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Darnell: Who's the real me? Pop the champagne. It hurts me just to think and I don't do pain (the living tombstone- my ordinary life lyrics)
Elijah: I have given into my temptation I can't trust anyone anymore nor can I really believe myself (Bacterial Contamination- Kanimiso-P)
Ava: I’m screaming that I want to be saved, but I’m sure I’m already garbage (It’s Just Life- Nuyuri)
Bonita: but "Always" and "Forever" are just things we'll never be (One of Repetition- Nekomushi-P)
Matthew: I lost my head again and just want to throw everything away it's not that easy (About Me- Chouchou-P)
Micheal: I hate people, but in truth, the one I hate the most is my own self, and my weakness. (People Allergy- Kairiki Bear)
Aaron: It's swallowed you up completely, hasn't it? liar Turn me inside-out and I look just like you (Liar Dance DECO*27 )
Colton: In time you may find, humans lead such hateful lives If I give up humanity could I see you again and would you smile at me? (First Train and Kakfa- n-buna)
Hasuko: And, in this emptiness I'm lonely it's my only proof that you were here. (Donut Hole- Hachi)

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Andrea: I don't wanna seem the way I do but I'm confident when I'm with you (Her husband, Nathaniel) (Cloud 9 by Beach Bunny)

Gwen: And I was dancing in the rain, I felt alive and I can't complain (Runaway by AURORA)

Jax: All these voices get so loud, but they still can't drown the sound of me knowing this is all my fault (I was so sure by Mnthl/Former Vandal)

Nathaniel: It seems that all that was good has died and is decaying in me (Down with the sickness by Disturbed)

Bane: Ever since I could remember, everything inside of me just wanted to fit in (Monster by Imagine Dragons)

Slate: Do be kind and civilized and don't descend into the dark abyss (Man in the moon by Erasure)

Ender: So pull me closer and kiss me hard, I'm gonna pop your bubblegum heart (Bubblegum bitch by MARINA)

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Lost In Self


"What's it like to be alone on a Sunday
Remembering the time you saw them just yesterday?
Sing me a song, tell me your thoughts
I could listen to you all night long"

  • Hug All Ur Friends, Cavetown


"Curious camgirls
Cruel and kind cherry boys
They were restless for those refills
Superimposed on a green screen"

  • Night Time, Superorganism


"For the second grade
I'm amazed
I'm afraid
I'm too cool"

  • Never Wanted To Dance, Mindless Self-Indulgence


"Now shut your dirty mouth
If I could burn this town
I wouldn't hesitate
To smile while you suffocate and die"



"'m sitting here, crying in my prom dress
I'd be the prom queen if crying was a contest
Makeup is running down, feelings are all around
How did I get here? I need to know"

  • prom dress, mxmtoon


"'Do not enter' it's written on the doorway
Why can't everyone just go away?
Except you, you can stay"

  • Treehouse, Alex G



"I've know sometimes I make you feel insane
Sorry that's just how I play this stupid game
I've can't act like a child and disobey
All that you want from me and that you say"

  • Airplane Mode, LIMBO


"I was in the middle ground
Looking to find the flowers in the garden
Wearying of the hate me, hate me not"

  • Murders, Miracle Musical


"I'm way too young to lie here forever
I'm way too old to try so whatever
Come hang
Let's go out with a bang"

  • Bang!, AJR


"Hold still, my sweet
I'm trying to measure the space between your molar and your jaw
This caliper– no cause for fear
No, it… it doesn't hurt"

  • The Dismemberment Song, Blue Kid

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"Am I the reason that you can't look past your future self
Got me believing you been stuck and glued in frequent doubt
I know the feeling cuz I can't keep my mind open now" - Variation, Dance Gavin Dance

"My mouth's shooting blanks.
Situation's unbearable,
I've gotten vulnerable.
Now anyone is free to waltz right in.
My temple's been invaded,
And there's nobody guarding it.
All over this lonely life.
But what's so wrong with being all alone?
Alone's the only way I've ever known." Devotion and Desire; Bayside

