forum What did your characters do that you were not expecting?
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For example, some of my characters got together romantically. It happened twice and I didn't notice it until it was blatantly obvious they were in love.
Also one of my villains became not a villain.
Anyone else get their characters doing stuff they don't expect?

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I'm not even gonna lie, as stupid as it sounds, one of my characters fucking blew herself up and I wasn't expecting until like the very moment she did so. I totally caught myself off guard with that lol.

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I should have seen it coming…but Cedric punching Lili's brother.
It was completely in character for the context and made complete sense for him, but I didn't realise he was going to do it until I saw that it was written.

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Tavi is so much more chill, understanding and sweet than I ever imagined. He was supposed to be a huge asshole but I think he turned out the way he did because the way I imagined him was like a caricature and unrealistic. He's still a bit of a dick, he's definitely got issues and flaws but I got the base of his personality mind shatteringly wrong.


Erwin liking computers, originally he was supposed to be a nature nerd. He was also supposed to be 16-19 and work at a pet shelter type thing. Little did I know I didn't go that way at all. He's pretty young compared to what I originally wanted.


Wes ended up murdering three people even though his original intent was him being babey. I needed someone to murder somebody else and every other character that could have worked already filled a different role in the story so Wes changed to murder not one person, but three.