forum What makes a character interesting to you?
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A character that is fully thought out, with flaws and good character traits

For me, I like protagonists that aren’t too nice and “Ahhh I love everyone and everything”
Bonus points if they come across as that but have a side of them that is completely different from the mask they wear y’know?

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some character traits i absolutely love: (an incomplete list)

  • idiot, as in they're impulsive and things don't go well and they're like "oh shit that happened-"
  • characters that break
  • characters that show both resentment and love
  • characters that are shown to be generous and kind, but they are merciless
  • petty characters
  • pathetic characters that are a dripping wet cat that you want to throw in the dryer

i like characters that i can hate on (affectionate) and then put in a pringles can and shake