"I am a reflection of my present and my past
I am fear and truth, and Elmer's glue
And I've got to be alright with that
Who's gonna miss me when I die?
Is it quantity or quality and why?" - White Flag; Bayside

"And I do believe it's true
That there are roads left in both of our shoes
But if the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me, too
So, Brown Eyes, I'll hold you near
'Cause you're the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere" - Soul Meets Body; Death Cab for Cutie

"As I am a loner
And I am a fraud
And I am in Hell
Right where I belong
And I am a sinner
But aren't we all?
Let's sneak into Heaven
Are you coming or not?" -Heaven; Bayside

"There's more to living than being alive."- Alexithymia; Anberlin

"Your catharsis is beautiful." -Son of Robot; Dance Gavin Dance

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Jax: "But sometimes the truth is just my point of view not what is real and not what is true" - Blow out My Brains- Tikkle Me
Charlie: "Even if I fit myself into a box, I would just be abandoning my self-esteem to the dimly-lit morning" - Radiant DNA - Zutto mayonakade īnoni
Lucas: "Everyone wants a story. Everyone has a sweet sweet dream. It's a tale with an ending that it overflows from your lips" Eat me - OSTER PROJECTS
Micheal: " Because I can’t put these pains on hold, my hearts soak them up becoming cold" People Allergy - Kairiki Bear
Sophie: "
William: "Today, I’m holding on to my sleepy, sleepy ideal of becoming useful for once, while waiting to be saved" Fixer- nuyuri
Jane: "Proof of my existence. Ahh, shut up. My body's made of lies I want to complete it, I want to cheat, give me the answer I can't change? Do I want to be kept like a pet? Is it all gone? This isn't me! The seams have split and torn apart" Toyko Teddy Bear- Tokyo Teddy Bear- Neru + Orebanana-P
Janice "It happens breakfast lunch and dinner There isn’t any flavor, can’t savor It tastes like it’s all made out of paper I fell into a puddle, tripping over lies as I went sprinting off into the night" Quiet Room - Ewe

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i really like all my playlists so we're working from those!
Simon: You gotta want to be the drummer in the band. You gotta want to be a battering ram. You gotta see the artistry in tearing the place apart with me, baby. (Wrecking Ball - Mother Mother)
CJ: Eyes open wide, daydream at night. My thoughts collide. One day they’ll see behind the scenes, me shining bright. They’re gonna try and clip your wings, lock you up and make you sing, but they’ll never cage your dreams so fly away. (Tomorrow - Set It Off)
Logan: 'Cause we're just laughing 'cause we feel like crying, pretend we don't care but we're all lying. They say we're all self-obsessed 'cause we're in love with loneliness. Who knew fear could be so unifying? (thrifted youth - dalynn)
Dean: I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation. I've never been afraid of any deviation. An' I don't really care if you think I'm strange; I ain't gonna change. (Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)
Henry: I’m wandering alone to places that I’ve never been. I’m putting my mind in the sky, letting the whole world in. My personality is ninety-two or ninety-three. Let’s get lost up in the past, why don’t you spend this day with me? (Smile - Nohidea)

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"Your hands protect the flames
From the wild winds around you
Icarus is flying too close to the sun
And Icarus' life, it has only just begun
This is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave" - Icarus, Bastille

"So here's another day I'll spend away from you
Another night, I'm on another broken avenue
Trading in who I've been for shiny celebrity skin
I like to push it and push it until my luck is over" - Masterpiece Theatre III, Marianas Trench

"And if I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free
To those who ground me
Take a message back from me
Tell them how I am defying gravity" - Defying Gravity, Wicked

"When will they realize
God with the crazy eyes
Never had an invite
Kick me out, I don't mind
Helicopter by the stop sign
Pretending that it's a strobe light
Kick me out, I'm not phased
I'm on another plane" - Sweet Tooth, Scott Helman

"Thank you
I'll say goodbye soon
Though it's the end of the world, don't blame yourself
And if it's true
I will surround you
And give life to a world
That's our own" - Goodbye to a World, Porter Robinson

"1985 Was a good year
The sky broke apart and you appeared
Dropped from the heavens, they call me a dreamer
I won't lie, I knew you would belong here
Lifted off the ground
I took your hands and pulled you down" - Lifted Up, Passion Pit

"There's a room where the light won't find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do, I'll be right behind you
So glad we've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule the world" - Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Tears for Fears

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Sound: Scared of the Dark - Lil Wayne & Ty Dollar Sign
I'm not scared of the dark
I'm not running, running, running
No, I'm not afraid of the fall
I'm not scared, not at all
Why would a star, a star ever be afraid of the dark?

