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@Fenris-Wolf group

Colby: Evangeline. Even if she doesn't want to admit it.

Nex: Little kids, they have a strong maternal instincts, and good food.

Evangeline: Colby and Teo. Teo is like a sibling to Evan.

Rueben: Animals and monsters.

Arson: Plants. They will save and care for plants like their life depends on it

Haru: Anyone he is remotely close to emotionally, and rabbits.

Teo: Anything they hold for more than 30 seconds, pretty rocks and crystals, and their moms.

Donna: Spirits, ghosts, and dogs.

@s0ft_stardust group

Isabella: Rain, xey give them hope that life can get better
Rain: Glitter and Clouds
Nova: Also Rain, they see Rain as a their own child. Someone to care for the way they wished they could've been cared for
Baxtor: Stories with a happy ending
Lux: Their spouses
Brooklyn: She is the soft spot
Yumi: Frogs and Axolotls
Moxxie: Plushies
Tiara: Cuddles
Mukoro: Fairylights

@The-Dyonisia group

Lasta: Surprisingly, children… and Tiburo
Tiburo: Food and anything related to the ocean
Balam: Magic and animals
Nitis: Animals and art
Amoxtli: Explosives (Yep, that's her soft spot)

@sheabutter group

Ali: Rain and his brother, Ten. he gets so soft for both
Lybra: he says he doesn't have one.

he's lying, it's Ali

Robin: dogs and her adopted sibling, Maggie (whom she hates but loves)
Elidi: beautiful scenery
Maggie: shiny objects (how they got their name) and their adopted sister, Robin (whom they hate but love. but mostly hate)

@sheabutter group

Maggie: shiny objects (how they got their name) and their adopted sister, Robin (whom they hate but love. but mostly hate)

Maggie, as in a Magpie?

yeah, exactly!

@trainwreck404 group

(& just to get it out of the way … Simon, CJ, Dean, & Henry: Each other)

Simon: kittens, ducklings, and essentially any other small fluffy animal
CJ: the boys (their twin cousins, Adam & Noah)
Logan: also kittens, but specifically black ones
Dean: lost little kids (If this man sees a kid crying alone, he will drop everything he's doing to help the child.)
Henry: His family, especially his sisters

Madeline: She has none. (this is a lie she tells herself. her soft spot is payton.)
Ava: James and Julianna.
Peter: His siblings.
James: His sister, Julianna, and of course Ava.
Xavier: Fucking with Ava.

@Fenris-Wolf group

Maggie: shiny objects (how they got their name) and their adopted sister, Robin (whom they hate but love. but mostly hate)

Maggie, as in a Magpie?

yeah, exactly!



Araite: Oddly enough humans; particularly children or those with a free and genuine spirit. Also her daughter, Hailoh, and her sister, Eilore.

Eilore: Hedgehogs. They are just so innocent and cute he can't help but swoon.

Nyaery: Even though he only saw him once, Nyaery has a fondness for the tragic boy named Genzai, this results in him being softer towards Genzai's son, Kaizhu. He also is softer with his youngest sister Araite.


Lincoln: Cats and most animals though he doesn't get to interact with many animals. He has a soft spot for dresses, wearing them himself and others wearing them, though he isn't allowed to wear them in his homeland. He also just likes delicate and pretty things in general (he doesn't show it outwardly since it would hurt his image).

Chester: Nature and all it's beauty even if he doesn't always have the energy to go outside. Emerson, he's kind of like an older sibling to her. Lincoln, platonically.

Harli: Plants, he loves all plants, he gets water all the way from the river for his plants and doesn't take a single sip till they are all watered (sometimes when he's stressed he just lies in his garden to calm down and feel peaceful). Also kids, he loves teaching them and watching them grow. He has a little soft spot for almost anything, he's an empathetic and caring person.

Landers: Weird garbage, he's a hoarder. Also hamburgers.

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Hasuko: Bunnies, Flowers
Colton: Kids, Flowers
Kelly: Art, Weak people
Emma: Lotion, Putty
Tori: Small animals, Chibis
Terry: Spiders, Dandelions
Aaron: Dogs, Football cards, Trigonometry
Darnell: Retro games, bears
Claire: Dolls,
Elijah: Painting, Tiger lilies
Hunter: His siblings, flowers

@Classic_Insanity13 group

Echo: Unnecessary death, anything related to her deceased parents or the duke
Draiden: Echo Starts protesting about how that is not the case Raje and Mex (his brother and sister)
Raje: Draiden, Mex, poetry cue laughing Draiden
Mic: Sea foam, the color. (It was the color of her mother's eyes) and the kings' servants.
Livvy: Prison cells, murder
Yara: Alfy, kids in bad circumstances

@wittyxhandle group

Nate and Yarrow's soft spots are each other, even though they don't admit it to each other. Nate also thinks of Grace as the little sister he never wanted.

@Dayzea group

  • Elle: Anyone who requires comfort or affection. Despite usually being self-interested, she's always quick to provide.
  • Stella: Touch, or any physical affection. Hugs. Holding hands. Sitting next to each other.
  • Lucy: Music. She just melts whenever someone hums a song, off-key and rough.
  • Josie: Animals. She can't handle harming one, even though her dad loves fishing and hunting.
  • Azul: Good stories. They'll listen to any that you have, and they'll likely appreciate you more for it.
  • Carolina: Children. She has a lot of young siblings and neighbors, and it can put flaws into her usual logical thinking.

@just_gabs_needs_coffee group

Adalynn: anything that reminds her of her older brother, particularly the spear he gave her

Seth: Horses or Adalynn (legit can't admit that last one for a while)

Sandra: Her mother's dog Basil, or hugging her mother

Owen: Sandra (literally everyone knows this), and being on the water

@klueekillz group

Kumi: Maxine. The way Maxine demostrates how she loves her, the way maxine treats her. Kumi loves her, she is the only one that was with her through her whole life, Kumi feels loved when she's with her.
Maxine: (The character is in process so I can only say the basics, someday i'll finish her and say the truth kdsjf) Kumi, something about her makes Maxine's heart melt, she feels.. comfortable, like home.