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TW: The following text wok contain sensitive and serious topic that can be triggering

So for the context of my story, each character represents something important that we need to recognize in life. Some characters represent major issues like LGBTQ+ equality and mental illness awareness while other characters represent smaller but still more important issues like self care and recognizing toxic behaviors within ourselves and in relationships. I still have a lot of characters I want to fit in this story but I don't know what I want them to represent. I want my protag to see the world through so many different pairs of eyes because not everyone's experience is the same but they still get a firm grasp on what life is like, they learn to be human from non human people. I already have characters representing LGBT equality, racial discrimination, mental illness and autism awareness, abusive relationships, recognizing your mistakes when you're the toxic one, abusive families and how they can affect you growing up, and the effects of sexual assault. I wanna know what other topics can I put in my story the a character can represent and how in the best way. The whole purpose of this story is for people to look through other people's eyes both in a literal and figurative way.


I think different economic classes would be something interesting to explore as well as possibly religion/spirituality. Both have many layers and areas to draw from that could totally form a new thing to either add onto a character or create a knew one. We have upper, middle and lower class of course but for religion we have Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Shinto, Judism, Wicca, Buddhism or any closed practices such as Voodoo. As for spirituality I can really only think of Witchcraft, (since thats the one most present in my own life), but even then there are so man layers if someone was born into these beliefs or converted, whether or not they had a positive or negative experience with it, was it abusive or open? If you wanna go super deep into the rabbit hole then cults are such an interesting things to draw from.

I would normally stay to step lightly as its important to represent everything accurately as well as ask and research people who were apart of these experiences but you seem to already strive to do that! I hope this helps and if you need anything more feel free to ask questions!