forum What are your characters doing during the holidays? :)
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It's the holiday season! Depending on where they are, your characters could be enjoying the summer heat or the winter cold.
Are they hanging up colorful lights? Preparing loads of food? Having snowball fights? Singing holiday songs? Have fun with it :)
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Chester's wasting away in his room hoping everyone forgets about him.
He can't meet everyone else's cheer around this time so he'd rather just leave them alone, he won't spoil the mood that way.

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Since my baby Cole is single this holiday and covid is around, he will be binging all of his favourite Christmas movies and stuffing his face full of baked goods only to regret it the next morning
Killian is not single for the holidays and has already planned a very elaborate day of mini house parties with just her and her girlfriend and getting a little bit too drunk with her and doing the deed in their matching pj's :0 :)

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Sophie: She would be extra pumped for this Christmas season and would probably be playing in the snow and serenading her family with Christmas songs. She got a knitting set, a character design book, and a candle making set

Ava: She would probably be chilling and drinking hot cocoa, She got some books, an orbies kit, and a pet snake

Charlie: He would be helping out people during Christmas like helping his father cook, He got a new pet bunny, gardening set, and neck massager

Lucas: Would be making sweets and trying to pick up someone during the holidays, He got some money and bought a music box, a motorcycle, and a popcorn maker

Jax: He would be help his mother out, he probably make a snow angel, He got some new books, a typewriter, and a fox training set

Matthew: Watchng old nostagic movies, organizing Christmas carols, he got a guitar, a journal, a telescope, and a brand new car

Micheal: Just wants this to be over so Sophie would stop obsessing over Christmas, he got a kiwico set, some anime merch, and a bunch of new games

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Bonita: Writing Christmas scenarios with her fictional danshi, drinking eggnog, and playing video games, She probably a merch kit, and Nintendo switch with an otome game

Valerie: Helping her mother with decorations, doing farm work, She probably got a bike, hiking kit, and a new phone

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Are we aloud to just put our characters names and expect people to not care or am I stupid? Whatever I'm new here, hi!
Charlotte: Definitely hanging out with her Boyfriend, Forrest, in her house where's it's perfectly toasty for a Fire Triber. Forrest is partially having a heat stroke but that's ok.
Autumn: Trying to convince her twin brother to decorate but he is currently complaining that it shouldn't be snowing because "it's not the correct degrees for that" She waits patiently by him as he grumbles about it.
Forrest: (see Charlotte)
Zayn: (Is twin brother mention in Autumn's part)
CD: Trying to convince his parents to let him go to Forrest and Bee's so he can hang out but they say the hill is icy and he'd end up not being able to get up (and they're probably right)
Periwinkle: Happy thirteen year old weeb noises? Idk she needs a freaking personality
Reece: decorating and being excited (birthday is on Christmas, so)
Luke and Liam: Confused. Aliens that don't celebrate "Christmas", but happy for their friends!

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Kelly: Mainly staying inside, might make Christmas mural
Emma: Singing Christmas carols with the drama club
Terry: (insert basic white boy stuff)
Tori: singing carols and hymns in her Native languages
Aaron & Darrell: Aaron introduce Darrell to his family and the plot of Happiest Holidays ensues
Claire: Knitting quilts, hats, and gloves
Elijah: Beat a man up during Black Friday

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Prince Destrian: Is cuddling with Sadon at any point he can. He isn't the biggest fan of winter/Christmas (or Silvertide, in their country) but he's certainly glad that he gets some relaxation and time with Sadon.

Prince Sadon: He's glad to hold onto a clingy Destrian with one arm and wrap presents with the other. He loves the holidays and is very happy to host holiday parties for the rest of the Prophecy Party.

Aryn: They literally never stop reading. They ask for books as gifts, they read during Sadon's holiday parties, they read all the time. They say that Silvertide is the best time for reading because you can't go outside and do things.

Peter: He's doing his best, my guy, but he doesn't do well stuck indoors. Much teasing of Destrian ensues and much defensive shouting from Sadon comes soon after.