Let me testify, I have never testified
And I'm married to my pride, I ain't never, never cried

and of course
If only you count the tears I've cried
A million times, I swear I've died

Dark: Eight - Sleeping At Last (a beautiful song, my personal favorite out of all the enneagram ones despite me being a 7)
But I can't let you see all that I have to lose
All I've lost in the fight to protect it
I can't let you in, I swore never again
I can't afford to let myself be blindsided

along with
When I see fragile things, helpless things, broken things
I see the familiar
I was little, I was weak, I was perfect, too
Now I'm a broken mirror

Shade: Little Fang - Avey Tare
And if it ever starts to pour down, little fang
The melody sings what the words can't say
But they might laugh and they might be scared
Of the one little fang with the spikes in her hair

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Dawn- There is no turning back, no, I've brought my own demise. I've been caged inside my grave I've dug up my whole life (Traffic Jam- Niru kajitsu)
Elijah- That’s right, heed my advice: Don’t reveal what you feel at any time,Fight ‘em silent for the chance to stand beside me, or shot to rot beneath my feet! (Chururira chururira daddadda- Takeaki Wada (Kurage-P))
Kelly: Screwing everything up and doing everything wrong in my defense I wasn't supposed to be around this long, so… (Cigarette Ahegao- Penelope Scott)
Emma: Everything won't be the same, everywhere I go is you, no, I can't stand no more, lying down right here waiting
for you to pick up every single piece of me (Karakuri Pierrot- 40meterP)
Micheal: Well people die every day I wouldn't have it any other way I just think they should feel okay while they are alive How could they ever feel okay When things are more and more this way Sometimes it's like they'd rather die (American Healthcare- Penelope Scott)
Camille- Looking at you now, yes, and even you Was I unneeded? Was I just in the way too? Call me a phantom, never meant to be Couldn't be more fun to party and scream (Hitorinbo Envy- koyori)

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i'm back! more characters.

Madeline: And that's why you want her, that's why you want her. She'll put a dagger in his chest. You see how quickly he forgets ‘cause she's a genius in fishnets. She's so-she's a bad girl. (Bad Girl - Girls Love Shoes)
Ava: Could never tell you what happened the day I turned seventeen. The rise of a king and the fall of a queen, oh seventeen. Seventeen. Oh, you were embarrassed of me, ‘cause I used my tongue freely. Bet you wish I couldn’t speak, ‘cause when I do, you know I tell you why you appear weak. (Seventeen - MARINA)
Peter: You're no good, you're no good, you could kill me and you should. I'm an idiot for thinking this was anything but blood on the wall, on the couch, on the corner of my mouth. You must like being the victim. You've done nothing to get out of this pattern of pain washed away by the rain. You'll forgive me if I promise and do nothing but the same. This is life until death, could be my last dying breath, but this is love, love, shut up, this is love. (This is Love - Air Traffic Controller)
James: When the world falls into pieces, you'll be the one voice of reason. When I can't face all my demons, you are the one I believe in. Through the thunder and the rain, together we fall, together we fly away. Hold me closely, you are my one and only. (Queen of Hearts - We the Kings)
Xavier: I'm uncontrollable, emotional, chaotically proportional. I'm visceral, reloadable. I'm crazy, I'm crazy, I'm crazy, I'm crazy. Everybody in the world knows I'm a little twisted, twisted. (Twisted - MISSIO)

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Javin- I'm just the boy inside the man, not exactly who you think I am (Be Somebody, Thousand Foot Krutch) Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind [for] thinking I can see through this and see what's behind. (Human, Rag'n Bone Man)

Amura- You say I'm beautiful, and I say you're full of it… I'm my worst enemy. I'm the voice who says, "I'm not good enough" (Working On It, Meghan Trainor) This is just a heads up I mess people's heads up only cause I'm scared of losing mine (Maybe Don't, Maisie Peters)

Safiya- I’ve seen the other side, I learned that men don’t tell the truth and women lie. And time don’t heal all hearts, and life’s a fight. (Let Me Down, Nick Fabian) It doesn't really matter that I didn't choose this. All that really matters is how I'm getting through this. (One Day At A Time, Madilyn Paige)

Hunter- Often I get exhausted trying regardless to be enough. Is it selfish not to be selfless when all I can help is to open up? (Always I'll Care, Jeremy Zucker) I can feel it, it's about to go down. There's a time and place for a face in the crowd and today is the day, stand out. Stand up, stand your ground. Be the who that you wanna be proud and when you feel like you can't make a sound right there is the time we're supposed to get loud. (Just Imagine It, MKTO)

Duri- I know you might break me if I say what's on my mind. (Out Of My Hands, Jake Scott) How many times I numbed the pain, or how many times I tried to move on couldn't get out of my own way. How many times I lied to myself. I lit up and burn out. How many times I hit rock bottom 'cause I couldn't admit that I needed help (LIMBO, Whatever We Are)

Sailor- I'll be dancing tonight if the last thing I feel is your skin on mine… If my last memory is looking in your eyes I'll be dancing. (Dancing When I Die, Heather Janssen) They tell me that I'm crazy, but I'll never let 'em change me. (Daisies, Katy Perry)

Avalee- So I fake a smile but I know you know me too well… I'm waiting for them all to see I don't deserve your company (Fake A Smile, Alan Walker) She would not show that she was afraid that being and feeling alone was too much to face. Though everyone said that she was so strong what they didn't know is that she could barely carry on. But she knew that she would be okay, so she didn't let it get in her way. (A Little To Much, Shawn Mendes)

Tanda- Feeling high, feeling low, but we don’t let them know. We deny what we feel so we don’t rock the boat. Think we’re insane when we break but it makes all of us. It’s ok we’re a little bit schizophrenic (Schizophrenic, OhFrank) I won't let you slip away. Is there any hope for us left? Even a ghost needs a friend. (Ghost, Jacob Lee)

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Literally just the whole song Sugar Crash! describes like half my characters lol.


Cello: I've got it all, and I'm getting more, but I never fall, beat 'em all, cause you know I'm so humble (I'm so humble, Lonely Island)

Dakota: I'm too many years in the zone. Too many years to have built what I own, and many dumb fool try to take what I grown, but these roots go deep and you can't blood a stone. So if you wanna push Imma shove, if you wanna spar we can do it no glove. And i you're gonna run at me you better do it hard cause I fear no fall, no brawl, no scars. (Don't get in my way, Zack Hemsey)

Ram: This life is long, and soaked in sadness, and borrowed time from Mr. Madness, and so it goes, a choking rose back to be reborn. I wanna hold you like your mine. (Agnes - Glass Animals)

Titan: ALL of To Be By Your Side - Nick Cave

Ferris: I'm pissed off and I wanna start swinging… I clenched my fist so hard I think it started bleeding. I'm pissed off and I wanna start swinging. (1-800 pain - Hurt)

Parka: I don't wanna look like this. I don't wanna feel like this. (MISS YOU - Corpse)

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Jax: Hey you know, if my deepest thoughts could still come true someday I would wish, I could be like you and laugh the pain away But I don’t have the heart to turn away from fear If nothing more Could you just stay right here?

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Asumi: Tell me, am I breaking down? All I am is broken now! Even so I want to keep On breathing, I’m breathing
Minato: It’s no “coincidence” we’re both here at this time ‘Cause here we draw the line And every single thing is defined “black” or “white” the very moment we were given our names our roles have been preordained, when I snap my fingers None will remain!
Charlie:Even if I fit myself into a box, I would just be abandoning my self-esteem to the dimly-lit morning
Kelly: But I know that I must be much kinder But I, am I, gonna have time? Maybe I'll be kinder, in a life where
My heart is not numb from all the misery
Mason: In the end, our fate is fading, are we all dead? Surprise, again we’re hitting bottom lower and then A star came up for us but no, we couldn’t touch The sandy planet said
Elliott; God if you’re there listening to my song, then please, I want to be reborn worthyThey say you don’t make mistakes, so do you just hate me?

@Serpentess health_and_safety language

Lucitius: A Splintered Mind-Lord of the Lost
(The Chorus)
“Could you still love me with a splintered mind?
Could you still want me
When you don't know what you might find?
Behind this shattered lens I see the world through
Coloring my thoughts, distorting my view
If I let you see what's broken inside of me
Could you still love me with a splintered mind?”

Phalakros: Monsters-The Crüxshadows
“There's someone up above me
there's someone scratching softly
little monsters in the chimney
all black and stained with soot
come creeping to my bedroom
and lead me here to sleep”

Mythrius: I’ll Bite Your Face Off-Alice Cooper
“She turned her head and she softly said
I'll bite your face off
I'll bite your face off
I'll bite your face off – little man
I'll bite your face off – you know that I can”

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Are you one of us?
Are you one of us?
Tell me, are you one of us?
Said, are you one of us?

Mystery Skulls - One Of Us

Samuel & Lacy
We've been on and off, just like
Lights (x2)

Jessame - Lights

Samuel to Lacy
Give me reasons we should be complete
You should be with him, I can't compete
You looked at me like I was someone else, oh well
Can't you see? (Can't you see?)
I don't wanna slow dance (I don't want to slow dance)
In the dark
Joji - SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK clean ver.

The Midnight Dealer
I’m on a first lane basis with danger
It’s stranger, when I’m there
I’ll let the narrator tell you you how it goes (x2)

Monte Booker & Naji - Mona Lisa

And I will find you
I will find you
I will reach you
Or I, I, I will lose my mind

DJ Trademark - City Of Dreams (Dirty South & Alesso) Vocal Bootleg

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No matter how far I scrolled down on the screen, you weren't where you used to be
I don't care about the pictures I skim past unless you were in them (I Hate You / Dennoko P feat. Aoki Lapis & KAITO)

Strained for love in this utopia
Come and try your best to catch me, poet of the loverly
Faking smiles I laugh as I lie
I can’t tell the fact from fiction somehow I start to cry
(Merry Bad End-)

I don't need your sympathy,
Your vicious lies are killing me.
And you don't even understand,
(Nonsense Speaker)

Deep red, the string of fate is tangled around
A shallow heart I’m feeding lies inside of every pound
I tried not to show the tears that always had ran
But I couldn’t cut it, now I’m just a laughable scam


And don't you crush on me
Go fucking crush yourself.
Press 'A' To Speak by Skull Puppies.

I'll never give up
I'll never give in
Till I'm bloody and bruised
Till I've broken my bones
Till I won't be abused
Till I'm laughing alone.
I'm gonna win by Ron Cantor.

And I began to talk to myself
Almost immediately
Not being used
to being
the only person there
Woke up new by The Mountain goats (honestly the whole song fits almost perfectly)

Underneath the floor boards
There's a child
With no heart
There's a mother
Torn apart
House With No Doorbell by McCafferty

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I have but one, and that's Ryan.

Close your eyes you'll be here soon
一 二 三 四 五分
時々 本当に寝たい
でも このワードできない

(My Time by bo en)

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Mason: I let all of it slowly fade away If we were to grant the wish we wished the most, someone else will lose something that they hold close I don't wanna die Please don't let me die (Heaven-harryp)
Duke: It would be fine if it were all a lie, So I don't have to replay all the tears and the goodbye Please don't cry with that face, flaming red and ashamed Could we forget this and go back to the way we were Please (Fakery Tale- Deco*27)


I actually have partial playlists for Naomi and Brandee. Anyway, for the most archetypal songs: probably "Rifle Range" by Blondie for Naomi:

If I lose my head, we'll be certainly dead
With visions of acid, how I wish they bled
The drummings of fear cause they're getting so near
And I think of a lion who was devoured down there…

(Oh, my traumatized disaster child. That said: the song also is about bisexuality, so there's an up side.)

And for Brandee: "Bamboo Banga" by M.I.A.

Road runner, road runner
Going hundred mile per hour
With your radio on
With your radio on
Road runner, road runner
Going hundred mile per hour
With your radio on
With your radio on

And while this is kind of a silly or at least frivolous choice: I suspect CJ's playlist kind of needs "Round in All the Right Places" and/or "Bears," both by Tom Goss. (CJ is a total salmon; pass it on.)

vincent jude

Malachi- "burnt onto my sight and later on the nerve. weather on a spree, i'm a missing person. i'm not supposed to understand your words. no splitting personalities, don't force it all" (The Primitives Talk by Zach Hill)
Eden- "i must go on standing. you can't break that which isn't yours. i must go on standing. i'm on my own, it's not my choice" (Apres Moi by Regina Spektor)
Anais- "when i was a child i toyed with dirt and i fought. as a child i killed the slugs i bore with a bow in their spiracle. when i was child peers, pushed me hard in my head, in my neck, in my chest, in my waist, in my butt. i still beg, 'please help me'" (Spiracle by Soap&Skin)
Yves- "going out of this heart, well i can't even start, it only makes a fool out of me. it's clear my good run has been and done. the moment i could leave had left and gone" (A Dead Night Again by The Wytches)
Viola- "he never knew what i was made of, heat couldn't melt me, cold couldn't waver me. he never knew my form or shape, his heart couldn't melt me, water couldn't bathe me. caught him gambling with a stare, he took me all the way in despair. operating from another world, i want to be that other girl" (That Other Girl by Sevdaliza)
Alexey- "i lift my eyes, i slow my gait. and i never wanna see you again. you leave me restless, you leave me hung, you leave me coiled, you leave me… spun" (Spun by Chelsea Wolfe)
Ilya- "your step became unsteady once, even more every time you would stand on shrapnel. under your feet, there was a growth under your skin, an addition of pride for your newfound wasteland" (Shit Twins by Dads)
Belinda- "it's true, in this life i've never been the one in your eyes. i've never been the truth, all you saw was a broken mirror. and they told me to care, i'm trying to fix your heart, it's unfair. i'm trying to fix myself and not care so much about you" (Marilyn Monroe by Sevdaliza)

@Cadeverek group

This is gonna get long, but… inhales sharply Get in people, we going to therapy

UNIVERSE 1 (Sciamachy)

They call me obsessive, oh I know / Call me selective with my notes
Call me agressive with my flow / Call me offensive even though
No, I'm not okay, I just wanna be something / I don't wanna be nothing, Living all alone
No, I'm not alright, I'm just barely getting by / But I'll tell you I'm just fine, So you leave me alone
They say I'm way too obsessed / And I've got nothing left
And I'm not quite there yet / But those words they'll regret
'Cause I've got something left / And I'm not giving in
I will not let them win / I won't stop till the end, No
(Destiny by NEFFEX)


If someone tells me one more time / "Enjoy your youth", I'm gonna cry
And I don't stick up for myself / I'm anxious and nothing can help
And I wish I'd done this before / And I wish people liked me more
All I did was try my best / This the kind of thanks I get?
Unrelentlessly upset
They say these are the golden years / But I wish I could disappear
Ego crush is so severe / God, it's brutal out here
(Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo)


Something wicked this way comes
And as I set to face it, I'm unsure should I embrace it, should I run?
What motivates me? Hatred? Is it love?
What's more wrong, that I too wish to be great / Or my mother wished she'd had a son?
And even if I can't be the one
Maybe I could at least help make way for him / Until the day that he comes
Maybe my name could also be known
That I helped return good to the people / And restored greatness to Rome
(Brutus by The Butress)


Did your mother always seem to hate me?
I'm sicker every day and now I'm terrified of talking to my friends only to stay still
Dreaming of our first born and your hair covered in popcorn
You never leave / You never leave / You never leave
You leave me up tight
Strung up like a kite / Dumb, wicked, and white
Love me in spite
If I betray our lonely nights spent out like a light
With no kiss goodnight / Would we ever fight when I'm away?
(Out Like a Light by The Honeysticks)


