Man-Drew
XIII Death-Xavier
XIV Temperance-Fantasia
XV Devil-Wes
XVI Tower-Kalif
XVII Star-Yuzu
XVIII Moon-Jade
XIX Sun-Isaac
XX Judgement-Brooks
XXI World-Archie

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Since one of my WIPs is about prophecy and fate, I got way too carried away with this and assigned a character/story element to each of the major arcana cards. I'm obviously not posting them all, but these are the main characters.

Sarus: The Fool. Although not especially naive or foolish, he seems much more inexperienced in the royal court compared to nobles that have lived there their whole lives. He is also extremely lucky and can tend to be reckless. I also considered the Wheel of Fortune since a major part of his arc is feeling like he's a plaything of fate and trying to resist it.
Kiram: The Magician. Kiram is intelligent and an extremely skilled prophet, considered a prodigy in his youth. He can also be manipulative, frequently lying for his own benefit.
Azana: The High Priestess. Azana runs an organization surrounded by secrets and is quite an enigmatic woman, being withdrawn and few knowing about her past.
Taysali: The Hierophant. Taysali is one of the most religious characters in the book and she unquestioningly values tradition. She feels hurt when the status quo is threatened
Halisia: Justice. Halisia's greatest motivation is getting retribution for what was stolen from her, going to great lengths for a cause that from her perspective is fair and just

@threesacult group

I wish I could answer this, it's such a cool idea bUt i don't know enough about tarot!

There’s a lot of easy guides out there about what each card means. Biddy Tarot is a pretty good source if you feel like doing this later!

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Here's what I have so far from one story? Idk that I can fill in the blank ones though
0- Fool
1- Magician- Ignis
2- High Priestess- Naran
3- Empress- Nox
4- Emperor- Leandra
5- Hierophant- Abraxas
6- Lovers- Moreau
7- Chariot- Septima
8- Strength
9- Hermit- Pollux
10- Wheel- Laertes
11- Justice- Valkyrie
12- Hanged Man- Taurin
13- Death- Aurelius
14- Temperance
15- Devil- Fiera
16- Tower- Felix
17- Star- Rosalia
18- Moon- Cyrus
19- Sun
20- Judgement- Yasue
21- World

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

(I hope I’m doing this correctly. I have a vague understanding of tarot cards. I looked at many sources and assigned my main and some secondary characters to cards.)

Nathaniel: The Emperor

Ender: Lovers

Jax: Hermet

Valerian: Temperance

Gwen: The fool

Slate: The star

Bane: Judgement

Dominic: The hanged man

Amity: The chariot

Deleted user

Uzula: The Devil
Jaq: Judgement
Bastian: The Sun
Grimm: Death.
Morosea: The Hanged Man
Prafero: The Fool.
Sindy: The Magician

@trainwreck404 group

Frog: The Fool
Dick: The Magician
Juniper: The Moon
Shiloh: Wheel of Fortune
Vanessa: The Empress
Alex: The Devil
(I'm not the greatest with tarot cards, but I believe these make sense)