Ekhös: Constant baking and knitting, in classic old lady fashion. She also makes everyone hats and mittens so they don't get cold when the group does snowball fights.


Naomi did some coordinating for a certain military-associated kids' charity.

CJ requested time off well in advance (he told H.R. that he celebrates both Christmas and Chanukkah, which is at least nominally true with his syncretist upbringing). Nonetheless, he got called in for a shift on the 23rd which ended early in the morning on Christmas Eve. He straight-up crashed right after, and is currently hoping against all hope that he won't get called back in for at least another day, on the grounds that "that's probably enough exposure for one week."

Provided he doesn't get called back in: he and Brandee are once again on dinner duty. Someone, probably Brandee, sprung for some seriously fancy food, or at least the closest possible approximation thereof readily available (and, once again, a lot of it, because Kieron is going to be wearing pants with an elastic waistband).

Brandee got tired of walking everyone through the process of putting new snow chains on their tires when they were too cheap to pay extra for installation and didn't think to bring their own. She has since printed up a booklet which explains the task to the reader like they're five, and has taken to offering a copy with each sale.

Kieron had intended to work a few shifts as a mall Santa, entirely out of the goodness of his heart. Mind you: out of costume, you'd think he was too young to be convincing; but he doesn't need much padding, could definitely tote the gift sack around with no effort and in fact at very least looks like he could deadlift the sleigh and the whole team, and intended to vaguely invoke North from Rise of the Guardians. But, obviously, that didn't work out in the face of the pandemic; as such, he kind of ended up being the errand boy again.

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Chelsea: making gingerbread houses with her sister and her girlfriend

Arinya: is the sister

Taia: is the girlfriend


Chelsea: drinking alcohol illegally

Arinya: studying and turning a blind eye to her sister

Taia: waiting for fireworks


Chelsea: going to extreme lengths for a valentines date

Arinya: is studying on single happiness day

Taia: is preparing for a valentines dates


Chelsea: is gorging on chocolate

Arinya: eats chocolate croissants for lunch

Taia: buys chocolate for her and all her friends

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Simon and Sel Siegel are lighting their menorah every night and eating a ton of gelt. Simon would sit on Selene's floor and spin the dridel around for hours while she drew holiday gifts for her friends and family. They would also probably have a really weird, tense Christmas dinner with their parents colleagues and their maternal relatives. and, of course, they'd host the Secret Santa gift exchange at their house.

Raj would work extra hours so he could get a tree discounted from his job at the mill. his mom would cook a big meal, and they would all sit down and eat a rare family dinner and it would be awkward, but kind of nice. then Raj would scrape together the last of his money and buy gifts for his friends (and for selene!! ;))

Felicity, her triplet younger brothers, and her parents would spend like half a day decorating their tree, and if it snows, the kids would spend the rest of the day playing. either way, they'd probably take a couple days up in Vermont. then felicity would come back and spend a weekend with the Siegel twins.

Darra: I wish I had more to say about her, she and her two moms would go and weekend in Philly. I still haven't gotten a handle on her character yet. maybe she'd go skiing with Felicity (although she'd snowboard, cause Darra's cool like that).


Anyway: these dorks basically did the same thing again, because Kieron's "mall North" plans would have fallen through again. Talula's scenario is basically as per the Thanksgiving one…although if she gets dragged into sharing it with the dorks, they would give some futuristic gadgets as gifts.

The Wannabe Evil Archmage does the same thing he'd be doing on Thanksgiving (namely: throws a party that includes a genuine charity auction, but also aspects from which he personally benefits).

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Christmas Eve Party! with the whole gang!! lots of sugary treats and probably an eggnog drinking contest (Owen would probaby win). Gift exchange and knowing Andrew, probably spiked eggnog or smth.
Christmas morning, it would just be the close four. After everyone opened presents and stuff, Seth and Sandra would be having a showball fight all day long and come in after dark shivering and like, on the verge of hypothermia, but the wonderful lovelies Adalynn and Owen (who absolutely expected her boyfriend and his girlfriend to be dumb and stupid) would have a hot cocoa bar and fresh Christmac cookies ready for them. (Adalynn was not allowed to bake tho.)