I learned to live with these eyes in my closet / Hands in my pockets
Alone, but surrounded / I'm breathing, I'm drowning
I haven't slept in days, but who's counting? (Yeah)
You'd be paranoid too / If everyone you knew / Was out to get you
(You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You) by Waterparks)


No one's ever going to treat you right / You're attracting the wrong kind
And you're always left with nothing but anger / And Lord knows that it hurts
When coming to terms with / The lessons you're learning
You're trying not to show your eyes / When you're addressing a new "Mr. Right"
This isn't love but it still feels nice / With these immaculate and warm insides
(Chinese Tattoo by ROAR)


Don't tell me about your problems / If you're not trying to solve them / Don't ask me for my help
Fix it yourself
Do whatever you want / I don't care, I don't care / Don't even tell me
I don't really wanna know / Don't ask me how's my day's been / I just wanna be alone
Stop talking about your past / I don't wanna hear it / Just leave me alone / Just go
Only care about myself / 'Cause everyone's trying to hurt me / Just leave me alone / Just leave me alone
Just leave me alone / I just wanna be alone
(Jealous by Eyedress)


Sensei! Watashi no byouki wa naorun desu ka? (Doctor! Will my illness be cured?)
N A M I D A (H A P P Y T E A R S)
(マジカルドクター by MARETU)


Say I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy today / I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy today
They say put on a happy face / 'Cause we're tick-tock, tick-tock / Ticking like a timebomb
Hey, put on a happy face / Then everything's okay
Put on a happy face
Hey, put on a happy face / Then everything's okay
Put on a happy face
Death of my generation
(Happy Face by Jagwar Twin)


Ever since she was a child / She always knew how to get her way
Just act a little bit wild / And someone will surely come to play
It's a truth she took to heart / But humility and patience didn't come with age
She's born to play this part / A diva's always center stage
(Candle Queen by Ghost and Pals)


I wish I was good enough
Stop complaining, shut your mouth / Push aside all of your doubts
Because they're tearing you apart
Take your time it'll be okay / Even if you're not that great
You've got the fire in your heart
So just / Do it / To hell with it, screw it
I'm so tired of you making excuses
Do it / If you want to then prove it
Halting progress on yourself is just stupid / But
I wish I was good enough
(Good Enough by Atsuover)

Natt's yet-to-be-named dad

And when he laid eyes on her / He got the feeling they had met before
Uncanny / How she / Reminds him of his little lady / Capacity to give him all he needs
Just like his wife before she freezed on him / Just like his wife when she was beautiful
He shouted out / I'm all yours / Babooshka, babooshka, babooshka ja, ja
(Babooshka by Kate Bush) (but Natt's dad is the wife in the song)


UNIVERSE 3 (No name yet)
William (oh god there are way too many to choose from lol)

Hold your breath while you watch me fall
It's easier to say nothing at all
I need a friend, playing pretend's not working
These pills are useless and the shadows keep lurking
Let me go! There's nothing left inside
To run and hide is all I know to survive
The nightmare won't end, this life grows colder
Come wake me up when it's all over
Some of us made it, but no one deserved it / I'm silent, I'm screaming
Sticks and stones was the rhyme that they taught us / To fight off our monsters, to help numb the darkness
But what they forgot was
That you don't need to break my bones for you to break me
The voices wont stop, don't let me be alone! / Please someone I just want to go back home
(The Rhyme by Scratch21)


Ooh, I like the way you make me feel like I could be
The number one game in town
And all those pretty words you say to me, they pick me up
Whenever I'm feeling down
But I know you're just a White Witch / Putting that spell on me
You know I love the punishment / So girl keep telling me
Lalala Lies / Yeah tell me that you love me
Lalala Lies / Look deep into my eyes
Lalala Lies / Say there's no one else above me
I'm the King of Fools, cause baby you're / The Queen of White Lies
(Queen Of White Lies by The Orion Experience)


Friend, please remove your hands from
Over your eyes for me
I know you want to leave but
Friend, please don't take your life away from me
(Friend Please by Twenty One Pilots)