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So I have some characters, Nova and Emerisa, who I want to make into queerplatonic soulmates. Their back story so far is that after Nova has been Outcast by her coven she seeks refuge in a place called Hexa where she meets Emerisa. They share the same values, beliefs, interests, and later became best friends. Together they started their own coven of anarchist witches (I know it sounds edgy but there is a point to it). and Emerisa is a trans lesbian and Nova is a non-binary polyamorous pansexual who is married to two other people, Lux and Baxter. I want to make sure I'm not making a relationship with Emerisa two similar to their relationship with Lutz and Baxter. A loving relation that fits the boundaries as platonic.

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I think the best way to really illustrate that different dynamic is how you would write Nova with their spouses and how you would write them with Emerisa.

It's all about how Nova feels when all of this is going on. Something that I would recommend is that they're sort of similar to a romantic relationship, just without the big feelings. When they touch, they don't feel any sort of skip in their heartbeat. When they make eye contact, they don't get lost in each other's eyes. Y'know stuff like that. Write them as close and caring for each other, just write it differently from how Nova would feel with their spouses.

I don't know a lot about either's personalities, but perhaps Nova gets flustered when one of their spouses compliments them, but when Emerisa does it, Nova would just counter with an equally as cheesy compliment. Maybe Nova is more goofy and playful when hanging out with Emerisa and sappier when they're around their spouses.

Does that make sense?

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Yes it does. Nova's personality is a bit iffy the moment. If you where a stranger, they wound act lady-like and polite. As they get more comfortable, they will give dumb, jokingly insults and nicknames. With they're closest people, they can act loud and chaotic. I'm still working on their physical boundaries and a more detailed personality.