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I recently just did a dumb thing that resulted in an injury, then I thought how it might be fun to know what reckless stuff your OCs did to get injured.

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Ali fell off the rafters of a ceiling and broke his ribs
Lybra nearly broke his nose because he tripped and fell after hearing Ali's laugh for the first time
Maggie regularly gets himself stuck and needs to be fished out of wherever he got stuck, so not really an injury, but its still stupid

@Starfast groupDance & Cry

Crispin broke his wing by accidentally flying into a window.
(Edit: I cannot BELIEVE that I left out the fact that the reason that he flew into a window is because he was getting dizzy from blood loss. The reason for the blood loss was that he was stabbed. And the reason he was stabbed was because he got into a fight with his father and asked something along the lines of "Well, what are you going to do about it? Stab me?" I guess he thought he would say no, but he really should have known better).

Taven one time cut his hand on a nail, passed out at the sight of the blood, and hit his head on a table on the way down.

Caleb one time tried to use his fire powers to burn a pair of metal handcuffs off of his wrists. Not only did this not work, but he did not take into account that having fire powers does not make you fire proof and got bad burns on both of his wrists.

I swear to god there's more but that's all I can come up with off the top of my head.

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

Bane wagged his tail so hard, he broke it against a wall. He had to keep it manifested for weeks and he wasn't happy

James would always get himself in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, the one time he broke his finger was by slamming it into a door

Tomoya forgot his wings aren't built for gliding and fell out of the sky, injuring his wings and breaking a leg

Raphael thought he could fight a porcupine in his wolf form…let's just say he lost (He was covered in quills and was bruised for weeks)

@Seeba petsin my silly era


  • Memphis was hit by a car when he was 4 (that's why they call him Roadkill lol) . He went untreated, so his leg bones (which were broke by the car) mended themselves in strange, uneven shapes, leaving him to have to learn to walk and run with deformed Tibia and Fibula. (he can also pop his knee cap's out of place, gross)
  • Shane broke his finger in a Chinese finger trap
  • Colton had ODD as a child, and often found himself falling from things in his attempts to be defiant
  • Jack bit Eric the first time they met, Eric still has the scar on his arm
  • Collyn hit his head on a pole and forgot his name in 8th grade
  • Luis has split/cut cuticals from his excessive denial to use a pic
  • the amount of papercuts Louis has in phsycally painful to look at
  • I know for a fact Zackery has broken his nose at least twice (he told no really you guys)

@flirtingwithdeath language

  • Corrin got 104 bones in his body broken when he tried to abandon an overly possessive demon.
  • Leo tripped over a toy fire truck and got a concussion.
  • Corrin bound Kek to his life so that when Kek goes a certain distance away, he's yanked by his leg back to Corrin. The number of times his ankle has been broken or sprained because of this is weirdly impressive.

@trainwreck404 group

Simon has super speed and does that bird thing where they crash into windows. They've also turned several corners way too fast and have broken both arms, their nose, and their tailbone by crashing into walls.
CJ likes to jump off of the second-story balcony. They managed to twist both of their ankles at once by doing this.
Logan didn't intentionally hurt himself in his stupid way, but he did literally lose his eye over some stolen pudding.
Dean has broken almost all of his fingers by smashing them into his car doors, grazing them with bullets while firing his gun drunk, punching walls, and several other dumb things.
Henry nonconsensually got his nipples pierced by a crab that he created with his magic and then proceeded to piss off.

Madeline once sprayed hairspray into her eye and couldn't see out of it for a few days. This is what she gets for being involved in why Logan is actually blind in one eye.
Ava has tripped over her own wings a couple of times and did break her nose this way when she tripped down an entire flight of stairs.
Peter accidentally burned off his thumbprint. Not both, just his left hand. He also snapped a guitar string into his face once and had a long scratch for a few weeks.
James punched a mirror thinking it was a wall and had several glass shards murder his hand.
Xavier got unalived because he tried to commit treason without a plan, so I consider that pretty stupid.


