forum What's the biggest secret your character has that no one can know?
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Also, why can't they tell anyone?

Nathaniel is the son of the last King of Hell. Telling anyone would ruin his inside operation to weaken the Blackwood agents so he could unleash hell. His secret being known would also diminish the chance of avenging his sister’s death and him being accused of it. It would get him murdered before his operation could be complete and he could flee to the nearest open gateway to Hell.

Julian knows it is Dominic's fate to die. He can't tell Jax, or he might try to prevent his brother's fate. This would cause a stir in the balance, creating instability among death and the living.


Delilah, previously a pyromaniac, though that is rather unimportant as of right now, watched her father murder her mother through a wide enough hole to see through, in the fence that surrounded the backyard of her childhood home.
She cannot tell anyone, or she will be forced into foster care.

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CJ's secret also happens actively in my story: they unintentionally killed one of their teammates because their gut instinct was wrong. It was between him and a shapeshifter, and she accidentally killed the real one. Only Chloe knows the truth.
Dean's secret is actually a joint secret with Ava: they used to be monster hunters, and Dean taught her everything she knows. This was right between Dean's father dying & him joining the League, as well as Ava escaping Xavier & her joining the Legion. Neither of them considers this an important part of their lives, but they did kill several demons together in an attempt to find Xavier.

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Naru is a necromancer, bringing people's souls to where they need to be in the event that the are lost and still roaming. He can't tell because he literally can't speak. He's mute and uses a book and quill to communicate when it's absolutely needed


Curigion: His father murdered his mother because he was a alcoholic. Curigion also has a problem were he has two personality's, and one is good and little touchy with his girlfriend but OK, and the other is a complete murdering mess and will ripe your neck apart with his teeth and hands. He is werewolf.

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I'm bringing back this thread for reasons.

Gemma: This takes place in my story, but in the middle of a battle, she's kidnapped and physically and emotionally abused by this boy. She's pretty shattered by the time her friends rescue her, and it takes her a while to recover, though she never fully gets over her PTSD. Her friends know some of what she went through, but not all of it, and when the boy who abused her shows up in bad shape and needing their help, she absolutely refuses to tell them because she knows they'll turn him out. Despite the pain and fear he caused her, she has a bleeding heart and it's impossible for her to turn away a person in need.
Alva: Alva is from a world of hybrids where society is separated into three classes: the Upper-class "Unibeasts," who are one-animal hybrids. Half-human, half-dog, or half-human, half-hamster, etc. There's the Middle-class "Bibeasts," who are two-animal hybrids. Part-human, part-bat, part-salamander, etc. Then there's the rare and highly-feared "Tribeasts," who are three-animal hybrids. Alva is part-human, part-rabbit, part-owl, and part-wolf. But that's not her secret; her secret is that when her emotions get too high, she goes savage. When she was little, she attacked and severely injured a man who frightened her. For a while, she lives alone in the woods, until she joins a pack of other Tribeasts. She fears accidentally hurting them during a fit, but more than that, she fears them finding out about her savage side and rejecting her.
Morana: Morana's one of my newer OC's, but her story is pretty much built on secrets. (warning, very few of these characters have names) She was kidnapped from her home and taken to the Underworld, where the lord of the Underworld trained her to be his apprentice. When he considered her ready, he sent her to retrieve these magical weapons that would free him and allow him to return to the surface world. But the evil lord's brother knows of his plans and built his own team to find the weapons. Morana, having been tortured and abused by her master, betrays him and joins the team immediately. Only here's the thing; the betrayal is a farce. She pretends to be the team's friend, and when the time is right, she turns on them and delivers the weapons to her master. The two then escape to the surface world. Fast-forward a few months, and the evil lord's brother finds them and asks for their help in defeating a new evil. The evil lord refuses at first, until the brother tells him his son is involved. The lord then agrees to a truce to stop the new evil and rescue his son. While staying with the brother's team (who are highly suspicious of Morana), Morana discovers a new secret; the evil lord is her uncle. The leader of the team is her father. The evil lord doesn't know she discovers this, but if she says anything, he'll kill her father. So for a while, she has to keep quiet about it, until she can turn on the evil lord once and for all.

Those are all I've got right now. Most of my stories don't involve a lot of secrets, lol.