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I going to test myself. I want you to send in a horror scene that's so simple that it's not scary. Then I will add stuff to it, to give you the vibe of being scared

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I got you. I previously wrote a scene that is supposed to ominous. I only took the first few paragraphs from it. I want to see what you can change or add to the paragraphs. I also would like to see what you could add after the dialogue. I know this is not a simple scene, but I wanna test you (As per the title). Hopefully, it'll do. Have fun!

Seth stared at the studies strewn across his desk. His office was wholly dark. The only source of illumination an accrue feeble hallway light. A thought loomed over his mind. The dwelling notion of the shadowy figures in the doorway made his body twitched; his skin felt like a pincushion. Why were they there? Where did they derive? All these questions swirled around his head. Maybe he had gone off the deep end. No—NO! These figures were actual. Irritation swelled through him, and he slammed his hands on the desk. Distributed papers floated to the ground. Sweat beaded on his forehead because of the spanning heat over his body.

Heavy footsteps plodded towards him. Hell was to occur; it always lingered close. A rough hand clasped his shoulder, and a warm breath rasped in his ear.

“You have alienated everyone in your life. Look at yourself. You have become estranged from existence. But, there’s a solution,” insisted the low, raspy voice. Seth could recognize it as a man's. “You may join my efforts, my side of the tracks, and loneliness will never envelope you again.”

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Hmm…scenario: sitting in a hospital waiting room while trying not to go insane? Idk it's just how I get when in waiting rooms.

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If you have the time, I have one that I've been trying to improve. Character 1 is walking through a dark forest by himself, vaguely aware of something watching him but he isn't sure what. This goes on for a little while, character 1 pausing occasionally and reaching for his sword before moving on. The "jump scare" happens then with a hand shooting out from behind a tree and grabbing him