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(ooh this is such a fun idea!!! i'm so glad i could be of service c': definitely gonna try this later!)

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wow it is a lot harder troping myself than my characters lol but here goes nothing!!

tropes that actually apply to me:

ditzy genius: i'm generally pretty smart all things considered, but i'm also really absentminded and goofy. like i can spend all day working on my research and meet with my faculty mentor and he'll be like (ahem, not to flex) "wow charlotte this is really good stuff," but then after that i'll try to replace a brita filter and it'll take me half an hour because i forgot that i could just google how to do it, but even then it's such an easy task i shouldn't even need to google it, y'know? also my whole life my dad's jokingly told me i'm an "absent-minded professor" (which is also a trope but ditzy genius suits me better because i'm not science-y and i'm pretty social i'm just also pretty bad at basic tasks and walking and stuff)

nervous wreck: i'm a uh nervous wreck

cool big sis: kind of "subverted" kind of "played straight" (lol). most if not all of my younger friends irl view me as a cool big sister figure, but my actual younger sisters think i am the dorkiest person on the planet :')

one head taller: i'm 5'10 and my partner's 5'4

tropes i wish applied to me:

otherworldly and sexually ambiguous

maybe i'll think of some more later ahaha but this was fun!!

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Okay tropes that I am

Big Bat Girl in Zombie Apocalypse- Ya know the one hot blonde with the bat full of sharp things? Okay maybe I'm not that hot. But that's me

Cute and Deadly aka: If looks could kill- squishy cheeks and big blue eyes, but will also probably stab a bitch with a smile

Lovable overly excitable idiot: Who probably drags the introverted scary tall muscle person that is their love everywhere with them. Gets away with too much with big scary person, by teasing them

Party Animal: Nuff said

(I have more! As I have written in a poem about myself 'I am a multiple faceted diamond and he wanted a two sided coin'. But for now. This describes me pretty well)

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I'm not one of the main cast.I was put into the first episode as a joke, and people thought it was funny so they kept it. I have exactly one line every episode where I sprint past the MC's screaming some bizarre something that has nothing to do with anything. I'm not even named until the last season after a big cliffhanger when they need a filler episode and I get a episode all to myself going into detail about my daily life. When the show gets a reboot I'm not even a character because they needed to cut the cost.

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Brainy Brunette
Little Miss Snarker
Innocently Insensitive
Badass Bookworm
D-Cup Distress
Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak
Plucky Girl
Split Personality (Not literally, but… yeah)
No Social Skills
Beware the Nice Ones/Break the Cutie

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Tropes that apply to me:
Conscience - I'm the only one providing common sense and acting as an external source of a moral compass
Loyalist - I always end up being the supporter, boosting up my friends and never leaving their sides unless they want me to
McCoy - I care for others deeply and I always seek to try to do the right thing, no matter what the situation is
Observer - I often witness all that goes on, but remain quiet and calm on the outside while internally panicking

Tropes that I want to apply to me but never will:
Big Fun
Chosen One
Manic Pixie Dream Boy

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Tropes that apply to me:

The observer: I dont participate in many group-type things, and I enjoy staying on the sidelines. I'm a big people watcher and would gladly enjoy just listening rather than speaking. When I finally join in something, I mostly stick to myself.

The athlete: I really like swimming,
badminton, archery, throwing knives, and overall just being outside. I would definitely be the one athletic person.

The socially impaired one: I have social anxiety and struggle with fully communicating my thoughts or ideas. Also, people are intimidating.

(I might think of more later, but this is what I got for now.)

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tropes that apply to me:

childish tooth gap: i'm the youngest in my family, and i have a tooth gap.
the quiet one: my mum calls me this verbatim whenever relatives come over.
eating lunch alone: i choose to eat by myself in school.
sibling yin yang: my twin sister is loud and confident, whereas i'm quiet and kinda self-conscious.
animal lover/not good with people: i love all animals, but find it hard to talk to real people in front of me.
situational sociability: when face-to-face with people, i can choke up. however if i'm really close to them or it's on the internet, i'm a social butterfly.
the baby of the bunch: i'm the youngest and everyone babies me.
ditzy genius: i'm like the "gifted kid" but i also lack, like, basic social cues.
d-cup distress: uh, yeah.
brainy brunette: i have dark brown hair and i'm (apparently) quite smart.

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tropes from the website "tv tropes" that apply to me:

Tropes i wish applied to me: