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Here the table

Characters Name:


Looks: (Hair, face, eyes etc.)

Distinguishing features: (scars, freckles/moles/teeth/bruises/glasses/hats etc)

Personality: (feel free to ramble :} )

Favourite Colour/s:


How would they react if-

  • They saw a dead body:

  • They saw something they shouldn't have:

  • They know something know one should:

Background: (optional)

Trival facts: (optional)



Hello rover my bestie friend can you fill the table pls it just makes things a lot easier thank you ily <3

Oh shit sorry bestie I completely missed it! here you go!

Characters Name: Thorn Kaysi Irvine

Nicknames: Just Thorn

Looks: Dyed purple hair in a curly up do, black skin tone, blue eyes, (if you go on the profile and on gallery there is a picrew for what she looks like, its just easier to take a look)

Distinguishing features: Freckles around body, Tiny scars around body, mostly on arms and stomach, Scars on biceps, sword accidents when training (all are small nicks from swords and such)

Personality: (feel free to ramble :} ) Thorn is very mellow and easy-going, not really one for conflict or gossip she usually keeps to herself. She always seems tired and half asleep, often chiming in with snarky remarks here and there. Despite the calm nature, Thorn likes to stand out in a crowd and usually does this though her hair and clothes, in an odd way she likes to be the centre of attention. She easily understands boundaries for others, never trying to push people out of their comfort zones or pressuring them to be someone they aren't. Thorn doesn't ask many questions about what people have been through, especially if they say that they don't wanna talk about it she'll just leave it at that.

Favourite Colour/s: Blue, Purple and teal

Hobbies/talents: sewing, sleeping a lot and cooking sometimes.

How would they react if-

  • They saw a dead body: Stare for way too long, not knowing how to process but her eyes are glued to it.

  • They saw something they shouldn't have: Walk away, out of sight out of minf.

  • They know something know one should: Keep it to herself, and keep it very well

Trival facts: She likes apples, also is a transwoman and an absolute ICON


Characters Name: Felix Erwin

Nicknames: None

Looks: (Hair, face, eyes etc.) He's tall, thin, graceful in a languid sort of way. His hair is a little longer and slightly curly, he combs it forward and it's dark brown with blondish tints (Born blond, it's darkened over the years). His eyes are dark brown.

Distinguishing features: (scars, freckles/moles/teeth/bruises/glasses/hats etc) He's got a great big scar on his lower stomach to the right where he got stabbed once, and some smaller ones on his chest where he also has gotten stabbed, but with a fork. He's pal and unhealthy looking, but part of that is he gets very little sun and sleeps poorly. He's a fashion conscious fellow and dresses the part. He looooves winter/fall fashion, and any time he gets to wear a long coat and a scarf, he's happy.

Personality: (feel free to ramble :} ): Sorry this is lack luster Im feeling poorly :/ We're going to bullet-point his personality

Felix is:

  • Extroverted
  • Romanticizes everything
  • Soft pretty boy
  • Kind
  • Sarcastic and slightly hostile
  • Way tougher than he looks
  • He's determined and doesn't let go of something if it really matters
  • But he's also made of glass and angel feathers.
  • Good big bro
  • Great middle sibling
  • The son you want, unless you really want toxic masculinity.
  • Chaotic
  • Shy around his crush, but not too shy
  • Cares a little to much about physical appearance
  • Self-destructive
  • Paranoid

Favourite Colour/s: Sea-glass green, bright baby blue, any fall colors, yellow especially.

Hobbies/talents: He's a really good singer and song-writer, but only occasionally dabbles in music. He also plays video games with his brothers, smokes quite a bit, goes out for long night-time walks by himself or with a certain smoking buddy, and scrolls mindlessly through the internet the rest of the time.

How would they react if-

  • They saw a dead body: He'd freak out. He'd probably throw up, and then just run. He's got some personal trauma relating to that kind of stuff anyway, so he'd be thinking about his own safety first, everything else second. He would stay freaked out about that for a very long time, too. Probably wouldn't leave his room.

  • They saw something they shouldn't have: …like the cigarettes no one knows he smokes? He's not got the greatest self-control in the world, and he's great at making excuses. Depending on what it is, may or may not ignore it. Depends on i he thinks he can get away with it, and if his standards are sinking that low.

  • They know something know one should: He's got a good relationship with his therapist, he might talk to her about it. But what it comes down to in his actual story, he can tell no one about, and the only one who knows is a criminal who caught Felix in 4k sleepwalk murdering someone, and hell if he's taking that to the cops.

Background: (optional)

Trival facts: (optional) He's terrified of spiders :)

@klueekillz group

  • Characters Name:

Kumi Matsuyama Komarov

  • Nicknames:

(Still in process, im sorry)

  • Looks: (Hair, face, eyes etc.)

Her hair is curly and long, the color is a pink with some blue/purple tones. Her eyes are a pink / red color with some asian characteristics. Her lips are pink and really soft, she has a lot of freckles on her whole body, her body is covered with wounds. Her skin is pale but not that pale.

  • Distinguishing features: (scars, freckles/moles/teeth/bruises/glasses/hats etc)

Kumi haves a lot of freckles around her whole body, like I said before. She has a tattoo on her waist, is a moon. Her teeth are normal, but the fangs are more long (not sharp) she really likes to wear cute and/or tiny things on her hair.

  • Personality: (feel free to ramble :} )

Really but really shy and kind, she loves making other happier or better but she doesn't likes when others care about her (she feels bad for them and try to stop them, y'know, traumas). She is such a happy and calm person always, even when she is at her worst she still tries to make everyone happy :)) she's really cute with everyone.

  • Favourite Colour/s:

White, pink, purple, blue, pastel colors.

  • Hobbies/talents:

She's really good at drawing and writing, one of her hobbies is take pictures with her camera and other is playing some instruments (like the flute or the guitar)

How would they react if-

  • They saw a dead body: At first impression she'll get shocked and won't move, then try to keep calm for maybe 5-10 minutes before bursting into tears and having a panic attack. Then she will try to get help or, maybe, faint.

  • They saw something they shouldn't have: She will get shocked too, and then try to analize what's going on while trying to relax. Maybe she will get away from the situation or investigate.

  • They know something know one should: Kumi will keep the ¨secret¨ for herself and act calmy, sometimes she will look worried but if she notices anyone looking she will act calm.