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Winter Holiday Party
Isabella: Decorating tree
Rain: Puts glitter on EVERYTHING
Nova: Setting up offering for everyone's deities
Baxtor: Doing extra research on everyone's celebrated holiday so everything is just right
Lux: Cooking huge dinner (also Nova, Baxtor, and Lux set up a collection to some oldies lo-fi styled music to play around the manor)
Brooklyn: Checks in on everyone, making sure every get a water break and no one is over-simulated
Yumi: Also decorating tree along with the living room
Moxxie: Is busy at cloud's job as a ringmaster/clown, but sends a postcard with circus family
Tiara: Hides presents around the house (Don't worry, it's family game)
Mukoro: Too overstimulate by the commotion, sits on couch playing with stim toy

(For context almost everyone here has a different religious practices from human history and history of different species)

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Simon: They kinda go all out. Christmas was a whole deal in his household growing up, including several different celebration days with different parts of the family, so they try their best to make every Christmas the best ever.
CJ: They spend a lot of time in preparation for Christmas (and Hanukkah for their twin cousins), but they really enjoy this time of year. They brought the tradition of making chocolate to the team that tends to be eaten very quickly after their completion. There are quite a few travel traditions in their family and they also try to make each holiday season fun and enjoyable. They also make sure to send out Christmas cards to their family (with no return address) to let them know they’re thinking of them and that they’re alright.
Logan: He doesn’t really know what to do with himself the first few holiday seasons but then he settles in to help prepare dinners in any small way he can. He also helps with decorating the base and the tree. He also really enjoys decorating cookies and getting or making little meaningful gifts for his friends.
Dean: He never really did Christmas as a kid, since his family moved around a lot and they rarely had money. His first holiday celebration was at the League base when he was still fairly new and they welcomed him whole-heartedly, so every year after, he’s put his heart and soul into celebrating. He put himself in charge of acquiring the tree, which always ends up being unnecessarily large.
Henry: His family always did Christmas to the extreme, being a bigger Christian family, and he will go back to Georgia with his family for a few days to celebrate. He also is very particular about his winter/holiday wardrobe and always looks like he’s in a Hallmark movie. He’s baking cookies, decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, Black Friday shopping, the whole shebang.

Madeline: Being the spoiled rich kid she was, always had a very elaborate Christmas celebration, but it was never fun. It was only pretty. Because that’s the only Christmas they know, they hate the way the rest of the team does Christmas, which involves a chaotically decorated tree and an actually delicious Christmas Eve dinner that tasted homey and not like rich people food. The team tries to force her to participate, but she just avoids it all and actually goes home to Upper Manhattan to celebrate Christmas her way.
Ava: She's an atheist, but she still enjoys the merriment that comes from December. People seem to be nicer on the New York streets and there are all kinds of cool celebrations going on that they appreciate. She also really enjoys seeing how happy Julianna gets and helps her bring a tree back to the base. They also help make sure Julianna doesn’t burn herself out and help with cooking and other preparations.
Peter: Christmas was very chaotic when he was growing up, thanks to divorced parents and three siblings, but he did always enjoy it. Unfortunately, Madeline can’t let him have anything, and although he tries to participate in Julianna’s Christmas-ing, Madeline drags him to Upper Manhattan with her to be arm candy for her own Christmas celebration. He hates every second of it, but at least Julianna saved leftovers for him.
James: He has mixed feelings about Christmas, and considering that his financé doesn’t really celebrate Christmas anyway, he just goes along with her, helping out with the set-up but ultimately, he and Ava have a nice couple of days together without any of the holiday stuff. This is of course after having Christmas Eve dinner, because Julianna is a fantastic cook.
Xavier: He is a Satanist, because of course he is, so he definitely does not plan on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. They do however celebrate the Grand High Climax on December 24th, which is the satanic juxtaposition to Christmas. She has a wonderful time celebrating on her own, although she does have a giant satanist party in her bar on Christmas day.

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One of mine is tracking down Santa Claus to interview him. The Tooth Fairy is next.