Naomi pissed off a giant enemy crab by shooting another giant enemy crab, and lost about half of a leg. Brandee pissed off a dullahan by interfering with its rampage, and got her hand broken. Kieron pissed off a hellhound/glawackus thing by socking it in the jaw, and got his ribs bruised and his love handle carved up rather badly.

@GoodThingGoing group

  • Algernon got shot in the hip because he made a poorly worded threat. For context, an officer was holding up a rebellion messenger and Algernon tried to diffuse the situation by saying that if the officer didn't comply he'd make it "a much bigger problem than it has to be" and the guy assumed Algernon was threatening to shoot him. He was, in fact, not, and meant he'd take him to court. Whoopsie.
  • Oscar broke his nose by being slapped in the face by a tree. I say "Oscar", but in reality getting your nose broken by the sentient trees is like a rite of passage in the Expeditionary Forces given how frequently it happens. Oscar specifically was not looking where he was going and that's why he got whacked.
  • Jackson also got stabbed because he said "what are you gonna do, stab me?" The answer is yes, buddy. He absolutely has twisted his ankle trying to do the dance from A Chorus Line from memory, but you didn't hear it from me.
  • If hurt, Montjoy will repeatedly exacerbate any injuries he has by refusing to be anything less than perfectly poised. This is especially noticeable with his knees, which will have any injuries or aches made noticeably by him refusing to kneel in a way that isn't specifically outlined in the herald's guide. He has also broken his toe by not watching where he was walking.
  • Aubrey has racked up a few miscellaneous scars and burns by fucking around and finding out with ships and gadgets, and also by getting too zoned-in on a project and not paying attention to his surroundings. Once burned off a chunk of their hair by getting it too close to a sparking bit of machinery.
  • Barry dies because in an attempt to be a hero and get attention, he chases a supervillain to the top floor of a burning building and corners him alone, only to be throw out the window through burning curtains and onto a flag pole that stabs him in the chest. His power is super-stretchiness, but even that has limits.
  • Bastian breaks his collarbone and multiple ribs, dislocates his shoulder, and sprains his knee by trying to escape a ship via an ejection pod that he doesn't know how to adequately pilot and crash-landing.
  • Beck trips on a rut in the path he's walking on and cuts open his knee. This is based on personal experience. A few months later he slips on a patch of black ice while going down some of those stone stairs outside and breaks his wrist, as well as bumping up his face. This is not based on personal experience. So far.
  • Byron burned part of his leg by not paying attention to his lantern and accidentally lighting part of his pantsleg on fire. It gets put out before any real damage is done.
  • Calla dies because she tries to take out Oleander and gets shot from behind with an arrow as she lunges for him. It was a good idea but bad execution brought on by panic.
  • Cath, like most pearl divers, has some scarring on her hands and face from misjudging how deep she was diving and the amount of rocks below.
  • Clive got shot in the leg when he tried to make a break for it and run from his home at night to a docked starship. During a time where tension in the galaxy was at a very high point because of war. He survives and even gets onboard, but it leaves his with a bad scar and a limp.
  • Clyde got his big toe shot off on his right foot when he and Jane were hiding in a barn's loft while investigating supernatural goings-on. They go quiet when they hear someone enter, but one of them sneezes because of the hay and someone below shoots up into the hayloft and it hits Clyde in the toe and goes straight through.
  • Dally bruises his ribs and sprains his wrist by trying to fight crime without having any sort of training with his gravity powers. He's not even hurt by a person he's trying to fight, but by trying to jump up and "fly" to chase them and failing.
  • Darius gets some fingers cut off because he falls prey to an in-hindsight obvious scheme to capture him by the government he's fighting against.
  • Eliot gets stabbed because he panics and thinks Pietyr is going to stab an unconscious Tabitha and uses his power to make Pietyr stab him instead.

I've got more but I'm tired now lol